Wednesday Question: Best Rock Couples

Which rock couples have the most gripping romantic history? Nominate here, and we'll tell their story in this week's top 10.

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Rock music is about more than just stage antics and studio recording. Behind the facade, many rock legends have a loving partner - or, indeed, a fractured relationship. Either way, they're often the inspiration behind the artist's most emotional and gripping songs.

This week's Wednesday question is:

Who are the best rock couples ever?

You're welcome to pick couples where one of them isn't a rock star, like Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne or even where the partner is less famous like Johnny Cash and his wife June Carter.

Of course, couples where both artists have made a name in rock, like Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love or Josh Homme and Brody Dalle, are great too.

Think of it this way: which acts have the most interesting story to tell? We'll be writing up their history in a top 10 post this Friday.

Post one couple nomination per comment, and up vote others you agree with. Look out for the final top 10 to see if your nomination makes it to the final post.

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    Axl Rose has been having an affair with himself since 1996.
    I would vote for Ass and Titz Profile Pics from our two UG forum members!
    Mick Jagger and David Bowie
    Jack and Meg White. Because the healthiest thing for two people to do after divorcing is to start a band and claim to be siblings
    Well, why continue with the voting at this point? I can stand the thought of that guy at the top of another poll, as frivilous as this one might be
    Worst Wednesday question ever
    Definitely not Chad Kroeger and Avril Lavigne.
    let us add Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love to the "definitely not" list.
    I have to wonder if UG will somehow count this (and its replies) as nominations.
    It probably would have been better if they had made this question "Worst Rock Couples".
    Lol I wanted to say them and follow up with STONE ME TO DEATH - Just to troll though. I agree. lol.
    Not sure how you can top the Harrison-Boyd-Clapton love triangle.....
    This! Clapton made the album Layla and Other Assorted Love songs just for her and it's his best album IMO. Plus other great songs like Wonderful Tonight and Old Love.