Wednesday Question: Best Metalcore Bands?

Who's the best from the new breed of metal? Place your votes here.

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Metalcore formally emerged in the early 2000s, but it's seeds were sewn decades ago. Born from hardcore punk and heavy metal, it's all about big riffs and extreme screaming, often with a melodic twist.

It's a popular genre today - but with so many acts, and many copycats, it's hard for a newbie to the genre to dig out the good stuff.

This week we want you to answer this question:

Who is the best metalcore band ever?

Post one nomination per comment, and up vote any that you agree with. We'll bring the results into a monstrous top 10 this weekend, with a killer playlist. Thanks!

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    Killswitch Engage of course. They are the flagship metalcore band. My Top 10 1. KSE 2. August Burns Red 3. Parkway Drive 3. Shawdows Fall 4. The Devil Wears Prada 5. All That Remains 6. Trivium 7. We Came As Romans 8. Darkest Hour 9. Unearth 10. Atreyu
    Mine is, 1. August Burns Red 2. Trivium 3. Killswitch Engage 4. Unearth 5. All That Remains 6. Shadows Fall 7. Converge (Whether they are metalcore or not they still were instrumental in founding the genre) 8. As I Lay Dying 9. The Human Abstract (I consider them Metalcore) 10. Avenged Sevenfold (Waking the Fallen era)
    1. Parkway Drive 2. August Burns Red 3. Killswitch Engage 4. As I Lay Dying 6. Northlane 7. Converge 8. Oh, Sleeper 9. Botch 10. The Ghost Inside And still not sure if Architects is really considered metalcore, but Id knock em in at #10 if that were the case.
    My top ten would be 1. Killswitch Engage 2. Lamb of God 3. As I Lay Dying 4. All That Remains, 5. Trivium 6. Shadows Fall 7. Unearth 8. August Burns Red 9. Times of Grace 10. Avenged Sevenfold Lamb of God, Trivium , Shadows Fall, and A7X have all strayed away from metalcore and have moved on to different styles of metal, but I think they were all important to the genre.
    Killswitch Engage
    Not a fan of metalcore but KSE are really one of the best bands in this genre.
    I was waiting for someone to mention KSE. The only metalcore that I've really enjoyed is from these guys and from early All That Remains. I find that ATR has become really awful, but in the past, I definitely liked their music.
    August Burns Red
    My vote goes to August Burns Red. A great live-band, too! Saw them with A Day To Remember and Bring Me The Horizon. August Burns Red saved the evening.
    After the Burial.
    August Burns Red
    The epitome of everything that is good about Metalcore. If you are a Metal fan who hated Metalcore, this is the number one band I think could change your mind.
    Killswitch Engage is the only one I enjoy so them. Unless you count bands that have hardcore elements (Escape The Fate, Falling In Reverse etc) Cue degrading comments
    I seriously do not understand the hate against this genre.
    Anything that is popular is hated here on UG. This is a site of trolls that worship QOTSA and Pinkfloyd.
    QotSA are one the most popular current rock bands, and Pink Floyd are in the top 10 selling artists of all time.