Wednesday Question: Best Music Festivals?

What is the best music festival? Share your nominations here, and vote for an official winner for the greatest festival ever in this week's poll.

Ultimate Guitar
Summer is officially over (boo!), but it's been a stellar year for festival line-ups.

But with so many festival options, from day-events to sprawling weekends with dozens of tents and the biggest acts in the world, it's hard to pick out which ones are really the best.

This week's Wednesday Question is:

What are the best festivals in the world?

There's so many factors to consider that it could be a real tough one. There's the quality of the acts, but also the quality of services and what the festival ground is like. You might also consider the legacy - and then there's the fellow festival clientele to consider. An average lineup is sometimes balanced by an atmosphere which puts a smile on everyone's face.

It'll also be interesting to hear about quirky small festivals that you've discovered - they'll be fascinating to hear about, even if they don't make it to the final list.

As a rule, we'd like any festival you nominate to have been active in the past three years - there might have been some awesome festivals in the past, but we want to know which active festivals are the greatest on this occasion.

As usual, post one nomination per comment and upvote others you agree with. We'll be rounding up your results for a live-music spectacular on Friday. With a little thought, your post will make it to the final top 10. Good luck!

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    Rock im Park/Rock am Ring. Best line-ups, best atmosphere, mostly good weather
    best line up? not this year... definetly NOT this year but yeah been there 5 times and it's pretty cool, however i prefer GMM!
    A matter of taste my friend. GMM was good in 2011 with the scorpions, foreigner and journey and dio's deciple... maybe epica too, and yeah last time RiP and RaM was a bit less then other years, but I still had the best time ever, it's not all about the line-up
    Download Festival!!!!
    Austin City Limits!
    UK tech metal fest
    Just shamelessly posting this up here so it doesn't get lost in the nether regions of the comments section: Sziget for being huge and on its own island in Hungary. Also Kazantip for being probably the longest lasting one, last edition was 2 weeks but I think it used to be a month long.
    All those metal Festivals that Europe gets, and it makes it suck being an American metal fan.
    Move to europe then. It's ok here to show boobies on shower gel tv ads.
    Any festival MetallicA is playing on
    what the hell is so bad about Metallica people? Sure Lars is a douche but their music doesn't suck!
    Yes it does. Whammet and that danish monkey are horrible. I respect Hetfield and the bassman for withstanding the worst duo ever.
    What do u listen to? Let me ask. Black Metal? Death Metal? Or are u one of those know it alls who listens to Dream Theater? Only one of the those people could make such a comment.
    Someone's awfully stereotypical... I don't like Metallica OR any of that shit.
    Can everyone stop arguing about what bands are better? We all need to get along. Part of what keeps rock music relevant is it's loyal fans sticking together. Fighting is making us weaker. Enjoy the music you like and stop criticizing what everyone else likes. This was directed at all above comments btw.
    Agent 00Awesome
    Pinkpop. Not the best lineups, but hey it's the longest running annual music festival in the world so it deserves a place somewhere in the top ten.