Wednesday Question: Best Song About War?

Time to hit the battlefield UG. Or fight against it.

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The matter of war has been a prominent topic in the rock world since the movement's very beginning, resulting in numerous war-related classic tunes.

Whether it's singing about hitting the battlefield or dropping weapons for the sake of peace, rockers always had their way of delivering the message. Therefore, this week's Wednesday Question is:

What is the best song about war?

Many choices, approaches, decades and vibes we have here, but there can only be a single No. 1 tune about war. And you get to pick it.

Same rules as always apply - only one suggestion per comment, vote up the ideas you support and vote down the ones you dislike. We'll sum up your votes by Friday and bring you another traditional UG Top 10. Time to hit the battlefield!

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    The Trooper - Iron Maiden
    A lot of Iron Maiden songs are great for this question. I nominate Paschendale by Iron Maiden.
    Oh, and Aces High, some people have mentioned Run to the Hills but isn't that more to do with simply slaughtering the Native Americans and not actual war?
    Too many good Maiden choices! Aces High is the song that started me listening to Iron Maiden, and absolutely deserves a spot. I'll settle for The Trooper, though
    Guys, Afraid to Shoot Strangers!!! This is why I love Maiden so much... too many awesome songs (way too many to choose from for a setlist haha)
    Paschendale was also my nomination by far. In my opinion one of the greatest songs in the entire Maiden discography, and the lyrics are incredibly powerful. With all respect for the excellent The Trooper, Paschendale is on an entirely different level, both musically and lyrically.
    F*ck, how did I forget Paschendale? You have my vote, kind sir
    The Longest Day is my favorite war themed Iron Maiden song. *Though The Trooper and Paschendale are brilliant as well*
    Danjo's Guitar
    Thank goodness someone posted this. I was going to be so sad if I had to throw it on the bottom of the page.
    Disposable Heroes
    Either One, Disposable Heroes or For Whom The Bell Tolls. All underline the fact that war is stupid.
    this one for me, always thought it was the best track from mop, possibly of all metallica
    I have to agree. I love One, but it is, I admit, a little played out for me.. possibly because I teach drums and that's a popular choice. But Disposable Heroes is without a doubt a top 5 Metallica song.
    I always thought that One is more about a horror of a man locked so badly inside his body because of war, but not about war. So Disposable Heroes FTW!
    So, in other words, the consequences of war? Pretty war related in my opinion
    I mean it isn't about how or why he got injured, it's about how it feels.
    Landmine Has Taken My Sight Taken My Speech Taken My Hearing Taken My Arms Taken My Legs Taken My Soul Left Me with Life in Hell But now that I think about it, Disposable Heroes is much more lyrically involved on the subject of war. I'de be happy with either making the list.
    The problem is, this song isn't really directly about war. It's about a fictional novel, that is ABOUT a hypothetical character that loses literally everything physically (besides his actual head, and his penis), due to war.
    Fortunate Son- CCR
    Not only is this one of the best war songs, but also held very significant relevance in it's time, especially when it was released (height of Vietnam). When people think of Vietnam, they think of this song.
    It looks like everyone's going for some sort of metal song, so I'm glad to see this one. Also, I vote for Bad Company by Bad Company.
    ..."War Pigs."
    Rooster- Alice in Chains
    Rise Against - Hero of War?
    While I love War Pigs I still think Bob Dylans Masters Of War takes it for best war song.
    Iron Maiden - The Trooper
    Maiden - Run to the Hills
    The Wall- Pink Floyd
    Goodbye blue sky by Pink Floyd - The video that went with it in "The wall" was especially haunting with its nightmarish scenery and clever symbolical depiction of the slaughter of WWI
    System of a Down - War?
    I'd rate P.L.U.C.K over War? personally! Has that really heavy melodic part mmmmm.
    Bruce Springsteen - Born in the USA. Now you know how messed up The Vietnam soldiers were when the came home...
    Dire Straits: - Brothers in Arms
    My all time favourite anti-war song.
    It's a shame Brothers In Arms is not getting more votes. Ultimate heart-felt war song.