Wednesday Question: Best Pop-Punk Albums?

Everyone had a pop-punk phase as a teenager, so join the discussion and vote for your favorite pop-punk record of all time.

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No matter what genre you love now, every teenage rock fan had a brush with pop-punk that we all remember fondly. For some of us, that romance lives on.

Most of us can relate to great pop-punk and all the teenage angst and joy that comes bundles with it, so this week's question is:

What is the best pop-punk albums of all time?

We presume you're all familiar with what pop-punk sounds like, but to be clear, we're talking about fun, catchy, bouncy and occasionally immature music. Obvious examples include Blink-182 and Green Day, but you might go for something more like NoFX or Less Than Jake too.

Feel free to test the waters with bands that don't quite fit the mould, but we'll reserve final judgement and won't include anything too much like traditional punk like the Sex Pistols or The Clash (and you'd be crazy to call them pop-punk anyway).

Post one band and album nomination per comment, and vote up any that you agree with. We'll post the results in a party-popping top 10 this Friday. Good luck!

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    Dookie - Green Day
    Against Me - New Wave
    how is this not one of the best pop/punk albums? sure their old stuff was far from pop/punk and this album was when they officially switched from anarcho/punk/folk yeah yeah yeah shut up already, this album is still rad. yes their old stuff was better but again this was still a great album. tom gabel's voice shined through and made it clear that he has one of the most awesome voices in rock music. still, their albums progressively stepped away from the folk/punk sound one by one i dont understand why this album is officially when they "sold out" even though they totally didn't.
    Enema of the State by Blink 182 was the one that got me... bit predictable but there you go...
    'Singles Going Steady' By 'The Buzzcocks'. Classic album.
    Just to be clear, cause I don't most people will understand, the Buzzcocks pretty much invented pop-punk. They, essentially, were the first (or among the first) bands to fuse punk music with pop music. And they were doing it long before Green Day and Blink-182 released their first albums or played their first shows.
    Im sorry that was a dick thing for me to say, i just realized that. I personally never got into the buzzcocks that much, i have nothing against them i just never got into them. same with (rollins era) black flag, minor threat, and fugazi.
    Thats fine, if I wanted a ton of up-votes and nice replies I would have chosen something incredibly obvious, like Dookie, Enema of the State, or Americana. To be honest, I think the only time one of my submissions made it to the top ten on the Friday answer was when I nominated that Mr. Bungle video for creepiest videos.
    Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!- Something For Nothing. amazing album.
    haha they're pretty good, i consider them friendship-core or something
    i understand actually, they're a guilty pleasure band for me (from the songs i heard by them) and for the record i do love motorhead and despise red jumpsuit apparatus. i was trolling but a true troll-master never admits to least on the same comments board he/she doesnt.
    Glass Prisoner
    Reign In Blood - Slayer
    I realize this is a really unknown topic to most of you. So listen carefuly: There's other music besides metal (I know, SUPRISING!)
    Weezer - Blue Album
    Hmm. are you sure that's pop punk? I consider it more like alternative indie-rock or sth xD
    I think that album is more alternative pop-rock than pop-punk but Maladroit is a pretty good pop-punk album by Weezer
    Blue Album is more alternative pop-rock than pop-punk but Maladroit is a great pop-punk album by Weezer
    All killer, No filler - Sum 41
    or Does this Look Infected
    I'd say that All Killer, No Filler is really the only pop-punk album Sum 41 did to be honest. The later ones were something else. Apart fom that, Take off Your Pants and Jacket by Blink 182, Dookie by Green Day.
    If it were top 10 metal bands people would be all over that crap and saying "Metallica and ****in SLAYEEEERR" is UG really just metal heads?
    It actually is. 9 out of 10 lists around here are crowded with even the most half-assed metal bands, and if you think music can exist without being metal, you'll get downvoted to oblivion, which it seems to be the case here.
    Down votes don't bother me, but don't get me wrong I love metal but there's nothing wrong with appreciating other genres right?
    Yes, I love metal too, it's just a shame that its fanbase is now infested with elitists and macho-man douchebags.
    I think you're oversimplifying the fanbase. I haven't yet met a metalhead who wasn't open to new kinds of music and several genres. As far as this site goes, I think metal is several people's favorite genre, so it will be the most represented on best of lists. It's not that they are close minded and against other genres, it's that simply metal is their favorite.
    Well, I have met a bunch of them to be honest, but not my point, I'm talking about those who don't even listen to bands before they put out a real opinion, a.k.a bandwagon hate. You're absolutely right about the lists, but some of the comments you see on their articles are really narrow-minded.
    Hey now, us elitists are generally some of the more open-minded Metal fans in the entire fanbase! It's the ones that hate us that are always going on about how Metal is infallible, and we should spend our time hating Pop and Rap and all the "enemies of Metal" That said, Pop Punk completely goes against everything the Punk movement stood for. Even more so than the crappy Crossover trend of the 80s. I am not opposed to it musically, just ideologically.
    Well for me I grew up on pop punk, and most of the metal heads I know wouldn't dare listen to radiohead, Blink, Pink Floyd etc etc. Like the top 10 albums from the 80s were all metal there's so much more out there.
    Maybe I've just been lucky, but I think every metalhead I know already listen to the bands you mentioned. It probably has to do with the general openness of the people in my college.
    link no1
    I'm probably unlucky then. I am a massive metal fan and pretty much all my friends are metal fans but I am the only one who moves out of those boundaries and tastes other genres offerings aswell as metal. It's really irritating when I listen to a new band I like that isn't 100% metal and have nobody to talk to about it in person without being called 'gay' -.-
    Perhaps you should pick better 'friends'
    link no1
    Just because they don't like pretty much anything outside of metal doesn't make them 'bad friends'. If you judge people based on their musical tastes only that's your problem but I like to pick them based on other things than their narrowmindedness towards other genres.
    As a metalhead, I can say this: When I'm playing my instrument, I like to play metal because it is enjoyable, complex, and a good test of skills. However, when I wish to listen to music, Radiohead is probably my favorite band at that point. What most other metalheads fail to perceive is that musical technicality, and complexity is NOT a blurry fast solo in a extremely exotic scale, with the drums going in a 11/4 rythm. Musical complexity is the overall composition is put together, and how each instrument individually have a distinct sound and mark different from the rest, yet when put together, match perfectly - A perfect example of that being "Airbag" from OK Computer. Got on a sidetrack there, but point is, that you're probably right with most metalheads not daring listning to Radiohead, or Pink Floyd, but as a metalhead I can say that those types of metalheads simply don't know what they're missing out on...
    im a metal head. but i love other music, because i rule. were not all like that. some of us are just as passionate if not more so about other forms of music than "fans" of it.
    My God, people like you annoy me endlessly. Why do you make such stupid assumptions? If there is one genre that "rules" on UG, it's alternative rock.
    My assumption is based on what the masses vote for in these top 10 articles. I'm sorry that I annoy you but I'm just some random person that has posted on UG so I'm sure you will get over it soon.
    Offspring - Smash
    as much as I like The Offspring and your avatar picture, Smash is far from pop-punk
    Bleed American - Jimmy Eat World
    Great album, but I wouldn't particularly call it a pop-punk album, since its pretty mature work to be honest
    Agreed. I remember thinking Sweetness and The Middle were the shit in grade seven....
    I still love "Sweetness" that is one type of music I miss. Along with the Hopeless Records bands (they don't have anything to do with JEW but I think they deserve a mention) bands like Scared of Chaka, Funeral Oration, Selby Tigers etc
    Green Day's American Idiot was kind of like my gateway into the world of music. It was all I listened to back in Middle School for all 3 years, so I'm gonna have to go with that one
    They're not my favorite band but that's one solid album. Also I'm gonna go out on a limb here and vote for Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge by My Chemical Romance. Another solid pop-punk album that came out the same year American Idiot did.
    Dookie-Green Day, it basically took Pop-Punk into the mainstream for the first time
    I'm going to say Take This To Your Grave, because it seems so good, and like the epitomy of Early 2000's Pop Punk. I love it. If I get a second vote, I'm going to vote for Commit This To Memory by Motion City Soundtrack
    I guess I haven't left my pop-punk phase yet, at 24, haha. But I will say Paramore-Riot
    have to say that is one of the finest pop-punk albums i've ever heard, massive fan of Paramore
    Jesus christ stop with all these ****ing down votes!
    I noticed that too.
    Some people are just being *****s, might as well go back and up vote everything.
    Looks like the metalhead elitists are getting mad that it's not their genre of music.
    haha I never got into pop-punk so I'm going to do the right thing and not nominate anything. I'm just gonna sit back and read the comments. lol Plus, this poll should be on the frontpage of UG. Normally they are...
    Yeah this is really annoying. I think it's a great idea for a list, but the final tally is going to be meaningless. They should turn off down voting for lists...
    Nero Galon
    Good Charlotte - The Young and the Hopeless. My definitive pop-punk band/album.
    THAT was a great album, actually, really catchy, anthemic songs that were/are great to skate to
    Nero Galon
    Yeah its one of the most nostalgic for me, obviously barely anyone likes GC but it was the most definitive album in the genre I can think of.
    It's not the best in my opinion but it certainly gets an honourable mention from me!! And a listen now....
    Agent 00Awesome
    Brand New - Your Favorite Weapon
    I can't believe you have so many downvotes, that's one of the best pop-punk albums of all time without a doubt.
    I think many people are thinking of Brand New's later stuff which ins't really pop-punk, the first album was definitely pop punk though. Loved Seventy times 7 from that.
    Why not just "Best Punk Albums"? Why pop-punk? I can think of a whole lot better punk albums than I can pop-punk albums.
    I give you Rancid - And out come the wolves!
    again, rancid are far from pop punk. but a terrific album indeed!
    That is one of their "poppiest" albums so I picked that
    yeah, rancid's not as far from green day as most people think
    kiss did a disco album, doesn't make them a disco band... and you seriously can't consider rancid a pop punk band... go listen to their 2 self titled albums to name a few. an amazing punk rock band
    I would vote for this album if it was a list of the top 10 jazz fusion albums, sooo damn good. And I would say it could justifiably go on a Pop-Punk list, though I agree Rancid is a punk band
    Rancid aren't far from pop-punk; Rancid are pop-punk! The structure and sound of this album is similar, if not less punky, than Dookie. I guess for argument's sake you could say that Dookie isn't pop-punk...but we all know THAT'S not true.
    Offspring - Smash.. Possibly the only album in this genre of music I ever gave a crap about.
    NOFX - Punk in Drublic
    NOFX are far from pop punk.... (terrific album though!)
    shut the **** up, this album can totally be categorised Pop PUnk
    Sorry but it can't, I have every NoFX albums and this one just can't be categorized as a pop punk album, actually they don't have any pop punk record but they certainly do have some pop punk songs like The Longest Line, Liza and Louise,Creeping out Sara,Monosyllabic Girl and certainly many more. Sorry mate
    As much as I'd like NOFX to have some recognition on here, I'm going to have to disagree because I don't think they are Pop-Punk.
    I'm guessing we're defining pop-punk in the most literal sense (Billboard punk). There are definitely moments when a band like Blink-182 can be sonically the same as NOFX.
    moments yes but a whole album worth? my favorite nofx release will always be The Decline.
    The Wonder Years - The Upsides
    Geez. You must be, like 6?
    The Wonder Years are at the forefront of the Pop Punk scene so no, probably not. I'd say Suburbia is way better, though.
    Yeah I was only joking, because they started making music when I was like 18...blink-182 Ive been listening to for as long as I can remember.