Wednesday Question: Best Deftones Song?

In memory of their original bassist Chi Cheng who died this week, we're celebrating his work with a poll to find Deftones' best song ever.

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Following the tragic death of Deftones bassist Chi Cheng who had been recovering from a major car crash since 2008, we're paying tribute to this great man with a special Wednesday question in his name.

This week's question is:

What is the best Deftones song ever?

You don't have to focus on songs with Chi's excellent bass lines; this is about finding out what are your favorite songs by this influential metal band.

Most fans will probably look to 2000's progressive "White Pony" for this poll as it's been their biggest hit with critics and fans, but there's plenty of other great songs across their seven-album career.

Their first two albums from the mid-1990s, "Adrenaline" and "Around The Fur," are full of nu-metal classics - particularly the latter which to many is just as much a masterpiece as its successor. And while some think there was a lull for the band during the 2000s, most agree that they were on form again by 2010's "Diamond Eyes," perhaps spurred on by the tragic events that put Chi in a coma.

Post your nominations in the comments, and up vote any that you agree with. Remember, only one nomination per comment so that we can see how many votes each song has earned.

We'll be posting the results in a top 10 Deftones songs list this Friday.

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    My Own Summer.
    Shove It!
    This. Besides, what's more kick-ass than singing on milk crates in the middle of the sea, punching a shark in the nose while shouting SHOVEITSHOVEITSHOVEIT!!! at the top of your lungs?
    Mr Winters
    Another my favourite: Deftones - Digital Bath
    Angel Eyes is probably my fave. Of course i never really got into the deftones, so I only know a few songs. I also like the song 'Bored', but i'm sure they have better songs.
    Diamond eyes, sorry. It's been awhile since i've listened to the deftones.
    yeah i love diamond eyes. its a bit more accessible and i really feel it brought them a lot more attention in this newer age to newer fans that didnt listen to them during the nu metal explosion.
    My heart belongs to this stuff:
    OMG WHAT A BAD QUESTIONS... Nobody knows Deftones this shitty emo metal band...
    that's cute
    he could've said it a little nicer. but truth is, this is some pretty girly emo-shit...
    girly emo shit that blows, if this dude didnt die this band wouldnt even be acknowledged right now
    ur a dick dude, maybe if u stopped listening to the same old shit everyday ud realize this band is pretty popular and there music is great. if u didnt know about this band why did u click on the link and talk shit?
    My vote is for "Change (In The House Of Flies)", too. But all of their stuff is really awesome, i just chose this one for emotional/past-related reasons.
    I agree, that song I would say, is very sentimental to me. It has helped me deal with some very tough things in my life. Everything the Deftones do is great though
    Deftones are incredible already, then you add a powerhouse like Maynard James Keenan in to the mix and you get a song that is, to me, nothing short of perfect. My vote would have to be Passenger from White Pony.
    I guess now is as good a time as any to give "Riviere" the attention it deserves.
    Those feels when the bass comes in at 1: 06. This was their last song with Chi, and they made it count. E: Goddammit UG, will you even let me put the accent over the E without breaking everything?
    I'm not a big fan of them, but I gave their new album a listen a couple of months ago just out of curiosity and really liked this song.
    My favourite Deftones songs are: 1. Passenger 2. Digital Bath 3. Minerva 4. My Own Summer (Shove It) 5. Xerces [Not even a single or anything, but this song is beautiful] 6. Hole In The Earth
    >5. Xerces [Not even a single or anything, but this song is beautiful] C'mon, it doesn't have to be single or anything.
    Oh no, I didn't mean that. It's just probably one of their less known songs and I believe one of their best. It's just some people barely even noticed it in Saturday Night Wrist since it includes other great songs which received way more advertising.
    It's really hard to pick just one but I'd have to go with the Passenger!
    Kimdracula from saturday night wrist has to be my favourite
    I'm glad you said this. This is one of my favorite Deftones songs ever, and I feel like it's underrated or no one pays attention to it.
    7 Words Lotion My Own Summer (Shove It) Korea Passenger Risk (No doubt written for Chi, RIP) Hell the Deftones are just bad ass, how can you pick just one?
    I think for me it has to be the generic answer: Minerva. But I gotta say, when I first heard that (and if I haven't heard it in a while) it fills you with a sense of ambiance and clears your head, fantastic!
    This is a very difficult choice, so I'll go with my favorites from each album. Adrenaline - "7 Words" Around The Fur - "Lhabia" White Pony - "Knife Prty" Deftones - "Anniversary Of An Uninteresting Event" Saturday Night Wrist - "Beware" Diamond Eyes - "Risk" Koi No Yokan - "Swerve City" RIP Chi.
    "My Own Summer" got me into the Deftones but I would have to say "Diamond Eyes" and "Deathblow" are tied for my favorite.