Wednesday Question: Best QOTSA Song?

What is the best song by Queens of the Stone Age? Vote here!

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Queens of the Stone Age are one of the definitive rock bands of the last decade, and a big favourite to readers in around these parts.

With news that they're about to enter the recording studio again this year, it seems like a good time to get a stoner-rock retrospective in place and rank their best songs to date.

This week's question is:

What is the best Queens of the Stone Age song ever?

QOTSA are one of the few bands who have a really solid list of hits on every single release, so it's going to be a tough call to find one winner. Who could forget "Rated R," a masterclass in writing pop songs with rock instruments. Then there's the hard-rocking "Songs for the Deaf" which featured Dave Grohl on drums, and their latest effort "…Like Clockwork" which topped our Top 10 Albums of 2013.

At the very least, this top 10 QOTSA songs playlist is going to be a fantastically loud mixtape for the weekend.

Post one song nomination per comment, and upvote other nominations that you love. The songs with the most up votes will be collected into a final top 10 and cast into stone for your listening pleasure this Friday. Good luck!

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    A Song for the Deaf. With the F. You know. Not the D. 'Last' track on the album. With the dark, eerie bass intro.
    finally someone picked that one too the "DeaF" has always appealed to me a little bit more than the "D one", what a way to end a record.
    A Song for the Dead, with the D, not the F, has got some outstanding drums and an amazing guitar solo. It's like a giant guitar and drum solo
    Love this song. Totally worth detuning my guitar all the way down to play it too.
    A Song For The Dead
    Either you misspelled "Deaf" or you're just plain wrong.
    I think this guy was trying to say that A Song for the Deaf is better.. Which, while a great song, isn't as awesome as this
    Im going with something a bit different, but this song always gets me: 'In The Fade'
    hell yes! was thrilled when they played this at Wembley arena last year!
    I Think I Lost My Headache, if not just for the great drum work towards the end
    I Appear Missing
    It's an amazing song for sure...but, seriously?
    What's wrong?
    It deserves to be on the list between 10-5, but it had the top votes and I could not believe that it was going to get the top spot, because there is without question better songs out there than I Appear Missing. But that is just my opinion...but shouldn't get the #1 spot.
    Bitchy bitchy. Also, "without question" and "but that is just my opinion" is kinda contradictory.
    No One Knows or A Song for the Dead
    None of the songs is the best. They are all different... And fantastic! Fuck the top lists!
    I am the only one in the world who just CAN'T get into QOTSA. No matter how hard I try :/
    You aren't the only one. I've tried to like them but the only songs I like are the ones that Nick Oliveri sings on.
    They've got a couple songs that are alright by me, a couple more that I like about enough to say so, and the rest of it just doesn't do anything for me. Some of it is even downright annoying. I don't see the appeal to most of what they do, but I don't mind that they're successful.
    They're solid in an era where there isn't much going on in the rock world so they seem much better than they really are, like the Foo Fighters. Both are okay, but if they came around in the seventies or something, they'd be forgotten about by now, in my opinion. Every song sounds the same, by both bands.
    I personally enjoy Kyuss much more. Try listening to them first and then easing your way into the QOTSA catalog.
    Maybe "I Appear Missing", but it's really difficult... Love all the songs
    UG has a serious qotsa fetish when a wednesday question is devoted entirely to them. Better living through chemistry tho. Their live version of that song is particularly crazy.
    Saw them in Dublin a few months ago, their live version 'BLTC' is one of the best live jams I've ever heard! Well noted man!
    yeah me too, i never realised how good a track it is before actually hearing it live. It's just absolutely insane.
    They kinda won both Album and Song of the Year so I think they kinda deserve a top 10