Wednesday Question: Best Guitar Shredder?

Who can melt faces with the craziest, fastest guitar shredding known to man? Place your nominations and votes here.

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There's a field of guitar playing that can put others to shame. It might take hundreds of guitar lessons, and an intricate knowledge of guitar scales, but those who nail it have officially found the zen of guitar playing and beyond.

That's right: we're talking about guitar shredding.

It can take many forms and include sweep-picked arpeggios, finger tapping and sometimes wailing whammy bar action, but ultimately it has to melt faces and impregnate women. That's the mark of a true axe-smith.

This week we're asking you to identify who can shred faster than any other:

Who is the best guitar shredder of all time?

To make things more interesting, they don't have to be a celebrity guitarist. If you find someone awesome on YouTube, post a link to their video and they might even get enough up votes to appear on our list this Friday.

Otherwise, just place your nominations like usual and upvote those you agree with. YouTube links to the best examples are welcome. It could be cool to post links to your favourite shred-worthy guitar tabs too.

We'll compile your results in a top 10 post this Friday. Thanks!

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    Hi Im Alex
    Skwisgaar skwigelf
    The bestests band ever of all, other bands is dildoes
    Absolutely. What other guitarist has a $10 billion insurance policy for their hands?
    Paul Gilbert
    This! Paul is a god! Not only does he shred like a beast, he's got amazing tone, touch, and style! He can rock blues, funk, frikin disco!
    his tone is horse shit....really. ear piercing
    Well to get technical, which tone? His late 80s? Mr. Big? Early 2000s solo or current?
    pretty much all of his 80's stuff. i still hate his tone now, but atleast he rolled some treble off that bitch
    lol, well I dig it, but to each there own.I hope you don't think his playing's shit tho...
    No one's said Guthrie Govan yet? For shame UG, for shame. He doesn't usually shred, and he isn't a fan of the movement, but he can absolutely out-shred 99.9% of all guitarists out there
    I freaking love this one...
    Oh wow. Never heard of this guy before, but I'm definitely looking him up. That lick at 1:22, I actually made an audible sound of pleasure at that hahaha.
    And the best thing about him is that while he's got those amazing shred skills he can still write something musically interesting and doesn't feel the need to play a million notes a second for the whole song. He gigs in my town every Thursday and I still haven't gotten around to seeing him
    Check out his solo album "Erotic Cakes" as well as the album he did recently as a member of "The Aristocrats". His phrasing and ability are just beyond comparison.
    Such an well-spoken man, with so many styles that he has mastered so perfectly. Not to mention one hell of a hairstyle and beard combo
    1. Would also recommend Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal for anyone who digs Guthrie (they're friends btw). Bumblefoot happens to be a lead guitarist in Guns N' Roses, although his best work is his solo material. I'm only linking the below video because it's in pretty good quality and gives you some kinda idea what Bumblefoot does.
    Bob Dolan :D
    Considering that seems to be one bass string on an acoustic guitar... Well done Sir!
    I heard of him a few days ago. he puts soul and feeling in his music, i don't care if he has 1 string.
    I thought this was fake but, it's not. I really don't know what to think about it. He's not bad.