Wednesday Question: Best Deftones Song?

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Wednesday Question: Best Deftones Song?
Following the tragic death of Deftones bassist Chi Cheng who had been recovering from a major car crash since 2008, we're paying tribute to this great man with a special Wednesday question in his name. This week's question is: What is the best Deftones song ever? You don't have to focus on songs with Chi's excellent bass lines; this is about finding out what are your favorite songs by this influential metal band. Most fans will probably look to 2000's progressive "White Pony" for this poll as it's been their biggest hit with critics and fans, but there's plenty of other great songs across their seven-album career. Their first two albums from the mid-1990s, "Adrenaline" and "Around The Fur," are full of nu-metal classics - particularly the latter which to many is just as much a masterpiece as its successor. And while some think there was a lull for the band during the 2000s, most agree that they were on form again by 2010's "Diamond Eyes," perhaps spurred on by the tragic events that put Chi in a coma. Post your nominations in the comments, and up vote any that you agree with. Remember, only one nomination per comment so that we can see how many votes each song has earned. We'll be posting the results in a top 10 Deftones songs list this Friday.
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