Wednesday Question: Best Collaborations?

Post your nominations here, and we'll round up the results for a special post on Friday.

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This week's poll question will push your rock music knowledge to the extreme:

What is the best rock collaboration of all time?

We're using the 'rock' label loosely here; it can be any guitar-based collaboration from the rock world, whether that crosses from rock to metal to pop and beyond. Obviously you'll want some kind of guitar connections to appeal to other UG voters.

To help stir your idea pots, there's plenty of angles you can take beyond simple collaborations like David Bowie and Mick Jagger's ill-fated "Dancing in the Street." You might think back to the time Dave Grohl recorded drums for Queens of the Stone Age on their "Songs for the Deaf" album, or when Rick Rubin revived Johnny Cash's career by working closely to redefine his music.

If you've come up with a particularly unusual collaboration, try to express why it's so important to help sell yourself to other UG readers. You can only make it to the top 10 if you win the votes!

Post one nomination per comment, and upvote any you agree with. And yes, we welcome comedy entries, but they'll probably be segregated from the main top 10 when we post it on Friday. Good luck!

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    I'm gonna throw out there "Let's Dance" by David Bowie, with Stevie Ray Vaughan contributing some awesome guitar work.
    Public Enemy and Anthrax
    Dr. Knox666
    Very cool. But when it comes to metal/rap collaborations I prefer Fear Factory and Cypress Hill
    I was just about to post it. This is the song. Amazing.
    Temple of the dog - Hunger Strike
    Was Temple of the Dog a collaboration or a "supergroup" that pre-dated Soundgarden and Pearl Jam? Great song, just wanted to know if it fits the criteria
    Soundgarden was formed in 1984. Temple of the Dog was a collaboration ablum with the remaining members of Mother Love Bone as a tribute to Andy Wood (1990). It was never supposed to replace Mother Love Bone, or become Pearl Jam. Chris Cornell (and Matt Cameron) took time off from Soundgarden to guest appear on the album to pay homage to his dead roomate Andy. Eddie Vedder was a friend who came in as a second vocalist. It wasn't a supergroup. Chris went back to Soundgarden, and the guys decided to do something permanent with Eddie - Pearl Jam.
    Dead Eye Dick
    Temple of the Dog was never intended as a Supergroup, it was a collaboration to pay tribute to a deceased friend. even if it's a whole album it definitely belongs on this list.
    does not fit the criteria. I love the album, especially this song but it's not a collaboration
    Let's all remember (most of) the members of the big 4 playing Am I Evil...
    this is the most legendary performance ever made by anyone anytime at any given place in any way
    : two legends working together (it's not metal but **** it that's good!) There's also the collaboration between tesseract and christopher barrtetto