Wednesday Question: Best Metalcore Bands?

Who's the best from the new breed of metal? Place your votes here.

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Metalcore formally emerged in the early 2000s, but it's seeds were sewn decades ago. Born from hardcore punk and heavy metal, it's all about big riffs and extreme screaming, often with a melodic twist.

It's a popular genre today - but with so many acts, and many copycats, it's hard for a newbie to the genre to dig out the good stuff.

This week we want you to answer this question:

Who is the best metalcore band ever?

Post one nomination per comment, and up vote any that you agree with. We'll bring the results into a monstrous top 10 this weekend, with a killer playlist. Thanks!

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    Killswitch Engage of course. They are the flagship metalcore band. My Top 10 1. KSE 2. August Burns Red 3. Parkway Drive 3. Shawdows Fall 4. The Devil Wears Prada 5. All That Remains 6. Trivium 7. We Came As Romans 8. Darkest Hour 9. Unearth 10. Atreyu
    Mine is, 1. August Burns Red 2. Trivium 3. Killswitch Engage 4. Unearth 5. All That Remains 6. Shadows Fall 7. Converge (Whether they are metalcore or not they still were instrumental in founding the genre) 8. As I Lay Dying 9. The Human Abstract (I consider them Metalcore) 10. Avenged Sevenfold (Waking the Fallen era)
    1. Parkway Drive 2. August Burns Red 3. Killswitch Engage 4. As I Lay Dying 6. Northlane 7. Converge 8. Oh, Sleeper 9. Botch 10. The Ghost Inside And still not sure if Architects is really considered metalcore, but Id knock em in at #10 if that were the case.
    My top ten would be 1. Killswitch Engage 2. Lamb of God 3. As I Lay Dying 4. All That Remains, 5. Trivium 6. Shadows Fall 7. Unearth 8. August Burns Red 9. Times of Grace 10. Avenged Sevenfold Lamb of God, Trivium , Shadows Fall, and A7X have all strayed away from metalcore and have moved on to different styles of metal, but I think they were all important to the genre.
    Killswitch Engage
    Not a fan of metalcore but KSE are really one of the best bands in this genre.
    I was waiting for someone to mention KSE. The only metalcore that I've really enjoyed is from these guys and from early All That Remains. I find that ATR has become really awful, but in the past, I definitely liked their music.
    August Burns Red
    My vote goes to August Burns Red. A great live-band, too! Saw them with A Day To Remember and Bring Me The Horizon. August Burns Red saved the evening.
    After the Burial.
    Killswitch Engage is the only one I enjoy so them. Unless you count bands that have hardcore elements (Escape The Fate, Falling In Reverse etc) Cue degrading comments
    I seriously do not understand the hate against this genre.
    Anything that is popular is hated here on UG. This is a site of trolls that worship QOTSA and Pinkfloyd.
    QotSA are one the most popular current rock bands, and Pink Floyd are in the top 10 selling artists of all time.
    as i lay dying
    You're just saying that because you don't want a hitman after you.
    August Burns Red (great instrumentals, very melodic and progressively more interesting and original the further along in their career you are) Beartooth (Closer to hardcore but very aggressive and emotive) Memphis May Fire (Oddly impressive songwriting with plenty of solid riffing) Also: Parkway Drive, Architects, This or the Apocalypse not as original but they all consistently have great songs.
    I'm a little hazy on my genre definitions, but machine head? Also at the rate these comments are going we might not even be able to name 10 bands.
    Machine Head aren't metalcore. They don't have the right elements of the subgenre. They are thrash/groove metal.
    I don't think they fit under metalcore. They're more of a heavy metal or thrash band in my eyes. At least The Blackening is very much a thrash album. I don't know many of their other songs that well.
    Metalcore's just outright terrible IMO. I guess Trivium cause of Shogun.
    Actually Converge isn't metalcore - their music is the mix between chaotic hardcore and mathcore.
    What the HELL does that mean!? Mathcore!?
    So I'm guessing the winner is the band with the least amount of downvotes?
    Don't even bother asking this on UG, everyone on here only listens to songs in standard tuning and hates everything else
    Avenged Sevenfold before City Of Evil. As far as I know, it's the only thing I listen to that's considered metalcore. And I think it's fantastic. Hell, I would take Waking The Fallen over Hail To The King any day.
    Top 10 Hair Metal and now Top 10 Metalcore? why?
    Because these bands deserve alot more recognition than they get on here, as for the topic, Killswitch Engage (Either era) takes my vote.
    Does Lamb of God counts?? If it so... then.. LAMB OF GOD
    Nah, groove metal I think, kinda in the same camp as Pantera
    I think the metal genre is divided up into too many categories. It's too the point where Lamb of God and Pantera are basically the only ones in the "groove metal" category. It's just metal!!
    Man, there are a lot of elistist ****s on this thread. Not a surprise though, since a huge portion of UGer's are biased against anything 'core' related. Shame on you all.
    I kid you not man, if its not Metallica, QOTSA, Megadeth, or Dave Grohl-related, all of UG hates it. Bunch of close minded P U S S I E S!
    Shadows Fall
    I cannot like this enough. The Art of Balance and The War Within will always be on my top two albums of all time. Personal list of course.
    They really need more recognition imo. Their recent album is great for running to
    And lifting weights, man. But yeah, I most definitely agree. I grew up living in Massachusetts nearly my whole life, and Killswitch Engage, All That Remains, Shadows Fall, and Unearth were all buddies who all lived in the same state, but I always found SF to be smaller. Unearth too.
    Why is UG ****ing up the Wednesday Questions now?!? They are almost always late now, and are released on random days. And 'Top 10 Metalcore Bands' should be the results not the question! Rant over.
    Love them! But actually Converge aren't metalcore - their music is the mix between chaotic hardcore and mathcore.
    "chaotic hardcore" isn't a genre, and mathcore isn't what they are. They are Metalcore because they combine Post-Hardcore with Metal, just as the name implies.
    Actually "chaotic gardcore" is a valid genre - Converge, The Chariot and Norma Jean are among well-known examples.
    No. "Chaotic" is just a descriptive adjective. They are a hardcore band. With metal influence. Who are chaotic. Metalcore (meaning "hardcore influenced by metal", nothing else) is a genre. A genre Converge fit into. Even if "chaotic hardcore" was more than a, Converge would be more "chaotic metalcore" which would still put them well inside the definition of the umbrella term "metalcore". What you're doing is like claiming Necrophagist aren't death metal just because they play technically.
    So, by your definition "Heavy" Metal, "Hard" Rock, "Speed" Metal, "Classic" Rock and etc. aren't actual genres either? I mean, those are all just adjectives. (by the way, saying descriptive as an adjective to adjective is redundant.)
    Last week someone said that Hair metal was the worst genre in rock. Someone else said that title was reserved for Metalcore.
    As i lay dying, lamb of god, the devil wears prada, austrian death machine, and NOT aday to remember. I know somepeople dont like metalcore and i really dont either but i do believe as i lay dying is the smoothest and most melodic metalcoreband
    1.Killswitch Engage 2.Times Of Grace 3.Parkway Drive 4.Waking the Fallen era A7X 5.XX era Mushroomhead 6.Trivium 7.Poison era BFMV 8.Shadows Fall 9.August Burns Red 10.Chelsea Grin
    Top 10 Grindcore Song Names next week please, some of them are downright hilarious.
    killswitch at the end of the day is the best metalcore band, but old trivium, and all that remains still kick ass
    There is nothing good associated with metalcore.
    August Burns Red? They have all the elements of a good metal band. If you like any type of Extreme Metal like Thrash or Groove I think most metal fans would appreciate them. The Metalcore label gets way too much hate. It's like Nu Metal. Sure there were tons of shitty bands in the genre, but that doesn't mean that every band sucked. Deftones (whether they wanted to admit it later on or not) were Nu Metal. The only reason they are not considered Nu Metal by some is because the genre is hated. If the genre wasn't hated people would not care if they were labeled Nu Metal.
    Sir Stoney
    Oh I see. If it's not, "SLAAAAYUUUUURRRR", Megadeth, Old Metallica (because they sold out), or even obscure death or black metal bands that no one has even heard of. It's not metal or it sucks. If metalcore isn't metal, then what is it? Bubble gum pop? Please enlighten me! If you say it sucks, then that's not answering the question. I can sit here and bash bands all day, but how far does that get me? No where, so grow the **** up.
    Theres 3 types of people here in UG. 1. 12 Year old kids that fap to metalcore. 2. 12 Year old kids that fap to obscure shit. 3. People who don't give a shit. 1 & 2 are always at war at each other.
    How do you know there are 12 year olds that fap to metalcore? have you been watching them? reported.
    im with you 100% its funny because theres so many other narrow minded people like dicwood he gets a medal for a comment that takes little to no thought its just... this genre sucks now please up vote me everyone
    Sir Stoney
    Yeah, I don't care what genre it is. If it's good, it's good. I don't consider people who bash other forms of metal "metalheads". This is since they only like 1 or 2 forms of metal. Then bash every other genre because their friends don't like it. I consider them ignorant. I don't particularly care for the Foo Fighters or Dave Grohl, but you don't see me going on every news article to bash them. That's what 12 year olds do.
    Sir Stoney
    At the same time, I'm not calling them ignorant for only liking certain types of metal. They are ignorant for bashing all the bands or genres they don't like. This is why we have Justin Bieber, One Direction Etc, If those 12-15 girls can be in unity. Why can't we be united like them? It would be unity in metal of course.
    i got you Im not gonna try to defend metalcore or the bands I listen to that are considered that I'm just sick of people trying to break metal down into these little subgenres and the users on here have different opinions on what's what, Im saying its metal and that's it, to someone who doesn't listen to metal whether they listen to dep, metallica, cannibal corpse, dwp, or btbam they go that's metal... when metalheads try to act like its this complex thing that no one gets except metalheads it makes all people who listen to metal look like crazysam, a know it all douche
    those "unity" things you mentioned are called Fandoms (not to be mistake for condoms) and are gay as **** ALSO KEEP THEM NEGAVOTES ROLLING IN IT MAKES MY DICK HARD
    Metalcore's the dubstep of the metal world. Everyone hates it because it's cool to hate it. If it sounds good, who gives a high flying **** what genre it is
    Metalcore isn't Metal, it's Punk. It's shorthand for Metallic Hardcore, an extreme evolution of Hardcore Punk. It's about as Metal as Crust Punk is. Then again, I imagine it's only a matter of time before morons start calling that Metal as well. All we need is for Crust to become popular enough for big labels to start shelling out absolutely generic trash like As I Lay Dying, and Metal fans will be crawling over themselves trying to claim Crust is actually a Metal genre, ignoring the decades of history behind it. Hell, I bet most people who claim Metalcore is Metal don't even know who Converge is. But don't worry, only elitist Metal fans think Metalcore isn't Metal, so it's totes okay you know jack about it.
    It could also just be a portmanteau of 'metal' and 'hardcore.' Either way you look at it, the metal influence is pretty much stated in the name. And it has elements of metal, e.g. harsh vocals, detuned guitars, and double kick. I'm having a lot of trouble trying to think of a hardcore punk band that utilizes double kick playing from the drummer. I'd even argue that the punk influences of the genre mostly lost in today's iteration of it, other than the fast playing in some bands, which is definitely also an element of metal.
    For a guy who is so educated on the history of metal, Metal and Hardcore mixed. No one has ever used the term metallic hardocre, never. no one, Parkway Drive, BFMV, great metalcore bands and in some spots are heavy as ****. You talk about generic trash when there are 50 bands that are like converge.
    Yes, we get it, every type of music that isn't your 3 favorite underground death metal bands sucks. Old All That Remains, Killswitch Engage, Shadows Fall, Lamb of God, and As I lay Dying are all great examples of good metalcore, get off your high horses snobs.
    Every Time I Die
    Eh, I hate it as much as the next guy, but there are a few metalcore bands here and there that are actually worth listening to. None of that crap Hot Topic fans get off to, but other stuff, like Between the Buried and Me or Trivium's early stuff.
    Yes there is Peryphery!
    Well first, i don't think anyone mentioned Killswitch Engage (basically the only metalcore band i can listen to) Second, Periphery is not metalcore at all, sh*t it's even the opposite (except for vocals): technical playing, odd time sig, chords progression and structures, and actual solos, i don't see any hardcore influence in this.
    Who are Metalcore how? Where's the hardcore influence in Periphery? people even bother to properly learn what terms mean before they use them?
    Periphery is ****ed in the ass by Asking Alexandria. Definitly the best. heir last album was killer !
    Asking Alexandria sucks. Just my opinion. I'm sorry, but AA is awful at this electronicore technocore bullshit. If you want a good band that is both techno and metal, check out Rammstein!
    Or The Prodigy, they are not my cup of tea, but they are good at what they do.
    Im a recent listener to AA, i dont mind them and i think they over do the breakdowns, but they very much pale in comparison to Periphery. Danny screwed his voice so bad he cant even sing his old stuff, while Spencer is singing octaves above him, and Nolly can outplay AA's guitarists just on his bass
    I'm a huge AA fan but Periphery are my personal highlight of the genre. They're amazing.
    I concur. Plus, the name of the genre makes **** all sense if you've never heard of it before.
    Parkway Drive Trivium As I Lay Dying All That Remains Converge August Burns Red Chimaira Killswitch Engage Shadows Fall Botch Metalcore has a lot of good bands in it despite what everyone says. Then again, I don't really discriminate against any genre in heavy music.
    Is there a reason why people hate it? I always thought it a sub-genre of metal for the melodic songwriter. Why do people, even metal fans, go out of their way to tear it apart.
    Because they use breakdowns and there are clean vocals intermittent with screamed vocals that are hardcore and not metal. Basically all of that bullshit which makes them overlook the genre's many great qualities like incredible riffs and solos and the melodic hooks.
    "I always thought it a sub-genre of metal for the melodic songwriter" But it's NOT. Metalcore is a subgenre of Hardcore that has metal influences. There's always a distinctive hardcore vibe to it. Which is why bands like Trivium, As I Lay Dying, All That Remains, Chimaira (since when are groove metal bands hardcore in any sense?), Killswitch Engage (except their very early work), and Shadows Fall are NOT Metalcore. All of those bands are metal.
    "That's why Metalcore is not metal. All the most famous Metalcore bands aren't really Metalcore, they are Metal!" Interesting... I thought a fusion genre contained elements of two genres... What next? Metallica was not a Thrash band they were a Heavy Metal band because Trash isn't Metal, IT'S HARDCORE PUNK PLAYED REALLY FAST!!!
    and its also funny everyone is talking shit on the genre, just call it metal cause that's what it is... and here comes someone to explain why it isn't metal and I'll save you sometime on that comment, your not going to change my mind or anyone else's mind so **** off
    I won't **** off. Because it has nothing to do with metal. Actual Metalcore is "Metallic Hardcore". Start with this thread:
    Actually, I should say it has more to do with hardcore than with metal.
    You are the best example that proves my point you comment below everyone's vote saying that's this, that's that, shut the **** up stop putting music in a certain place its all metal, you sound like a know it all prick every comment on this page **** off
    You didn't even look at my link, did you? Metalcore isn't Metal. Bands like As I Lay Dying, Trivium, etc. are actually metal. They don't have anything to do with Metalcore or Hardcore at all.
    This or The Apocalypse August Burns Red Parkway Drive Architects Northlane The Color Morale Avenged Sevenfold (St7T+WtF) Terakai Mark Their Silence Killswitch Engage