Wednesday Question: Best Pearl Jam Song Ever

What are the best Pearl Jam songs? Post your nominations in the comments for a chance to appear in our top 10 this week.

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Pearl Jam will release their tenth studio album "Lightning Bolt" in October.

It's amazing to think this band continue to perform and record over two decades since their formation. They started out as a key member of the Seattle grunge movement, then rose to international stardom as alternative rock smashed into the mainstream (largely thanks to bands like them, Nirvana and Soundgarden).

Some have called them sell-outs, but others recognize their defiance against the music industry. But with so many great songs in their catalogue, which are the best

That's what has prompted this weeks Wednesday question:

What are the best Pearl Jam songs ever?

Post one nomination per comment, and upvote those you agree with. It's great to post a YouTube link to songs you like so other readers can hear them without leaving the page.

We'll be wrapping up your results in a grunge-tastic top 10 list on Friday.

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    Yellow ledbetter, that opening guitar riff just invites your ears to absolute pleasure
    Did all three of us really just synch minds and post that at the exact same time? You Sir, have good taste
    Yellow Leadbetter!! So good live too
    im actually a little surprised i had to scroll down this far til someone nominated this. easily my favorite.
    Black unplugged, I've got tears in my eyes every single time.
    "we belong! we belong! we belong together!!!!" that line should've been in the original recording. that line made the unplugged version much more powerful.
    The whole of Ten is just amazing. I love all their later stuff, but every track on that album is great. Impossible to say but I'd have to go with Alive, although I did love Even Flow and Black.
    This has to win. Absolute masterpiece. 1st song that really got me into Pearl Jam.
    Yellow Ledbetter. Everything about that song floors me every time I listen.
    Including the lyrics that Eddie doesn't even know? lol. Love the song though.
    Although it's a great song, it has, like many signature songs, become a cliche. I hope we might have a more original choice for the #1 spot, but this'll probably win it anyway.
    Yeah but we have to make a choice...and I think that if you don't know Alive you don't know Pearl Jam!
    True enough. I just dislike signature songs, because often people who don't know PJ only know Alive. Plus they are rarely the best: Metallica wrote better than NEM, RATM did better than Killing in the Name, REM most certainly did better than Everybody Hurts. But still, Alive stays interesting much more than Smells Like Teen Spirit or Nothing Else Matters, so I'm not mad.
    That is the song I immediately think of when talking of Pearl Jam. But today my vote goes to YELLOW LEDBETTER