Wednesday Question: Best Combo Guitar Amp?

What is the best combo guitar amp? If you think you know, come on in and post your nomination here.

Ultimate Guitar

Enough polls about musicians and guitars.

It's time to pay tribute to the piece of technology that changed the face of rock, and made bedrooms around the world a thousand times louder.

You might not see combo amps on festival stages, but this wonderfully portable all-in-one solution for guitarists is the ultimate starting point for anyone who wants to turn their guitar up to 11.

We bet that UG readers have a tonne of experience with combo amps and have a good eye on what their favorite is. This weeks Wednesday question:

What is the best combo guitar amp of all time?

Post one amp name per comment, and upvote any that you agree with.

As usual, we'll be posting the results with some insight into the devices' history and why they're popular in a list this Friday.

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    Seeing a lot of Fenders already, but I'm going with the Fender Twin Reverb.
    Twin reverb for me too. I bought a '76 last year and it has changed my life.
    Loffle Monster.
    Vox AC30!
    Fender Deluxe Reverb
    Fender Twin Reverb
    Line 6 Spider there anything that amp cant do
    Fender Bassman or a Vox AC30
    Fender Bassman. Why? Marshall wouldn't exist if it weren't for it, as their earliest models were based off of it. And look at who wouldn't exist if it weren't for Marshall. That's right, everyone.
    Most people will probably dismiss this, but I love the Roland Cube amps. They're really sweet sounding and can fit pretty well any style, they have lots of built in effects and are not too bad of a price.
    I was going to say the Cube as well. You can not do much better for the price than a Cube. It was the first amp I got almost 15 years ago, and still definitely my most used amp. Good for practicing or gigging.
    Mesa/Boogie Mark V combo. Tried it. Can play every type of music, which is awesome. You have a full eq band, 3 channels, and the list goes on. I personally plan on getting it in the near future.
    Mesa Boogie Mark IIC+. All of the features we take for granted today was started by that amp. There would be no channel switching, cascading gain stages, switchable graphic EQ, switchable wattage, or dual knob functions without the IIC+. On top of that, it has tone to kill your mother for.
    I own a Blackstar HT 50. ( So this comment is Biased as ****) But that thing ****ing rocks. It has everything an amp should have. God damn shit ****. Do I need to add more swear words?
    Bugera 333XL 212
    The one I had produced great tone for the price, but the quality could definitely be better. Mine had quite a bit of trouble with the electronics, but it's a decent amp for the price.