Wednesday Question: Best Guns N' Roses Song?

Vote for your favorite in what could become one of the most hotly contested UG Top 10 lists yet.

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This week, Guns N' Roses guitarist Bumblefoot said fans should forget about a new record from the band until it happens, after the unbearably long wait for "Chinese Democracy".

We're used to being patient for new Gn'R music, but that got us thinking about what their best songs to date are.

Many UG readers are among the most fervent Gn'R fans in the world, so we think you're pretty well qualified to tackle this week's question:

What is the best Guns N' Roses song ever?

Post your nominations in the comments, and be sure to up vote the ones you agree with.

It doesn't have to be from an album. You can pick from b-sides, covers, and anything that has been released. A live-only performance will be fine if you can find a YouTube link so we can share it with other readers.

Will you pick older classics or give credit to newer recordings? It's your call. We'll stack up the results and publish them in an ultimate Gn'R list on Friday.

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    November Rain. There will never be a song like that ever again.
    Once you hear Matt Sorum do the same drum fill god knows how many times in that song, it really starts to get to you. If it wasn't for that, it would be one of my favourite GnR songs. That outro solo is amazing.
    15 times actually! That's the way Axl wanted it. Not exactly what Matt wanted to
    Paradise city. One of the absolute greats. Belter!
    I always point people to that end solo whenever someone says that slash doesn't have any chops.
    tell em to listen to Nothing To Say with M Shadows from his solo album. he can play some metal
    Amen. it was a hit its over 6 minutes it is epic it has the arena rock feel it sounds like classic GNR and it is slashs favorite GNR song. dont have to pick a deep cut just to seem like a die-hard.
    took forever for someome to say this. and it's the number one rated right now...will it last?
    Franko 316
    it was posted 8 minutes after the first comment, it just looks like it took ages for someone to say it because everyone replies to the first comment to get their comment up top.
    Welcome To The Jungle - that song got me into them when I was a kid and the intro kicks all kinds of ass.
    some of slash's best work on this song (as well as axl's - his piano work is absolutely beautiful all throughout). definitely my favorite GNR ballad. it might not be as hard hitting as paradise city or anything else off of appetite, but in my opinion it's the most moving song they've ever written, and it deserves recognition for that. the whole Use Your Illusions Song Trilogy (Don't Cry, November Rain, and Estranged) should be included as one progressive piece of work on this list, since they were all meant to connected together.
    Nightrain. End of discussion.
    There are so many good ones. However if i HAD to choose one. I would say Estranged because of its complexity and its such an amazing song! Musically and Lyrically
    Rocket Queen
    Mother ****ing this. Rocket Queen. It's got everything a song needs. Kickass solos, great lyrics, funky bass line, bangin' drums, crunchy rhythm guitar, soaring vocals, and sex noises.
    Mr. Brownstone
    Its So Easy!!
    "Anything from Chinese Democracy" -Said no one ever
    That song is amazing, but very few people know it or take the time to appreciate it. The way the song builds up and the whole structure is just pure brilliance.
    I like the song alright, but I don't think it's nearly as good as the rest of their material. The only song I like less is My World, and it's not really much of a GNR song. Anyway, I nominate Dust N' Bones.
    I'm sorry to use the first comment as a tool for getting this higher up, but their cover of Sympathy for the Devil is amazing (better than the Stones IMO)
    They all BLOW!!!!!
    UG- Ron Thal is the guitarist. Bumblefoot is a band.
    Ronald Jay Blumenthal (born September 25, 1969), better known by his stage name Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal, is an American guitarist, songwriter, recording artist and producer.
    Amen to this, can't count the nights I have spent drinking fortified wines and belting out that song out of tune. Best drinking song on the planet, kick ass riff, kick ass lyrics, kick ass songs. Bottoms up I'm on a nightrain
    You Could Be Mine
    I'm thinking this as well. The first album is obviously the best overall but this is the jewel of Use Your Illusion.
    Bob Dolan :D
    My personal fave? 14 years Has to be one of the most underrated GnR songs. Got Izzy on vocals, some cool piano to go throughout the song. Just awesome
    Darth Wader
    Sweet Child O Mine
    People of UG, I know we have all heard it a million times, but this is Sweet Child of Mine we're talking about. You can't hide the truth: This is at least in the top three, if not the greatest GNR song there is.
    Agree! This song has it all, really catchy intro, sweet lyrics, epic solos and guitar works(rhythm guitar and bass) and ends with one perfect note! Besides, the intro is a chick magnet!
    dumb question, why because, it's gonna be different for everyone. On that note. Anything goes
    YES, so glad that this masterpiece gets a mention. Brilliant composition all the way, that driving guitar riff/drum beat combination in the verses is groovy as hell, very well written lyrics, it has some of Slash's best guitar work, and the outro... just fantastic. Best GN'R song by far.
    100% Locomotive! Greatest song ever, has everything for me; Slash's leads, Axl's Lyrics, great rhythm from Izzy, cool bass hook at the beginning and powerful drums. No one is weak on this song. Love blasting this one out to make the blues go away. TUNE!
    For me, it has to be Civil War, great song that also has a great message, runners up would be songs that Izzy mainly wrote, Pretty Tied Up and You Could Be Mine. They're very underated songs.
    Personally, Estranged. Obviously. Nightrain and Paradise City joint second and probably Breakdown third.
    I thought Better was pretty decent. But y'know, CD wasn't everyone's cup of tea.
    Guns N' Chains
    Estranged, hands down in my opinion. It is truly a great work of art. I don't think this song gets enough appreciation. Guns is the reason why I am into music and play music. So I could say any one of their songs are number 1. I love almost every single one. Except for "My World". That is a path they should have never even considered going down. I like they are diverse musically, and I understand that sort of music was coming to prominence in the early 90's and Axl was a fan, but that doesn't suit Guns N' Roses.
    I'd say Estranged, that second solo's just too awesome to exist
    GET IN THE RING. This song is dedicated to all the Guns'N'Fuckin'Roses fans who stuck with us thru all the FUCKING SHIT. And to all those opposed? Well...
    This I Love. As much as many people hate on CD and new guns, they did have some really good songs on the album.
    Ain't it fun! The guitar licks speaks volumes in this track, the lyrics are something that is easy to relate, and the drums beat is simple but effective; all of these combine to make for an awesome track.