Wednesday Question: Best Beatles Songs?

Beatles singer Paul McCartney released his new solo album "New" this week. But we all know his greatest work was back in the 1960s as part of the Fab Four.

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Yes, the Beatles were truly among the greatest songwriters of all time, and certainly the most influential. Before them, it wasn't normal for performers to write their own songs - but this lot took the rule book, tore it up, and sparked a creative revolution. But with such a stunning catalogue of timeless music, which song is best? This week's question is:

What is the best Beatles song of all time?

We're really excited about the results of this list. Everyone has a favourite Beatles album, and it's hard to pick a single song out - but if anyone can do it, it's Ultimate Guitar readers. Post your nominations in the comments, then upvote any song titles that you agree with. We'll be posting the results in what is bound to be one of our best top 10 lists ever. Go!

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    So many to choose from, but the song that I find consistently mindblowing is "Strawberry Fields Forever."
    And the other track on that single 'Penny Lane' is great too. Which is my vote! Penny Lane anyone?
    Yes. This is a really beautiful song, also one of the best songs to teach your kids as babies. My 3 year old son loves this and the Yellow Submarine, also Bungalow Bill
    Helter Skelter
    el tigre
    Broke my damn collar bone air guitaring to that song while snowboarding. Worth every second.
    "Happiness Is A Warm Gun"- unbelievably original, complex, and just plain awesome
    not to mention Radiohead took the three distinct sections structure of it when they made "Paranoid Android"
    While My Guitar Gently Weeps.
    I kinda like the version where tom petty sings along with george harrison, while Prince is doing the solo. Best version of the song for me.
    mat hazelwood
    Prince's solo is amazing, but you gotta watch the video to appreciate it even more
    Yeah i saw the man float. But i really don't care that much about how you swing your banana while playing your guitar though as long as you don't look like you're struggling.
    Aryan Death Man
    The 'Concert for Bangladesh' version was awesome as well.That twin guitar solo by Clapton and George was amazing
    Honestly, not anywhere close to my favorite Beatles song, or in my opinion the BEST beatles song.
    Woah the other song that got me to pick up a guitar. George fans unite! Good job UG!!!
    A great song, though I wouldn't consider it the "best" beatles song on account of the main descending chord progression, while still awesome, is one of the most over-used progressions in rock music by so many bands even before the beatles wrote WMGGW. Definitely deserves a spot on the list, but I personally wouldn't have it at #1 since the beatles have written so much more creative stuff.
    A George Harrison song.....
    Well yeah, 'cause his songs were the best. While My Guitar Gently Weeps, Within You Without You, Something?..
    Here Comes The Sun, The Inner Light, I Me Mine, If I Needed Someone, Love To You, Taxman, Piggies, Only A Northern Song, It's All Too Much, Think For Yourself, I Want To Tell You, Blue Jay Way, Long Long Long, Savoy Truffle, Old Brown Shoe George always wrote my favorite songs from each album.
    A Day in the Life.
    By far the best in terms of influence, vision, and just plain awesomeness. And if that isn't enough for you, THAT CHORD! Unnnnghh!
    This is really difficult: These are some of my personal favourites: -A Day in the Life -In My Life -Strawberry Fields Forever -And your Bird can sing -Im only Sleeping -I want to tell you -Do you want to know a secret If I had to choose one. It would be between A day in the Life and In my Life..both Masterpieces
    What's really amazing is the amount of downvotes and negativity on this Wednesday's question. I guess UG is all about Metalheads, 5 year old kids and other "Virtuoso" fans. If you don't acknowledge or appreciate the Beatle's music, you should really not consider yourself a music fan.
    mat hazelwood
    I think the downvotes come in when people start going "my favorite blank is this this this this this this and this...oh this too", they might all be great but pick one it's a simple question.
    Come Together