Wednesday Question: Best Collaborations?

Post your nominations here, and we'll round up the results for a special post on Friday.

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This week's poll question will push your rock music knowledge to the extreme:

What is the best rock collaboration of all time?

We're using the 'rock' label loosely here; it can be any guitar-based collaboration from the rock world, whether that crosses from rock to metal to pop and beyond. Obviously you'll want some kind of guitar connections to appeal to other UG voters.

To help stir your idea pots, there's plenty of angles you can take beyond simple collaborations like David Bowie and Mick Jagger's ill-fated "Dancing in the Street." You might think back to the time Dave Grohl recorded drums for Queens of the Stone Age on their "Songs for the Deaf" album, or when Rick Rubin revived Johnny Cash's career by working closely to redefine his music.

If you've come up with a particularly unusual collaboration, try to express why it's so important to help sell yourself to other UG readers. You can only make it to the top 10 if you win the votes!

Post one nomination per comment, and upvote any you agree with. And yes, we welcome comedy entries, but they'll probably be segregated from the main top 10 when we post it on Friday. Good luck!

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    I'm gonna throw out there "Let's Dance" by David Bowie, with Stevie Ray Vaughan contributing some awesome guitar work.
    Public Enemy and Anthrax
    Dr. Knox666
    Very cool. But when it comes to metal/rap collaborations I prefer Fear Factory and Cypress Hill
    I was just about to post it. This is the song. Amazing.
    Temple of the dog - Hunger Strike
    Was Temple of the Dog a collaboration or a "supergroup" that pre-dated Soundgarden and Pearl Jam? Great song, just wanted to know if it fits the criteria
    Soundgarden was formed in 1984. Temple of the Dog was a collaboration ablum with the remaining members of Mother Love Bone as a tribute to Andy Wood (1990). It was never supposed to replace Mother Love Bone, or become Pearl Jam. Chris Cornell (and Matt Cameron) took time off from Soundgarden to guest appear on the album to pay homage to his dead roomate Andy. Eddie Vedder was a friend who came in as a second vocalist. It wasn't a supergroup. Chris went back to Soundgarden, and the guys decided to do something permanent with Eddie - Pearl Jam.
    Dead Eye Dick
    Temple of the Dog was never intended as a Supergroup, it was a collaboration to pay tribute to a deceased friend. even if it's a whole album it definitely belongs on this list.
    does not fit the criteria. I love the album, especially this song but it's not a collaboration
    Let's all remember (most of) the members of the big 4 playing Am I Evil...
    this is the most legendary performance ever made by anyone anytime at any given place in any way
    : two legends working together (it's not metal but **** it that's good!) There's also the collaboration between tesseract and christopher barrtetto
    on a related note, this is like the the best live one off collaboration ever, great song made even more awesome.
    Saw them play it live together last year when Tom filled in for the E Street Band for the tour, was great!
    One of my favorite live solos of all time from him. At 7:11 he's like I'm gonna make the coolest sounding solo and make it look even better!
    As I already commented a few months ago in that very same video: "This is why Tom Morello is considered one of the greatest guitarists of our time. That solo..."
    nefaSto Favore
    to all the guitar players out there: wtf happens at 7:11?
    @7:11 ok let me try to explain this, this is one of Tom's favorite show off techniques, no doubt something he learned from his lesons with MAB. He's done it in SSSC's Promenade (the live version with the crazy solos) and Audioslave's "I am the Highway" live in Cuba It's basically a fancy way to play natural harmonics, he hits the harmonic then flips his hand over the neck and hits a different one (usually the 5th, 7th, and 12th fret ones), the whole over under isn't necessary it's just for aesthetics. I think he uses delay on it to. He definitely does on the Promenade. It's still not even the weirdest of Morello's tricks. No one can use effects better than Tom, anyway watch about 4mins into the video. Got anymore Morello questions I can can probably answer them. Street Sweeper Social Club - Promenade - NIN|JA Tour - 5.27.09
    Not sure if this counts The Beatles and Eric Clapton - while my guitar gently weeps
    Tom Morello with Bruce Springsteen on The Ghost of Tom Joad at the 25th Anniversary Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony.
    Jack Black/Kyle Gass and Dave Grohl. Doesn't matter what.
    Run DMC feat. Aerosmith - Walk This Way
    Metallica & Lou Reed
    Damn, beat me to it lol. In all seriousness. Ozzy Osbourne and Lita Ford - Close My Eyes Forever Pendulum and In Flames - Self Vs. Self
    How hard is it to follow the "one nomination-per-comment" rule? These are good nominations, but you wasted your comment on things that will never be counted, all because of a simple formatting-error.
    Admiral Petty
    Slash and Myles Kennedy from Slash's first solo album, or just about any of the other singers on that album for that matter
    Les Paul and Mary Ford.
    Les definitely has a legacy as meaningful to the world of rock as anyone else on this list. Just scroll through this page and see how many guys are slinging his axe.
    QOTSA and Grohl
    Eddie Vedder singing Comfortably Numb with Roger Waters at the 12/12/12 Show.
    This is the obvious winner...
    Reminds me of David Bowie ft. Queen. UNDER PRESSURE!
    Tom Waits and Keith Richards singing a pirate song... you know that happened right?
    Megadeth and Christina Scabbia - a better version of A Tout Le Monde
    but it's not a better version :S
    Marty's solo on the original is so much better than Glenn's on the remake, the control he exhibits when he holds back until the end with that sweep, Marty is one of the few shredders that knows how to suit the song.
    Omg cette version est chier... Christina Scabbia sert rien... Dave Mustaine avait vraiment dconn ce moment-l... A votre avis, pourquoi il joue l'originale en concert????? PARCE QU'ELLE EST 1000 FOIS MIEUX
    Omg cette version est chier... Christina Scabbia sert rien... Dave Mustaine avait vraiment dconn ce moment-l... A votre avis, pourquoi il joue l'originale en concert????? PARCE QU'ELLE EST 1000 FOIS MIEUX
    Mad Season - McCready, Staley, Martin, Baker
    Thinking of that group i would say Mad seasons with layne Staley From Alice in Chains on River of Deceit. Still one of my favorite slow songs of all time.
    BB King and U2
    And on a similar note, The Louisiana Gator Boys;
    The only real reason to watch the second Blues Brothers film, the list of guest musicians reads like a who's who of rhythm and blues. The 'New Orleans' jam with the Blues Brother's band is worth a watch, too. If you're into this sort of thing, check out the Crossroads Guitar Festival DVDs.
    System of A Down and Wu Tang Clan
    never heard of this before
    very cool song and i'm really glad you brought this to everyone's attention but i'm not sure this meets the criteria. Written entirely by Wu, it first appeared on Enter the Wu... back in the day. RIP ODB
    Maynard James Keenan collaborations always kick ass. The funny thing is I'm not a particularly big fan of Tool, I like a few albums like them, but never really got majorly into them. None the less, I think the songs he did with Deftones and Rage Against the Machine are amazing. Either 'Passenger' or 'Know Your Enemy' needs to be on the list somewhere, or both preferably. Also worth mentioning is 'Colony of Birchman' by Mastodon, with backing vocals by Josh Homme.
    Anytime Scott Kelly appears on a Mastodon album too. Also, the guy from Clutch doing vocals on Blood & Thunder.
    Alligator Dunde
    Not sure if this will be very popular here, but The Second Great Quintet formed in 1964 had Miles Davis and Herbie Hancock collaborating. It doesn't get much better than this IMO.
    The question asks for a guitar-based collaboration. Find some Joe Pass, Kurt Rosenwinkel or Wes Montgomery collab and it might be more relevant. Or better yet (seeing as it asks for 'rock'), something more jazz-funk, like Mike Stern;
    Alligator Dunde
    You're right, I came here exactly to fix my mistake. Since the article says it must be a rock collaboration, I'm gonna go with this one: