Wednesday Question: Best Guitar Solo Ever?

There's so many to choose from, but with your votes we can identify the best guitar solos of all time. Place your nominations here.

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We love that so many guitarists visit UG every day to pick up tabs and improve their skills.

In fact, so many of you have experience exploring our archive that we bet you have a comprehensive grasp on what's out there.

This week we're hoping you can use that experience to answer this question:

What is the best guitar solo of all time?

It's a pretty subjective question - what does 'best' mean, after all?

Let it be open to interpretation. Maybe you'll consider a solo's technical ability, its cultural impact, or that it crams a trucklaod of soul into a single bar.

Whichever way you spin it, post your nominations in the comments and be sure to upvote each other. Better yet, if you can find YouTube links to your favorite solos, paste the link and it'll embed for everyone to hear on this page.

Feel free to pick solos from live performances too, but if you pick songs that have been formally released on record there's a better chance we have the tab for it. Then we can refer readers to the tab so they can learn for themselves when we post the results on Friday.

Think you know what the best solo of all time is? Dive into the comments and add your suggestions. Thanks!

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    Poor people...forgot about Lil' Wayne's guitar solo?
    He's such a virtuoso, he doesn't even need to plug his guitar in.
    His guitar doesn't seem to be plugged in. Guitar notwithstanding, how does this guy actually get people to go to his shows?
    Stairway To Heaven
    What about Heartbreaker? So underrated..
    I got through about half that solo and said **** it lol One of the first I tried to learn. Oh, and Metal Heart by Dimmu Borgir has a damn fine solo. Somewhat inspired by Heartbreaker???
    oh dear....this will start people flaming but I can't stand that ****ing all, I see or hear nothing from it, I knew that this song would be here though.
    So overrated. Don't get me wrong I like the song, and the solo is good. But really? Best guitar solo ever? I don't think so. There isn't anything about that solo that is particularly incredible.
    Highest rated comment? I was expecting Stairway to get rejected.
    That's pretty impossible when half of the people that make these lists real never got past Led Zeppelin or any of those 70's bands that are constantly name dropped in order to make the author of the comment sound extra cool and smart.
    Achilles Last Stand. Shivers every time. Just personal preferance to be honest.
    After 3:30.
    Who disliked this?! This solo is epic!! I love how its just 2 main chords all the way through this solo and the 5/4 timing at 6:48
    Eric Johnson - Cliffs of Dover. Always been my favorite.
    Selkies: An Endless Obsession - Between The Buried And Me. My absolute favourite, Paul Waggoner is a genius.
    I was scrolling down hoping someone would say Selkies so I didn't have to be the first. Without a doubt the best solo.
    I was going to say this. I was shocked to see that not only has it already been said, buts it been well received.
    This question is far too easy, without a doubt it is Lil Waynes amazing solo
    Come Friday, everyone goes on complaining why the Top 10 looked screwed up.... It's all your fault guys. The ones who post and up-vote these garbage.
    My personal favourite is Time - Pink Floyd
    Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb
    Metallica - Ride the Lighting or Unforgiven I
    My Last Words
    Pantera - The Sleep Pantera - Floods Pantera - Hard lines, Sunken cheeks (personal favorite) Pantera - We'll meet again Pantera - The Will To Survive Pantera - Hollow Pantera - Heart Worn Highway Damageplan - Crawl Ozzy Osbourne - Mr Crowley Testament - Musical death (A dirge) Black Sabbath - Killing yourself to live Black Sabbath - Sabbath Bloody Sabbath Black Sabbath - NIB Black Sabbath - Planet Caravan Black Sabbath - Sabbra Cadabra Cacophony - The Ninja Cacophony - Images Cacophony - Speed metal symphony Jason Becker - Air Jason Becker - Altitudes Marty Friedman - Forbidden City Megadeth - Five Magics Megadeth - Tornado of Souls Megadeth - My Last Words Megadeth - Ashes In Your Mouth Megadeth - In My Darkest Hour Megadeth - Good mourning/ Black Friday Megadeth - Rattlehead Megadeth - The Killing Road Megadeth - Lucretia Hur hur shred/metal has no feel **** off. Metallica - To live is to die (Slow solo) Metallica - The Four Horsemen (Interlude solo) Iron Maiden - Aces High Iron Maiden - Phantom of the Opera Deep Purple - Highway star At the top of my head.. Still, I feel like I've seen 8129381 of these polls already. I'd suggest a top 10 acoustic pieces and/or interludes and/or intro's/outro's, but that's just me.
    My Last Words
    I'd suggest a top 10 acoustic pieces and/or interludes and/or intro's/outro's in [i]Metal[/i*], but that's just me.
    unforgiven 1 yes
    agreed. whats with all the -'s on that comment? even if people dont like the song they cant deny the power of the solo in it. it wasn't about stupidly fast tappin or ridiculous shedding, just great power.
    In all honesty I'd have to rank Unforgiven up there pretty high, but as far as Metallica it's pretty obvious that Hetfield's solo in Master of Puppets (the first solo) takes the cake. I also am a really big fan of the clean solo in BTBAM's Mordecai
    Hotel California
    Seen Don Felder this summer at a festival and when he played that solo he was starring at me the entire time. And I know he was looking at me because I was right next to the stage and there wasn't anyone within a couple feet of me. My best guess was he seen I was the only long haired dude there and was trying to leave an impression on a 17 year old kid. Whatever the reason it was f***ing amazing to experience that.
    Thanks. Now I don't have to go off thinking about what other songs could "possibly" make this category haha. Pink Floyd rules.
    Tornado of Souls. /poll
    Tornado of Souls is one of my favourites personally. However, I think I would go for Speed Metal Symphony by Cacophony.
    Good call dude. It's funny though because entire Cacophony songs could be voted as best solo haha
    My Last Words
    Cacophony is great! If I had to pick my pers. favorite I'd go for either images (oh the sweeping) or The ninja..
    Not to diss someone else's tastes, but I really don't like The Ninja... I have to say I don't really like any Cacophony songs with vocals but love the instrumentals.
    Yeah man, I know what you mean. When you've got Marty Friedman and Jason Becker playing guitars, vocals end up just getting in the way.
    Yes dude some Jason becker and Marty Friedman! The bluesy ending in Eleven Blue Egyptians is one of my favs.
    This is my favorite song of all time and the solo is by far my favorite. Especially the live version from the Pulse show at Earl's Court.
    The live version from A Delicate Sound of Thunder, its over 4 minutes long
    This isn't really a reply, but I need this comment to get seen... how has NOBODY mentioned Whipping Post yet?
    "Nothing Else Matters" which I think is the only Hetfield solo has got to be my favourite. You can tell the song is really meaningful to him and the solo is so powerful, beautiful and melodic, yet quite simple.
    Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen
    Played it with my school choir senior year of high school. Nothing beats playing that note for note in front of a crowd who grew up with that song.
    Sweet Child o' Mine
    Buckethead is the best. He beats Slash for sure (imo). I nominate NOTTINGHAM LACE. Anything Buckethead does deserves to be in the top ten, but I'm throwing in Nottingham Lace because it's a song people have heard.
    I hate to bang on about the classics, coz there is other music! But... Led Zeppelin at the Royal Albert Hall: Dazed and Confused. Can't argue with a violin bow!!
    How does this get downvoted? He used a violin bow for crying out loud! Improvised most of the solo and then used a violin bow! That's killer! You couldn't better define creativity and impact than that solo. And for downvoting Buckethead... Why? Soothsayer has got to be one of the most technical and mindblowing solos ever composed. The howling bends and speed runs juxtapose a nice balance in that solo. Even Padmasana, fantastic composition! This is nuts! How about something different than what gets voted for every other time?
    Why can I always guess the first 10 cited bands even before scrolling down to the comments?
    Too many to really say or include but in no particular order and just the ones that spring to mind: Folsom Prison Blues - Luther Perkins Big Hunk o'Love, Blue Suede Shoes, King Creole - Scotty Moore Shakin All Over - Johnny Kidd & The Pirates Rock Around the Clock - Bill Haley & The comets Apache & Man of Mystery - The Shadows Get Back, Long Tall Sally, While my Guitar Gently Weeps - The beatles Whole Lotta Love, Since I've Been Loving You, Stairway, Heartbreaker, In my Time of Dying - Zeppelin Highway Star (Live) - Deep Purple Bohemian rhapsody - Queen Sultans of Swing - Dire Straits Freebird - Skynyrd (Live undubbed) Rosie - Ac/DC Xanadu, La Villa Strangiato - Rush Comfortably Numb, Another Brick in the Wall, Shine on You Crazy Diamond - Pink Floyd Sweet Child o Mine - Gn R Purple Rain - Prince Don't Look Back in Anger, Live Forever, The Importance of Being Idle - Oasis Phantom of the Opera, Hallowed Be Thy Name - Iron Maiden Like a Hurricane, Cortez The Killer - Neil Young
    Dire Straits! Mark Knopfler is suhc a laidback but passionate guitarist. Any of these: Brothers in Arms, Sultans of Swing, Lady Writer, or Telegraph Road.
    Forgot Chuck Berry Johnny B. Goode (all of it) Actually if I had to pick it would be that. It is quite simply Rock n Roll.
    Obama FTW
    That is an awesome one. I think "Floods" by Pantera has a great solo.
    yes. for me, there's SO much to choose from. but i think Floods deserves to be up there. i also love Dave Mustaine's solo in Holy wars and Wake Up Dead (towards the end) and the ones in Kick the Chair. also Marty Friedman's in Tornado of Souls.
    My favorite is Jimi hendrex star spangled banner from woodstock. The other one is Arpeggios from hell. Not really a solo though.
    Pearl Jam - Yellow Ledbetter Audioslave - Like a Stone Untitled (Love Song) - Counting Crows
    My favourite is 'Do you feel like we do'. How can you not like the only solo in the world that manages to make a talk box sound cool.
    Was definitely gonna say that. Been listening to it quite a bit lately. I think Gilmour is a bit underrated. Love Shine On You Crazy Diamond as well. SRV Lenny is one of my favs too.