Wednesday Question: Best Concept Album?

Vote for the best concept album ever in our weekly poll, and your nomination could appear in the epic top 10 this week.

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The best concept albums take the listener on an epic journey, sometimes through time and space or through a roller coaster of emotions and dramatic storytelling. Some use lyrics to tell their story, and other use musical metaphors to carry the listener into their destination.

Whatever the concept, these records stand up because they take music to the next level as an art form. And in a magical way, the best concept records live on past the moment they stop playing because they prompt so much thought.

That's why this weeks question is:

What are the top 10 concept albums ever?

Concept albums don't just have to be from prog bands. They could be anything from a rock opera to a long experimental jam that merges into one, like "Dopesmoker" by Sleep. Or that single-track album "I" by Meshuggah. Or that French film score by Mogwai. Of course, a bit of Pink Floyd won't go amiss ... but you can vote for whatever you want! Whatever floats your boat, you're welcome to nominate it in the comments.

Post one nomination per comment, and upvote posts that you agree with. We'll collect the results into a top 10 this Friday. Good luck!

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    The Wall - Pink Floyd
    Honey Badger
    Plus Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here, and Animals.
    wish you were here
    While Wish You Were Here is my favourite Floyd album it's not really a concept album. 'Welcome to the Machine' and 'Have a Cigar' are completely unrelated to 'Shine On You Crazy Diamond' and 'Wish You Were Here'.
    C. Jasper
    while doing the dark side of oz, instead of repeating dsom, if timed right, you can actually get wish you were here to line up with the wizard of oz. I suggest you try this out. Did floyd mean to do this or was it just the biggest coincidence in the world? We may never know.
    As stereotypical as it is, Pink Floyd's "Dark Side Of The Moon". Because it's just that good.
    still life opeth
    This is what I wanted to nominate, while musically I'd have to make it a close second to DT's Scenes From a Memory, conceptually this album is the most amazing thing I've ever heard.
    Dream Theater - Metropolis pt.2 Scenes from a Memory
    I'd actully put Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence over Metroplis pt.2. but were also forgetting Octavarium was a concept in a different sense being based around the musical octave.
    Six Degrees is phenomenal and quickly becoming one of my favorites by DT but it falls in that 2112 category (for me at least) being that only part of the album follows an entire story. But it's a great story following the different illnesses.
    every track is awesome and the story is not only interesting but there are layers upon layers of things hidden in the story. is the hynotherapist edward? who is the old man? why does nicholas say "we'll meet again"?
    Possibly my all-time favourite album and indeed amazing both musically and conceptually. For me this album is pretty much everything progressive metal is about, all elements (heavy vs. soft, technical vs. melodic, dark vs. light etc.) are perfectly balanced.
    The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust And the Spiders from Mars - David Bowie
    Not a concept album. 2112 is one track.
    True, but I think 2112 should still qualify. The "one track" has 7 movements.
    Hemispheres has 6 movements on an album with only four songs, yet no one says that album is a concept album.
    I would say that Cygnus X-1: Book I & II could count like Sleep's - Dopesmoker. Same with 2112, they are concept songs, even though there are other song's on the albums since, Pink Floyd's The Wall could be like 6 or 7 tracks if you combined the super short tracks into big movements.
    Yeah, still, it's only 1 track, or half of the album if you prefer. All the other songs have different themes. The songs on a concept album must follow a storyline, a specific theme, etc. Therefore, 2112 doesn't qualify. Still a bloody good album though!
    The movements not being the only qualifier... The story and the fact that the track encompasses an entire side of the album are reason I think it should qualify. UG isn't one to adhere to strict descriptions, anyways.
    True. But the other 4 tracks have nothing to with it. If this was a list of top ten best long-ass tracks I would agree. However, it is not.