Wednesday Question: Best Metal Frontman

Who are the best metal frontmen and women ever? Post your nomination here for a chance to appear in out top 10 list this week.

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Guitarists, bassists and drummers certainly know how to make a big heavy sound - but if you want to really engage with a crowd and connect with them on another level, you need a great vocalist.

Music has served us with many great frontmen (and women) over the years, but some have excelled and made a name for themselves that will stand the test of time. The question is, who?

This week's Wednesday Question is:

Who is the best metal frontman of all time?

We're sticking to metal so there's room to zoom in on other genres in the future, but there's still plenty to choose from. You might opt for showmen like Bruce Dickenson, or a mumbling icon like Ozzy Osbourne. Maybe you prefer the soaring melodies of Maynard James Keenan, or the roar of Angela Gossow.

Whatever your favorite is, post one nomination per comment and upvote others that you agree with. We'll post the results in a top 10 metal frontmen list this Friday.

Good luck!

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    Ronnie James Dio
    Dio slayed dragons and fought hordes of demons. Now flying on his rainbow steed through the darkness - ONLY ONE CAN CLAIM THRONE OF METAL GOD!
    Since DIO has already been named I'll say Bruce Dickenson.
    Bruce Dickinson without question! Best metal singer AND best metal frontman!
    It has to be Brucie! Certainly the best singer - the one that countless others try to copy - and an unbelievable stage presence!
    Bruce Dickinson in my opinion ...and while he may not compare to most 'classic' metal singers, I think that Chino Moreno deserves to take a place in this list.
    I've just come no one has given Serj Tankian or Amy Lee an honorable mention
    Jack Black
    Agent 00Awesome
    Its gotta be Bruce Dickinson. Amazing and entertaining stage presence filled with running around, dressing up, crowd interaction, ect.
    Bruce Dickinson. Also, UG fails at spelling his last name.
    Bruce is amazing indeed! My vote goes to him, as well. By the way, if I was in any administration, I would make misspelling Bruce's name punishable by life imprisonment!
    DAVE GROHL and James Hetfield
    The kid that sang "Zombie Skin" on America's Got Talent LMAO
    dave grohls not metal. James is but not dave grohl. Hes rock
    Matt Heafy, great front man, amazing guitar player, great song writer, and he has a good mind which is why he is more mature than most of his peers.
    Man, I don't see Mike Patton anywhere and it's bugging me. Sure Ozzy is great, but no where as good as 90% of the vocalists out there now.
    also Rody Walker from Protest the Hero. That guy has range and the band is severely underrated. seriously, singing "Hell bent on Heaven" like opera after that screaming is one of my favorite things ever.
    He's a tremendously cocky s*** onstage, too. Can't say he's the best vocalist ever (although great range, yes) but he's a pretty great frontman. As you said, TREMENDOUSLY underrated band, although I'm sure a few more people will check out the next album with Adler drumming on it and all.
    Geddy Lee
    Zombie anyone? I don't think he should win but maybe he could be on the list.
    Whatever people say about his singing, he's an incredible frontman.
    Joey Belladonna !!! At least in the top ten come on ! His high notes are crazy and he still reaches them like the bad ass he is !
    Really? No way. Clapping his hands, pacing back and forth, dumping water on himself so no one notices when he loses control of his bladder and screaming "lets go CRAZY!" is so metal.
    Randy Blythe
    Not a fan of his live performance, but he may have just been having a bad night
    must have, lamb of gods live performances are some of the best i've ever seen.
    Saw them in their homestate of Virginia on the last night of their most recent tour, the energy and enthusiasm they all exuded throughout the whole night were unlike any I've seen before. You must have missed out! WOO
    As far as not already mentioned, Chris Cornell.
    definitely the most proficient Metal vocalist of the last two decades, his range is damn impressive.
    james hetfield
    Phil Anselmo He front's not only one great band but two.
    Exactly. I've seen both him and Hetfield live and, while Anselmo made the crowd go beserk by just showing up, Hetfield asked us a couple of rehearsed stupid questions. I was waiting for him to ask us whether we felt the love that night. Not really a metal way of fronting a band, if you ask me.
    I saw Down in concert in a small ass theater, Phil had the ****ers going nuts. but James has always been shy, that's why Dave used to gear up the crowd in the old days.
    Hetfield is an amazing frontman, but yeah, his onstage banter is kinda awkward. "Is the Metallica family here tonight?!"
    Het's gonna win hands down. I'm voting for Mike from opeth but I won't care when Hetfield rolls in as the king of metal. We all know he is THE man.
    Ozzy's legendary, don't get me wrong, but imo that doesn't make him an amazing frontman. A good frontman needs remarkable energy and talent on top of singing into a microphone. These are qualities that Het excels in and few people come close to.
    Nope. He may be one of the best singers around, but he's the epitome of Anti-frontman. Hell, he doesn't even say a ****ing word in between songs. In Puscifer he may play the theatrical role, but P. isn't that much metal, is it?
    I'm gonna get massive hate for this from the people who like to think they only listen to 'real metal', but corey taylor is one hell of a frontman.
    We're going to end having millions of people say Corey Taylor with a downvote by each entry. F**king UG
    Ozzy F*****G Osbourne!!!
    Trent Reznor
    Not exactly a "metal" frontman, but an outstanding one nonetheless.
    Thank you for finally mentioning Trent! Didn't see his name anywhere up here so far, on the way to put his name down myself. I still will actually...
    Robert Plant (assuming the UG community considers Zeppelin "metal").
    I'd say rock and roll. but if they were metal, he'd definitely be up there
    Made it this far without Dave Mustaine? Lead guitar, vocals, and the face of Megadeth. EDIT: Me and GuitarGuy posted these at like the same time
    Hands down, Till Lindemann A F***ing beast on stage, f***s his keyboardist and then cooks him in a pot with a flamethrower. Did anyone ever top that? Nnnnope.
    I really hope he makes the list. I've seen them a few times and he really commands the stage. A lot of people can't get past the almost-100% German lyrics. It's those people's loss. Imagine how things would be if the rest of the world felt that way. American metal music would only be popular in English-speaking countries. No South American/Asian/European tours?? Think about it. The riffs and the power that flow from Rammstein are amazing!
    He still didn't top Alice Cooper getting decapitated on stage in a guillotine. Especially on shock value since everyone is pretty much copying Cooper on that front
    Agree that Alice is f***ing awesome. But still think Till topped him as a frontman. Personal opinion, of course.
    Corey Taylor from Slipknot and Stone Sour, the main is a lyrical genius in both bands and knows how to put on a fantastic show.
    COREY FUCKING TAYLOR! The man is a freaking legend in every sense of the word and in every area of life...Its Corey Or Hetfield for sure
    HELL FUCKING NO!!! Hetfield maybe, but not that whiney hipster douche Taylor. He's not even close to being the best frontman of all time. I'm gonna go with Ozzy here.