Wednesday Question: Best Female Singer?

Who are the best female singers from any genre in the world?

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The wonderful higher tones of a woman singing can put male singers to shame, whether they sing rock or otherwise. We love quality singers from any gender, race or background, but today we want to celebrate women vocalists from across the musical spectrum. This week’s question is:

Who are the the best female singers from any genre?

You're spoilt for choice in this poll, because we're not limiting you to just the rock genres. Whether you pick a timeless voice like Aretha Franklin, someone from the pop world like Blondie or a good ol’ metal voice like Angela Gossow, we want you to dig deep and make an awesome top ten female singers list. Post one singer per comment, and up vote other nominations that you agree with. We'll round up the results and post them in a top 10 this week. Good luck!

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    Sewage Rat
    Your mum
    justin bieber
    Oh damn... You'll not start this again... Stupid immature UG community... You already do this joke with 1D 2 month ago...
    Ann Wilson - Heart
    Not everyone likes the Cranberries, but Delores O'Riordan has an exceptional voice and range that are really quite beautiful.
    She is most definitely my favourite. I've never understood how she does that thing with her voice at the end of the chorus of Zombie so easily and smoothly. Also Dreams is amazing
    Too waay too much scrolling to find this one. Now time to scroll and find Bjork...
    Rebecca Black.
    Lana Del Rey - c'mon...dat voice
    On another internetty note: Nataly Dawn from Pomplamoose. Beautiful voice!
    Anneke van Giersbergen is great! She also sang with Devin Townsend and Ayreon, and her vocals in Anathema's Untouchable pt.1&2 are amazing.
    Can't believe I had to come this far to find her... I'm losing my faith in humanity...
    Doloras O'Riordan form The Cranberries. Amazing tone and skill with her voice. Not many singers can nail Dreams
    Debbie Harry; Blondie is still an awesome band and she still sings incredibly, just saw them live last October.
    Amy Lee. Her vocals in my immortal are phenomenal.
    Come on really? Sure she's a good singer no doubt, but to label her as the best among all genre's is just insulting. There are so many female singers who are disgustingly more talented than she is.
    Esperanza Spalding
    Song starts at 1:32 She beat Bieber for best new artist at the Grammys a few years back. Thank me later.
    Regina Spektor! Pretty sure she's not gonna end up in the list, but at least a mention in the comment section
    I agree, she's an amazingly talented singer and overall musician, and she definatly deserves a little more recognition on this site...
    Angela Gossow, the singer of Arch Enemy, hell of a voice on her!
    Angela Gossow's voice terrifies me in the sexiest way possible.
    From her voice I can only imagine her as some kind of sick dominatrix. And even if she was one, I'd go for it if I had the chance.
    Amy Winehouse; she was fecking amazing.
    I found her voice incredibly irritating in all honesty. I can see why she was liked but I couldn't stand her at all. inb4 downvotes :p
    Gabriela Gunčíková - I know lot of you don´t know her, but she is great singer.