Wednesday Question: Best Live Recording?

Nominate your favorite live recordings, whether they're albums, video footage or bootleg recordings, and we'll compile a rocking live playlist for you to enjoy at the weekend.

Ultimate Guitar

Everyone loves a good rock record - but it's on stage that slinging an axe really counts.

Of course, there's one format that binds these two concepts together seamlessly, and that's the live album. When a recording of a renown show is committed to tape, its legacy can live on for years - and often, for longer than the artists themselves.

For this week's Wednesday question, we want you to answer the following question:

What is the best live recording ever?

It could be an album, a video recording, a bootleg, or anything that can be defined as a live recording. You'll probably earn extra votes if it's totally kicka-- too.

If you're stuck for ideas, how about The Who performing live at Leeds? How about Pink Floyd at their Live 8 Reunion? Maybe Nirvana's unplugged recording, or Iron Maiden's "Live After Death" album?

Whatever you prefer, share your nominations in the comments and upvote posts that you agree with. As usual, we'll compile the results for a special weekend post to be published on Friday.

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    Iron Maiden - Anything really..they never disappoint live
    though, I would narrow it down to Rock in Rio, mainly because the crowd and the Band work together so well.
    Ozzy Osbourne - Randy Rhoads Tribute Not a huge Ozzy fan, but Randy's work on this album is bone chilling.
    Metallica, Seattle 1989
    Led Zeppelin - Royal Albert Hall 1970
    Out of curiosity, what do you think puts this live performance over The Song Remains The Same? Maybe heavier, more raw? I need to get all of their live DVD's SO badly
    This was the first performance of that kind in a place like the Royal Albert Hall, that's why it represents the beginning of a new era
    Both Talking Heads' "Stop Making Sense" and Johnny Cash's "At Folsom Prison" need to be on this list.
    1. Led Zeppelin - Royal Albert Hall 1970 2. Guns N' Roses - Live at the Ritz 1988 3. The Rolling Stones - Ladies and Gentleman: The Rolling Stones 1974 4. Alice Cooper - The Alice Cooper Show 1977 5. Nirvana - Live at the Paramount 1991 6. Pink Floyd - Live at Pompeii 1972 7. Aerosmith - Live! Bootleg 1978 8. Motley Crue - Carnival of Sins 2005 9. Tesla - Fiva Man Acoustical Jam 1990 10. Stone Temple Pilots - MTV Unplugged 1993
    Frampton comes alive! By Peter Frampton Classic album
    I was expecting frampton to be on here. Its a great classic album and all, but the local rock station has played it just over 100 billion times. So naturally i know every damn WAH produced by heart and its getting really old.
    sorry, rhcp slane castle beats all. shit binge and purge and s+m are great, but they dont capture the feeling of seeing them live, which is what I like about slane castle
    hands down the best concert from the four horsemen James' voice is at his peak and the die die die part in creeping death from the crowd hit some high decibels
    No Velvet Underground fans? The Velvet Underground - 1969: Velvet Underground Live
    i was going to suggest this too, that was Metallica at their prime, it doesnt get any better than that.
    looking through most of these, i think i'm one of the only ones to say Woodstock. but i was at the bottom so i thought i'd cheat and comment on the top comment xD
    Idk, that was pretty awesome but I love S&M, I've never heard Battery sound so full and bad ass.
    Came here to suggest the same thing. But its already the gold medal comment. SO..yeah UG you got your number one right there
    Am I going crazy or have we already had this question? And this was the winner...
    Deep Purple's "Made In Japan", it's THE live album, but a great suggestion you made nonetheless.
    this is simple: "The Song Remains The Same" Led Zeppelin - No other recording displays such true live brilliance. Zeppelin were at their zenith in the early 70's and any one of the bands mentioned in other posts would probably agree that this is the greatest live recording of all time- performance wise, sound quality wise, improvisation wise, diversity of songs wise, footage wise, just everything. No quarter still gives me goosebumps. Page Plant Bonham Jones, simply unrivaled.
    In no particular order, my favourites are: - The Allman Brothers Live at Fillmore East - Pink Floyd P.U.L.S.E. - Alice in Chains UNPLUGGED - Cream Live at the Royal Albert Hall 2005 (Reunion concerts) - Nirvana UNPLUGGED - Eric Clapton 24 Nights (Live at Royal Albert Hall) Was privileged enough to see the Cream Reunion on May 5th 2005, a memory that will live with me forever. Amazing!
    Nirvana and AiC Unplugged, Kings of Leon Live O2 in London, Jimi Hendrix Plays Monterrey
    Rush in Rio AC/DC live at Donnington Metallica Seattle '89 Iron Maiden Live After Death Scorpions Tokyo Tapes Dream Theater Live at Budokan
    Isn't this basically one of the previous questions just reworded? Anyhow... Metallica Seattle '89 Pearl Jam at Pinkpop Iron Maiden Beast Over Hammersmith UFO Strangers in the Night
    Eclectic Lizard
    Iron Maiden -Live After Death Judas Priest -Unleashed In The East Metallica -Seattle 89 Neil Young -Live At Massey Hall 1971 At The Gates -The Flames of The End
    Live After Death is pretty sic... but i would narrow Iron Maiden down to 'Fear of the Dark from Rock in Rio'
    SRV at El Mocambo. Particularly Lenny. You can see his soul enter the guitar on that song. It's so good, it is almost uncomfortable to watch lol
    SRV definitely captivates me the most when I listen/watch live. I was going to say the same. Can't believe I got this far down the page before I seen mention of him. El Mocambo is great. I love the '82 portion of the Live at Montreux too, comes out rockin right from the start, puffin on basically the cotton of his cigarette butt, haha
    Ozzy Osbourne Randy Rhoads Tribute Led Zeppelin BBC Sessions Nirvana Unplugged Alice in Chains Unplugged Slayer Decade of Agression
    1) King Crimson : USA 2) Frank Zappa : The 6 Volume, 12 CD "You Can't Do That on Stage Anymore" collection
    Rebel Scum
    Peter Frampton - Frampton Comes Alive Alice in Chains - Unplugged Jimi - Live at Woodstock Pink Floyd - Live at Pompeii Queen - Live at Wembley ...the usual suspects
    Muse's "HAARP". Probably the most diverse, astounding, and just downright epic concert they've ever recorded.
    Metallica- Live in Seattle Nirvana- Unplugged Rush- R30 Allman Brothers- Live at Fillmore East Led Zeppelin- How The West Was Won AC/DC- If You Want Blood
    Darth Wader
    Nirvana - MTV Unplugged. Not a fan of Live Albums because it never compares to actually being at the concert...but this is one that I can listen to.
    Dream Theater - Live at Budokan Andromeda - Playing Off the Board (no doubt everyone will agree with this one...)
    Even though I slightly prefer the setlist from Live In Budokan, I think Score is an all-round better recording, mostly because Octavarium and 6DoiT are near perfect. And LaBrie kinda sounded like shit in Budokan (some good moments though)