Wednesday Question: Best Pearl Jam Song Ever

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Wednesday Question: Best Pearl Jam Song Ever
Pearl Jam will release their tenth studio album "Lightning Bolt" in October.

It's amazing to think this band continue to perform and record over two decades since their formation. They started out as a key member of the Seattle grunge movement, then rose to international stardom as alternative rock smashed into the mainstream (largely thanks to bands like them, Nirvana and Soundgarden).

Some have called them sell-outs, but others recognize their defiance against the music industry. But with so many great songs in their catalogue, which are the best

That's what has prompted this weeks Wednesday question:

What are the best Pearl Jam songs ever?

Post one nomination per comment, and upvote those you agree with. It's great to post a YouTube link to songs you like so other readers can hear them without leaving the page.

We'll be wrapping up your results in a grunge-tastic top 10 list on Friday.
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