Wednesday Question: Best Rock Frontman?

Who are the best rock singers of all time? Post your nominations here for a chance to appear in our top 10 list this week.

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Guitars might shred and drums might slam - but there's only one way to channel all that immense rock power towards a crowd, and that's with a charismatic vocalist.

Rock music probably has more quality frontmen and women than any other genre in history, with many commanding thousands of fans at every show. But which will make it in the history books as the best ever?

This week's Wednesday question is:

Who is the best rock frontman or woman of all time?

Rock is a pretty broad genre, but to keep you on track we've got some examples. A classic rock frontman would be the Rolling Stones' Mick Jaggar. A modern alternative might be Queens of the Stone Age's Josh Homme. Maybe you'll nominate Alanis Morisette or Stevie Nicks. Whoever you vote for, we're sure this will be the best rock frontman list on the web.

NOTE: this is actually similar to the Best Metal Frontman poll, but not the same.

Post one nomination per comment and upvote others that you agree with. We'll post the results in a top 10 rock frontmen list this Friday.

Will your nomination make the final list? Let's find out!

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    Jim Morisson
    So much this! Jim was the original rock n' roll badass. Dangerous, talented and charismatic. Amazing writer and satirist. He literally WAS rock n' roll living in leather pants.
    I think he should be number one too. He was the first rock star to "LIVE" it.
    Freddy Mercury, doubtless.
    Its Freddie
    Couldn't agree more!
    Freddie is undisputed no. 1. I think Matt Bellamy and Dave Grohl are shit hot, too.
    Yep. Top 1 without a doubt. All other names that people are saying (Dave Grohl, Robert Plant, Vedder, etc), they are good frontmen too, but nowhere close to Freddie Mercury. "There can be only one"
    Seriously can't believe this is the highest voted one...Plant, Morrison, McCartney, Lennon, Hendrix, Vedder, Cornell, Staley, Cobain, Geddy Lee, Clapton, Daltrey, they're ROCK frontmen, Queen/Freddy Mercury are POP. I realize people are going to downvote this to hell, but understand I don't mean disrespect to Mercury or his band, I just think they're ****ing Jokes when it comes to good Rock n' Roll.
    are you serious???Cobain???clapton??Have you ever listened to Queen so you can say its pop??
    Freddy Mercury was one of the first ones to compose a ROCK opera. Hammer to Fall? Princes of the Universe (Highlander theme)? Jazz (like the whole album)? Should I continue down the list of their complete ROCK songs? Have you actually LISTENED to Queen? If Lennon isn't considered pop to you, then neither should Queen because The Beatles have had more pop songs than Queen has.
    Dude its the internet let every one bitch:b of course they're pop the only solo i heard was in bohemian raphsody so just because of that u cannot say that they are classic rock... they sound more of an opera...
    You've probably only heard their songs they play on the radio then, in which most of their songs on the radio ALSO all have solos. We Are The Champions is, essentially, one giant guitar solo. Princes of the Universe has guitar solos, Killer Queen has a guitar solo...I'm actually having a more difficult time trying to think of a Queen song that DOESN'T have a guitar solo.
    As much as I absolutely love Freddy I have to say that his replacement was a better frontman (not a better singer though). Paul Rodgers fronted Free, The Firm, Queen, and Bad Company. He's a good guitarist and a fantastic vocalist with killer stage presence.
    Rock this time? Robert Plant. Easy.