Wednesday Question: Best Deftones Song?

In memory of their original bassist Chi Cheng who died this week, we're celebrating his work with a poll to find Deftones' best song ever.

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Following the tragic death of Deftones bassist Chi Cheng who had been recovering from a major car crash since 2008, we're paying tribute to this great man with a special Wednesday question in his name.

This week's question is:

What is the best Deftones song ever?

You don't have to focus on songs with Chi's excellent bass lines; this is about finding out what are your favorite songs by this influential metal band.

Most fans will probably look to 2000's progressive "White Pony" for this poll as it's been their biggest hit with critics and fans, but there's plenty of other great songs across their seven-album career.

Their first two albums from the mid-1990s, "Adrenaline" and "Around The Fur," are full of nu-metal classics - particularly the latter which to many is just as much a masterpiece as its successor. And while some think there was a lull for the band during the 2000s, most agree that they were on form again by 2010's "Diamond Eyes," perhaps spurred on by the tragic events that put Chi in a coma.

Post your nominations in the comments, and up vote any that you agree with. Remember, only one nomination per comment so that we can see how many votes each song has earned.

We'll be posting the results in a top 10 Deftones songs list this Friday.

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    Not easy, but i think i might go with Hole in the earth or Passenger. Honorable mentions: Knife prty, Diamond Eyes, Prince, Tempest, Mincerva and so on... Its just so damn hard with this band, and they arent even my favourite band, they are just really good at what they do.
    I'm suprised that only 2 people mentioned "Root". That and Engine no. 9 are their best songs by far imo. Love their early stuff.
    Definitely Digital Bath... Came with a mindblowing experience for me.
    Hmmm this is really difficult because I really like everything the Deftones do, but I guess my top 10 (in no order) are: Change Knife Party One Weak Fist Royal Lotion Crenshaw Punch/I'll throw rocks at you Good Morning Beautiful Entombed Goon Squad
    This is a tough one! I'm gonna have to go with Bloody Cape though. Whenever I hear the "god help me!" section I just feel like getting my mosh on!
    Adrenaline - Bored Around The Fur - Around the Fur White Pony - Change Deftones - Needles and Pins Saturday Night Wrist - Riviere Diamond Eyes - Royal Koi No Yokan - Goon Squad
    Every song! My Favorites are: Bloody Cape, Sextape, Goon Squad, Rosemary, Elite, Rats!Rats!Rats!, Lotion, 7 Words, Korea, When Girls Telephone name a few
    My Own Summer is my personal favourite, first song by them I heard tying with that is Rocket Skates.
    I'm gonna have to vote for "My Own Summer", mostly for sentimental reasons. It was the first Deftones song I had ever listened to.
    "Bored" for sure. It took me forever to finally get into Deftones, but that song I liked immediately and still love. I think that it defines them, honestly. They haven't really made a bad song, though. ("Pink Cellphone" does not count.)
    Minerva from the self-titled, hands down. Still gives me goosebumps every-time I listen to it.
    Knife Party. The bridge is a twisted take on Pink Floyd's The Great Gig in the Sky
    Damn, nobody mentioned MX yet? That's like the quintessential track from them, has every element in it.
    I've always really enjoyed 'Rickets,' but I guess my favourite would have to be 'Be Quiet And Drive'
    Deftones songs translate emotion in to music so well, that I think each day has a different song up for favourite. to many beautiful, heavy, aggressive and soft songs to pick just one.
    Engine #9 gets my vote. A sleeper of a song for them is Goon Squad...I love that tune.
    To me, the best 'tones songs are the biggest ones, not the popular ones: Bored, Be Quiet And Drive, Knife Prty, Digital Bath, Pink Maggit, Hexagram, Minerva, Anniversary Of An Uninteresting Event, Cherry Waves, Kimdracula, Royal, 976-Evil, Goon Squad and What Happened To You?... All pure gold. But overall, I think Pink Maggit is the perfect Deftones track. Nothing can really top it.
    I was actually thinking about this day, just a few days before Chi passed away. I saw them in Orlando recently, so the Deftones where on high rotation for me. I ranked what I believe are 25 best deftones songs. I'm sure my list will get blasted for missing songs like Passenger, Knife Party, RX Queen, Bored and Hexagram just to name a few. All those songs I love, but I believe these songs are better in comparison: 1. Be Quiet and Drive 2. Tempest 3. Diamond Eyes 4. Beware 5 Change (In the House of Flies) 6. Around the Fur 7. Rosemary 8. Sextape 9. Entombed 10. Digital Bath 11. Kimdracula 12. Rocket Skates 13. Minerva 14. Xerces 15. Feiticeira 16. Engine Number 9 17. Risk 18. My Own Summer (Shove it) 19. Cherry Waves 20. Beauty School 21. 7 Words 22. Lotion 23. Headup 24. 976-Evil 25. Swerve City
    Also, my personal top ten would include (in no particular order): Beauty School Passenger Tempest Engine No. 9 Digital Bath Kimdracula Knife Prty My Own Summer (Shove It) Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away) Hexagram
    Oddly, I was thinking this morning that I'd like to see a top ten Deftones songs. Wish granted, I suppose. I'm casting my vote for: Beauty School . It may not be the most popular or influential Deftones song. But goddamn, it is beautiful.