Wednesday Question: Best Album Of The 2000s?

What was the best album released between 2000 and 2009? Post your nomination in the comments and vote for any you agree with, and we'll post the results in our most epic top 10 yet this Friday.

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The 2000s was a great decade for rock music.

Digital TV encouraged new niche music channels to appear, sparking a video revolution and attracting an entirely new audience to the rock world. Peer-to-peer technology, rightly or wrongly, helped many of those fans explore the limitless world of music, and the music blogging scene revived the lost art of fanzines.

We'll bet that most readers know the last decade of music inside and out. That's why this week's top 10 post could be one of our best ever.

What were the best albums of the 2000s?

The rules are simple: the album had to be released between 2000 and 2009. Name one nomination per comment, or the votes won't count.

Remember to upvote any nominations that your agree with. We'll stack up the results for an epic weekend playlist on Friday after trawling through your posts.

Over the coming year, we'll be visiting older decades. Keep an eye out for the Wednesday question posts if you want to join in.

This is a tough one, because so many great albums were released during this period. Keep your nominations rolling in, and vote for as many as you can!

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    Tool 'Lateralus'
    Lateralus should get the nod imo. Look at it this way: in 2001 mainstream rock seemed to be at its lowest point since the late 80s. Bands were were just complaining about their girlfriends and trying to prove how tough they are to everyone behind the same recycled riffs. Tool, in an age where the album was becoming more irrelevant due to digital downloads, released a real ALBUM. That meant artwork, beautiful packaging, ect. And on this album was a concept. You had Danney Carey at his very best, leading the band through his intricate drumwork while the real power of the music came from Justin Chancelor's distorted bass. All this supported the imaginative layering of Adam Jones and the enigmatic vocals of Maynard James Keenan.
    As far as progressive goes, I grew up listening to Tool and I still like them (not nearly as much as I used to) but I think any of The Mars Volta albums from that decade have Tool beat. Mainly Frances The Mute.
    I have to admit that I like 10,000 days more. It just has that something that gets me going.
    perfect win! But i also like 10,000 days more. Wings for Mary is just... wow
    System Of A Down - toxicity 2001
    Yeah, of course!
    Steal This Album is better.
    I used to think that. Then I listened to Toxicity again. I was wrong. Both are deserving of the list, though.
    I remember going off Toxicity a few years ago either a) because I listened to it too much or b) because I was a dumbass teenager and thought it wasn't cool any more to like their most commercially successful album. I wasn't particularly cool in the first place so it probably wasn't that... Anyway, I've listened to it since (in fact listened to it for the first time in ages this weekend) and it's such an awesome album. Forgot how good it was. I miss SoaD. They weren't the same when Daron started singing too much. For me, the main hook was Serj's incredible voice.
    @explosionate are you stupid?
    Personally I think Ego Brain and Highway song are the two best (and least stupid) songs in the band's career.
    "least stupid" Whoa there, Bronco. Don't you dare diss the System! I agree that Highway Song is one of their best, though.
    White stripes- elephant
    I agree, their minimalism was truly pushed to its boundaries on that album. I think it's the Stripes' most musical album, without losing their grittyness
    Or Get Behind Me Satan, it might be my favorite album that Jack White's written.
    Awesome album and it had a truly large effect on what became popular at the time. Also, had a large musical influence.
    unreal question... too much good music
    RHCP's stadium arcadium. pure Fruisciante and flea, and there's nothing wrong with that.
    Good album, but from the 2000s I personally prefer By the Way
    It was good, but not my favorite Pepper album. I thought they should have done one CD of all killer no filler. Still a solid ass record.
    Protest The Hero - Fortress That whole album is just unreal.
    Songs for the Deaf by Queens of the Stone Age
    The problem with this method of deciding what users decide is the best album is that the first person to make a good suggestion is ultimately going to get the most votes. Not to discredit your choice of course - it's a good one, I just think this method is massively flawed.
    Yeah, but that's part of the fun in suggesting I personally think this has to go to Radiohead's Kid A
    Heh well if we're going to be strategic... scroll down a bit and I suggested "Origin of Symmetry" and it's got quite a lot of votes given how far down it is.
    I just got it a couple of weeks ago, amazing album! And the radio things in between the songs are pretty funny