Wednesday Question: Best Guitar Solo Ever?

There's so many to choose from, but with your votes we can identify the best guitar solos of all time. Place your nominations here.

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We love that so many guitarists visit UG every day to pick up tabs and improve their skills.

In fact, so many of you have experience exploring our archive that we bet you have a comprehensive grasp on what's out there.

This week we're hoping you can use that experience to answer this question:

What is the best guitar solo of all time?

It's a pretty subjective question - what does 'best' mean, after all?

Let it be open to interpretation. Maybe you'll consider a solo's technical ability, its cultural impact, or that it crams a trucklaod of soul into a single bar.

Whichever way you spin it, post your nominations in the comments and be sure to upvote each other. Better yet, if you can find YouTube links to your favorite solos, paste the link and it'll embed for everyone to hear on this page.

Feel free to pick solos from live performances too, but if you pick songs that have been formally released on record there's a better chance we have the tab for it. Then we can refer readers to the tab so they can learn for themselves when we post the results on Friday.

Think you know what the best solo of all time is? Dive into the comments and add your suggestions. Thanks!

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    Comfortably Numb is definitely one of the best. I'll probably get hate for this just because it's BTBAM but I honestly think that the solo section in Selkies is one of the best I've heard.
    hm it turned out pretty much the same genre oh and i forgot eruption. not a huge fan of it but the tapping part is iconic
    Without a doubt. The solo by Ron Jarzombek in the song Rivers Dancing by Gordian Knot. Look it up please.
    Trey Azagthoth - Invocation of the Continual One Randy Rhoads - Mr. Crowley (both solos) Chuck Schuldiner - Without Judgment Buckethead- ****ing pick one
    Nihilistic Bier
    Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb Live Pulse Pink Floyd - High Hopes Pink Floyd - Shine on You crazy Diamond
    circus musician
    I'll have to add Concrete Jungle by Bob Marley. And Midnight by Hendrix - probably my favourite instrumental.
    I know of a lot, but my personal favorite would be Chimaira-Lazarus. Just because it rips my ****ing heart out every time I hear it. But seeing as this topic is already drowned it will probably go unnoticed :p
    freebird. stairway to heaven. this war is ours by escape the fate. And something by avenged sevenfold.
    ok I'll try to choose from different genres: Pantera - Floods, Walk Stariway to Heaven Tornado of souls Racer X - Technical difficulties Steve vai - for the love of god, Tender surrender As for Metallica I say Sanitarium or Nothing else matters well it's a famous solo for a lot of kids it's the first solo they learn And what the hell Children of Bodom - Kissing the shadows
    I know it won't get far, but this is probably the best solo I've heard in context with a song; or is at least close.
    I'm disappointed this is getting hate. I love this solo and this song. This EP's one of my favorite album's of 2011.
    "Crying to the Sky" Band = Be Bop Deluxe -> Sunburst Finish album Guitarist = Bill Nelson
    It has to be Voices by John Petrucci (Dream Theater). It just has all of the elements - it's soulful, lyrical, technically challenging but fits the song perfectly.
    Lincoln Brewster's solo in "Everlasting God" is excellent. Fits the song perfectly, has great movement, and it's in a worship song, which admittedly isn't something you always hear.
    I'm about 103% positive I got those downvotes because it's a Christian song.
    White Walls by Between the Buried and Me. Octavarium by Dream Theater. In the Presence of Enemies Part 1 by Dream Theater. Wonderful Slippery Thing by Guthrie Govan. Surfing with the Alien by Joe Satriani. If I Could Fly by Joe Satriani. Fade to Black by Metallica. Floods by Pantera. Erised by Periphery (John Petrucci solo). Time by Pink Floyd. Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd. Technical Difficulties by Racer X. Viking Kong by Racer X. Tender Surrender by Steve Vai. For the Love of God by Steve Vai. That's all I can think of for now.
    It'll either be stupidly over-suggested or not enough but Under a Glass Moon by Dream Theatre should be No.1 in my opinion! Then of course there's Freebird, Tornado of Souls, Paradise City, Stairway to Heaven etc. All the classics to mention. This could be an interesting final result. So many well known and brilliant solos to choose from...
    "Queen - These Are The Days Of Our Lives" - Very short, but really great!!!