Wednesday Question: Best Grunge Bands?

Dave Grohl says grunge never went away. If that's the case, which are the best grunge bands ever, in your opinion?

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This week, Dave Grohl insisted that grunge music "never went away." And when a dude from Nirvana says that, you can probably take his word for it.

But that got us thinking: if it never went away, then maybe it's just a little off-radar and we're not picking up on it.

It's times like this that we turn to UG readers to get some pro advice for our weekly question, which is:

What are the best grunge bands ever?

Hopefully some great underground bands will get a name check on this one.

To guide the discussion, let's stick to Grohl's fairly loose definition of grunge: "loud a-s guitars, loud a-s drums, and screaming a-s vocals." Basically, any acts with a punk spirit and underground vibe who know how to mix high-energy with a good dose of songwriting.

No metal, please - it might technically fit Grohl's "loud" definition, but you can probably guess that it's a little off-topic this time.

The usual rules apply: one nomination per comment, and upvote posts that you agree with. YouTube videos are welcome. We'll post the results in a raucous top 10 list this Friday.

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    I feel like after their most recent album, they deserve a lot more recognition. They continued to make great music 15 years after breaking up and seem interested in making another album. It is really hard for me to vote in this poll though, because I really like all of the big four and grew up with them. There are other great bands like Blind Melon, Mudhoney, and The Screaming Trees, but the big four were the best to me. I probably like Soundgarden more than the other three, so I guess as long as they're higher ranked than fourth, I'm happy.
    Easily my favourite grunge band, Slaves and Bulldozers would have to be my favourite grunge song.
    Mother Love Bone Without them we wouldn't even have Temple Of The Dog, Pearl Jam, Green River, or quite a few other bands that we have now.
    I hate to be one of 'those' guys but Mother Love Bone actually came about after the breakup of Green River.
    Okay I'll give you that haha. But it's true about the rest of that stuff though. It actually said "Temple Of The Dog, Pearl Jam, Mudhoney, or quite a few other bands that we have now." but I changed it to Green River for some reason.... I know I should have kept it but whatever.
    neil young, the godfather of grunge. certainly not the best, but without mr young many grunge acts wouldnt be around
    ALICE IN CHAINS!!!!....although Ian Scott calls em a heavy band
    There are some awesome bands to choose from (Temple of the Dog, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden to name a few), but Alice In Chains all the way. Their music and lyrics are incredible. They put everything into their records, to the point where you can hear the pain in Layne Staley's voice. An excellent band, and I'm so happy to get the chance to see them this summer. Even though Layne is no longer with us they still write great records.
    black gives way to blue was an excellent addition to an already awesome catalog from AIC
    I guess I'm the odd one out, but I could just never bring myself to like AIC. They're definitely heavier than most grunge bands, but I don't know... Their songs never really appealed to me. And I don't get why everyone likes Staley so much, his voice grates on my ears.
    I'm with you on that one. I liked some of their singles and a portion their unplugged album but most of their stuff was too sludgy and too low tempo or something.
    Too sludgy. That's the term I'm looking for. They have very little sense of melody.
    ...coming from a guy who praises Tool on every other thread, that statement bears no weight. I'm not sure Tool has even written as many nearly-monotone melodies as they have albums (i.e., their music lacks melody, and all their songs sound more than vaguely similar).
    "Praises Tool on every other thread" That's just completely untrue. Are you just saying that because of my username? And if you think Tool has no sense of melody, especially for a metal band, please tell me what drug you are on so I can avoid it.
    I get that. Alice in Chains was just a little too on the "experimental time signature" side for me to really get. I totally respect them as musicians, but I just can't get into them.