Wednesday Question: Best Album of the 1970s?

Some of the greatest albums in history were released in the 1970s - but which ones were best? Vote here!

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The 1970s is when rock n' roll really took off with a life of it's own, with the rise of timeless studio recording techniques and rock musicians as celebrities.

It was the only way to follow the 1960s, a decade of rebellion and revolution. The next generation of teenagers were inspired by the events of the '60s and wanted to make the 1970s live up to their own ambitions. But their view of what rock and partying was all about in the '60s was skewed from its peaceful origins.

The results, for better or worse, was that every aspect of the music world was turned up to 11. Music was louder. Gigs were bigger. Drugs were harder. Men were almost certainly hairier. Yes, the 1970s were crazy, crazy times.

But best of all, developments in the recording world meant that music sounded better, too. It was the sweet spot before digital technology in the 1980s began to corrupt the sweet analog art of capturing live music, and when it was done properly with a great producer, the results were magic.

That's why we think this could be one of the best Wednesday questions in the history of UG:

What are the best albums of the 1970s?

The rules: nominate one album per comment, and upvote any that you agree with. The album had to be released between 1970 and 1979.

There's a lot of great music to choose from, so good luck! We'll post the results on Friday in what could be the best-sounding weekend playlist ever. Have fun!

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    Black Sabbath (1970)
    I prefer this instant classic (such great tunes as: "War Pigs", "Paranoid", "Planet Caravan", "Iron Man" etc): Black Sabbath - "Paranoid" (1970)
    For me its Master of Reality-its a fantastic balance of the heavy and delicate
    And let's not forget "Fairies Wear Boot", "Electric Funeral", "Hand of Doom", and "Rat Salad". All great songs that I enjoy listening to.
    Both of those albums came out in the 1960s. How about Sabbath Bloody Sabbath? More exciting anyway
    Neither of those albums came out in the 1960s. And as great as the other Ozzy albums were, Paranoid and Black Sabbath are the albums with the really great classics.
    No they both came out in 1969 with only a month or 2 difference i believe, independantly released, however then put onto major label and released again in 1970
    Maybe this is unknown for the most people here, but it is real classic album - and not only for jazz, but for all progressive music. Miles Davis - "Bitches Brew" (1970) Just excerpt:
    logged in at school just to say i agree, Miles Davis is awesome. Nice choice
    This should make the list, but theres so many choices and more popular records I highly doubt it will.
    Not my favourite, I prefer Birth of the Cool personally. Easily a contendor for best album of the 70s none the less.
    Led Zeppelin 4
    Truly great album, the 70s had many great albums it makes it so hard to pick a best one, but I must pick. 2112 -rush
    any AC/DC love?
    Highway to Hell deserves a spot on this list. An absolute testament to the legacy of Bon Scott.
    As much as I love Highway to Hell, I still think that Powerage should rather be on the list. Both are great albums, but Powerage has the upper hand.
    I agree. Powerage is the AC/DC's rawest, baddest and most kick ass album they ever did.
    Let There Be Rock is twice as raw as Powerage IMO. My personal AC/DC favorite, but hasn't had nearly as much influence or scope that Highway to Hell has had on music, therefore I think HTH deserves the spot since this is a top 10 best list.
    I wouldn't call powerage raw. that's probably my favorite, but it's pretty polished compared to a lot of their stuff. I'm sticking with Highway though, I think a lot of people forget how good it is because of how many times they've listened to it. Try to remember your initial reaction.
    My vote is for "Led Zeppelin III")
    Love both of those albums but I've got to go for "Houses of the Holy".
    NO QUARTER, best Zep song hands down.
    That song is a big reason why that one's my favorite.
    That song isn't on that album. Houses of the Holy was left off of the album of the same name because they thought it didn't fit in, or something like that. It was actually released on Physical Graffiti.
    To me not their best...but definitely great enough for Tool to do a cover that is just as awesome.
    YES. But I wonder will people give Physical Graffiti some love?
    The Rover is my favourite Zeppelin tune, so Physicial Graffiti is up there. But EVERY track on Houses of the Holy is incredible, so I place my Zeppelin vote there.
    I'm not the world's biggest Zeppelin fan, but I've got to say my favorite is Houses of the Holy.