Wednesday Question: Best Hidden Tracks

Time to dig deeper, diehard fans.

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Getting the song out there as a lead single is obviously the best way for spreading the word around, but spicing things up with a hidden track or two can also give the album that dose of extra charm.

Granted, hidden track spots are rarely reserved for the strongest tunes, but if you dig hard enough, quite a few gems can be discovered, and that's what we'll focus on this week. To make it official, this week's Wednesday Question is:

What is the best hidden track ever?

So it seems like it's your time to shine, diehard fans. Help us in naming the shiniest of all the hidden gems out there.

Same rules as always apply - only one suggestion per comment, vote up the ideas you support and vote down the ones you dislike. We'll sum up your votes by Friday and bring you another traditional UG Top 10. May the best tune win!

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    I don't know any - they've all been too well hidden.
    Most people here do not know the meaning of 'hidden track'
    Nirvana: Endless, Nameless
    I fell asleep while listening to something in the way without knowing there was a hidden track at the end...this song scared the living shit out of me when it came a good way though.
    me and my friends listened to Nevermind back in highschool and then were all suddenly startled when this came on and likewise scared by it! then we played the crap out of it for months And lets not forget Gallons Of Rubbing Alcohol Flow Through The Strip on the German In Utero pressings...
    Anyone care to elaborate the real meaning of a 'hidden track'
    A track that is not listed on the liner notes of an album. It's like a surprise for the listener. Most of the time, it's in the form of one credited song playing, drawing to a long silence, and an uncredited track playing out of the blue. The song "Enshrined" by Sylosis is a good example of the "secret track" format.
    In that case, Painkiller - Death. Not listed on the track listing I have and that makes it the best hidden track ever!
    I was going to say this one, but every time I mention Sylosis it gets down voted for some reason, maybe UG is waking up haha
    21:13 - Coheed & Cambria (It's track 23 on the album with 11 tracks of silence in the middle, hence 21:13)
    The one off of Ten Thousand Days by Tool! If you combine the last song "Viginti Tres" with "Wings For Marie Part 1" they are of equal length with "Ten Thousand Days Part 2" - they act as a backing track and slot together perfectly.
    Ill probably get a lot of shit for it but Earache My Eye - Korn from Follow The Leader and Eeyore(sp?) - Slipknot was good too
    train in vain - clash
    After this all voting should stop. Most forget it was originally hidden in the '79 release. Hell I did until I saw it here. Great nomination.
    It was not listed in later LP and CD issues as well, because of the original cover.
    I thought that was just a mistake because they wrote and recorded the song after the album artwork was finalized for pressing. Technically not meant to be a "hidden track" but I guess I won't argue with it. It's a good song.
    Train In Vain by The Clash. It was never originally listed on The London Calling album.
    Beatles- Her Majesty
    MIKA - Over my Shoulder
    I didn't mean to downvote, with the retarded UG-system you can't undo your vote. Yes, Over my shoulder IS a very good song. He wrote that when he was like 16, during the time when he sang in quire.
    Quire: Noun. - Four sheets of paper or parchment folded to form eight leaves, as in medieval manuscripts. - Any collection of leaves one within another in a manuscript or book. ("the scribe numbered the quires of his manuscript as well as the leaves") - 25 (formerly 24) sheets of paper; one twentieth of a ream. ("the package contained two quires of tracing paper") So ... Mika used to be a really specific measurement of paper. Congrats to them on achieving sentience.
    Sun King, Mean Mr. Mustard, Polytheme Pam, She came in through the bathroom window
    The entire Abbey Road LP was actually hidden tracks. Beatles fans bought the album expecting a blank vinyl record that would be able to use as a frisbee to throw at Ringo during his live gigs. They were pleasantly surprised to discover the hidden tracks and as a result Ringo was spared for a few more years.
    The hidden oriental track at the end of Aerials from System Of A Down
    Memory In Death
    Nine Inch Nails - Physical (You're so)
    I would come with newest Arcade Fire album Reflector. There was hidden track before the beginning of the album, originaly reversed
    I came in here just to nominate this track, but ya beat me to it. Good call!
    Metallica - Dyers Eve
    this was also my first thought!! Great Track! 2nd pick would be "I dont Want to Be Your Hero" from Ozzy's No Rest for the Wicked.
    I was just gonna post that! Also I actually first found the track on Green Day's cassette back in the 90's, had to flip the cassette over though and rewind it/fast forward it a certain way
    I could care less about all the flaming but Blood by MCR on the black parade always gave me a chuckle, not a bad little tune
    "'s really quite alarming 'cause I'm such an awful fuuuuukk"
    Mosquito Song - QotSA
    Id say Jack White's Lazaretto hidden tracks, not because of the song, but how it was so cleverly hidden!
    Pearl Jam- Master/Slave
    Tool - Viginti Tres/Wings for Marie/10000 Days It is not a hidden track in the the traditional sense, but rather a track that is created by playing Viginti Trees and Wings AT THE SAME TIME as 10000 Days - they sync up perfectly!
    This just made my day. I just bought Lateralus on vinyl, and this has completed my Toolgasm. Thank you!
    Queens of the Stone Age - Mosquito Song
    Kyuss - The one about lickig my doo at the end of Whitewater.
    I prefer the one at the end of Circus :
    This was the first one to come to my mind. Glad someone else thought it too. Such a cool hidden track. I think the full title is Day One (To Dave and Chris).
    the real hidden track is "The Real song For the Deaf", it's hidden in the pregap on the CD. Warning! may make your speakers do weird stuff!
    4"33 - John Cage
    Tenacious D - I Believe / Malibu Nights
    Not the biggest korn fan, but the Untouchables album had a secret song that was a medly of all the songs on the album, it's pretty neat.
    Hero on Ozzys No Rest For The Wicked, also best song on the album.
    There's also this track by Mew called New Terrain, if you play it backwards it reveals a new track. The cool thing is that the original track is dark and brooding while the reverse version is a lot more bright and hopefull.
    Papa Roach "Infest hidden track"
    "Tightrope" is actually a pretty cool song. Too bad they ended up becoming all that they hated and ranted about on their lyrics.
    Just heard Tightrope yesterday! Great song, but then I went back to Brewtahl Metahl!
    Immediately thought of Tightrope. One of the few songs I enjoy as much now as I did ten years ago.
    "Tightrope" is actually a pretty cool song. Too bad they ended up becoming all that they hated and ranted about on their lyrics.
    So easy it hurts guys. The one at the end of the Teenage Dream album by Katy Perry.
    Deftones - Damone
    The thing I love about that track is halfway through the silence between the tracks theres a big bong hit.
    The thing I love about that track is halfway through the silence between the tracks theres a big bong hit.
    Never mind my previous nomination I just realized that this is a hidden track, it's one of the best actual song hidden tracks too. Anthrax - Pieces One of the most emotional songs I know, about Frank Bello's brother's murder. It's heart wrenching.
    The Beatles - Rain
    That 10 minutes of silence from 30 seconds to mars was pretty cool. not sure what what album probly the one with the kill on it
    Queens of the Stone Age - Mosquito Song (Yes, from Songs for the Deaf)
    While we're here, I would like to nominate that short horn track at the end of Long Slow Goodbye from Lullabies To Paralyze that sounds eerily similar to Mosquito Song.
    Aaaaaand I completely forgot this gem:
    There's another one after Bone Marrow that sends chills down my spine!
    The atmospheric noise at the end of Radiohead - Motion Picture Soundtrack.
    I believe it's called genchildren or something. It's an interresting touch, definatly an excellent way to end the album, but on its own it's not a spectacular track on its own, especially up against stuff like "Train in a vein", "Mosquito song", "Damone", "Endless nameless", and other great hidden tracks.