Wednesday Question: Best Love Song?

How will you serenade your sweetheart for valentines this year? Vote for the best love songs right here.

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It's February, and Valentine's Day is almost upon us. Even the most hardened metal fans have their heart set on someone special, and musicians know there's nothing better to win their heart than a beautiful song to serenade them.

This week's question is:

What is the best love song ever?

Pick one song per comment, then upvote other nominations that you agree with.

Love songs don't have to be ballads or low tempo - maybe there's some hard-rocking alternatives with lyrics that could peel the pants from your sweetheart. Or maybe there's some hot grooving tracks which would perk the attention of a certain breed of tattooed rock chick (Bonnie Rotten, anyone? Don't Google her if you're sat at work!)

We'll round up your rocking love songs into a top 10 on Friday February 14th to enjoy by candlelight with your loved one this Valentines. Good luck!

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    Heheheheh, good one! Though I'm amazed that Clapton's "Wonderful Tonight" or Derek And The Dominos' "Layla" haven't been mentioned, you can definitely feel passion and pain in Clapton's lyrics, in the way he plays and sings it on both songs! And again, love can also be what a father feels for a son, so I'd also have to go with "Tears In Heaven", but since only one counts, just count "Layla" then.
    I Want You On My Bellend - Me
    This made me laugh. Even funnier would be if it got the most votes it would have to make the list. UG has spoken!!
    The RIver by The Boss, one of the greatest songs about love and hate of all time!
    Robert Smith is a ****ing expert at writing love songs. This one, Pictures of You, Just Like Heaven... and I'm just scratching the surface here.
    Pictures of You!
    For the Love of God, Steve Vai...if that ain't true passion baby, I don't know what love is....and then I Want To Know What Love Is...
    Love Song by 311
    Dire Straits - Romeo & Juliet
    Still loving you [Scorpions]
    Metallica - Seek and Destroy
    Did you know - Nothing else matters was written by James Hetfield for his girlfriend. That would qualify as a love song then :3
    If we aren't going strictly by rock, then Overjoyed by Stevie Wonder. BUT, for rock, Hard to Concentrate by RHCP