Wednesday Question: Best Rock Guitarist Ever?

Place your votes for the best rock guitarist of all time, and we'll publish the results in an epic top 10 on Friday or Saturday.

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Who is the best rock guitarist of all time? Place your vote in the comments!

Over the past few weeks we've been asking our music-savvy readers to place votes for our weekly top 10 article. Last week, your choice of best metal songs was so good that we had to post a full top 20!

Let's make the definitive list of rock guitarists. Try to think outside the box a little - who has been most influential? Who has the most impressive technical ability? Who just writes songs so damn good that they deserve to be credited as a master for all eternity?

Post your votes in the comments, and we'll stack them up for a post on Friday/Saturday listing your favorites.

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    Chuck Berry anyone? Might not be the greatest, but definitely deserves a top 10 spot.
    Why did you have to go and open the pandora's box with an article like this UG... Lil Wayne, maybe?
    Robert Johnson. I dare y'all to argue his revolutionary playing that few can even duplicate today. He is a legend in himself not to mention the legend that shrouds him. Every rock n roll stereotype is summoned up into this godfather of blues.
    Low Profile
    Jimi Hendrix. Once he started playing he took the electric guitar to a whole new level using crazy amounts of distortion and effects. His playing has a amazing amount of soul to it and he can playing in many different styles of music very well.
    Agent 00Awesome
    Joe Satriani. His influence is undeniable. He's taught many guitarists who have made a name for themselves in the music world. (Steve Vai, Kirk Hammett) Others would be: John Petrucci for mastering so many technniques. Toni Iommi for creating the blueprint for metal guitarists. Jimmy Page for just being a badass player for his time. Dave Mustaine for his creativity (Hangar 18 has some unique shit). The Adrian Smith and Dave Murray duo. No doubt some of the most influencial players in terms of harmonizing each other. And some personal favorites: Jon Schaffer (Iced Earth)and Gary Holt (Exodus) for being two of the most badass rhythm players in the metal world.
    David Gilmour Jimmy Page Eric Clapton Gary Moore Chuck Berry Jimi Hendrix Robert Fripp
    Fuglybear wrote: Lars Ulrich
    Ha ha ha!!! He's a helluva trombone player too!
    Lindsey Buckingham and Mark Knopfler just to be a hipster cos I know nobody will even mention them and they deserve to be recognised.
    Jimi Hendrix Eddie Van Halen Personal favorites: Larry Lalonde Dimebag Darrell Dave Mustaine
    Mark Tremonti. underrated because everyone is familiar with his Creed work and because of that never gave Alter Bridge a chance. if you actually LISTEN to his music and not judge based on past bands you dont like/never listened to, you will know he has SERIOUS chops. and he writes some really good songs.
    Can Believe So few mentioned Tony Iommi. He definitely needs a spot in the top 10. So does Buckethead, Malmsteen, and Petrucci.
    Buckethead amazingly technical abilities which he uses to make stunning music rather than mindless wankery like so many other widdly-woo plyers.
    Buckethead's pretty awesome though; he covers all the genres and has made over 40 studio albums in his 20 years as a musician, but he's not widely influential
    was anyone going to say eric clapton? i was expecting comments like angus young, joe perry, david gilmour when i saw this.
    Maiden95 wrote: Excuse me for checking in..but why the f*** does my comment of John Petrucci and Steve Vai have so many downvotes?
    Because 80% of UG users just wanna see the world burn, dude.
    nathanwaffles wrote: ...let's see how long we can go without some fanboy screaming "JIMMY HENDRICKS!!" [sic]
    Well how could the list be complete without him? When I first started playing I didnt understand why he was so special, but he's the best ever if you ask me now. So, yeah, I ruined it.