Wednesday Question: Best Modern Rock Genres

What are the best genres in modern rock music? Share your opinion here to find out.

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Rock music has, thankfully, spiralled out of control.

Since its modest beginnings as an unruly cousin to blues, rock music has captured the imagination of young people across the decades. And with each generation comes new iterations to enjoy, share and develop.

Today, there are dozens if not hundreds of rock music offshoots - but which are the most popular?

This week's question is:

What are the best modern rock genres?

It might seem like a tough poll, but it's pretty straightforward. Just pick a genre and an artist which you think is a great example, and if others vote for it, it might win the poll.

Post one genre (and sample artist) in the comments, and place your votes as normal. Feel free to correct people if the genre can be better described, or if you have a suggestion for a better artist to share. Good luck!

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    Wow they really are running out of questions...
    Actually I think this will get some really interesting results in that will deviate from the usual winners (Metallica/Queen/Led Zeppelin/Sabbath), so I'm all for something a bit different.
    Eh... You want Foo Figthers or some Prog Metal band instead? Won't be much different from the usual UG.
    I, just once, want some category that will produce Chuck Schuldiner or Alex Skolnick, somehow; or will find different results, but it almost never happens. So I'll take this, whateva! whateva!
    Progressive Metal/Rock - Dream Theater Can't wait for the new album!
    I love some progressive rock. I love Porcupine Tree, King Crimson.. Bands like that. I like some Dream Theater songs but they tend to bore me really fast.
    Dream Theater are amazing musicians, but IMO they're super corny and not very good songwriters. But maybe that's because I find that style of music corny in general. Porcupine Tree aren't that great either, but they have Gavin Harrison, so they're worth a listen just for that.
    What are you talking about? Porcupine Tree is amazing!
    I just have to put this out there: He was talking about his belief that prog is "corny" and your avatar is KoRn. I loled a bit.
    I don't think PROG is corny, I love prog. It's my favorite genre. Prog METAL tends to be pretty predictable though. And Porcupine Tree also suffer from the great-musicians-but-poor-songwriters syndrome. At least Steven Wilson does. Best thing he ever did was do production for other bands like Opeth and King Crimson.
    Same here, favorite genre undoubtedly. It's definitely an expansive genre, and has definitely evolved over time. I'm a big fan of newer prog acts like Coheed and Cambria and The Dear Hunter. I definitely agree that DT's brand of prog metal can get corny. But bands like Tesseract are far from predictable.
    Progressive rock is the obvious choice because it always finds a way to stay modern even though it's been around since the late 60's.
    Stoner rock/metal (like corrosion of conformity, the sword etc)
    Actually I like Sludge (in all his forms - Neurosis, ISIS, etc)
    post-metal, or 'heavy music', or 'metal influenced prog rock', or whatever they like to call themselves, doesn't get enough respect anywhere, and especially not on UG.
    Early Mastodon, Sleep, High on Fire, Electric Wizard, and Bongzilla to name a few more
    just put stoner/doom/sludge in one category, they are so similar plus then the results will be varied.
    That dont count, Thats been around for daaaaays. were talking about newer genres.
    Garage maybe? (Jack White, the Black Keys)
    Isn't that blues rock?
    i think that jack white, black keys, black rebel motorcycle club, the hives, clutch, the wanton bishops all fall under the category of garage revival bands not sure though...
    I think you're looking for the Dirt Bombs or Hunx and His Punx (though Hunx is also queercore, which is an awesome genre).