Wednesday Question: Best Vocal Section Band

Name a band packed to the gills with killer singers.

Ultimate Guitar

It often takes more than one great singer to deliver a stunning rock show, or a killer record, and that's pretty much the matter we'll be focusing on for this week's Wednesday Question.

So try to think of all the great singing bands out there, as the latest WQ goes like this:

Which band has the best vocal section?

Great backing singers, multi-vocal acts, and of course stunning lead vocalists, it can all be taken into account.

Same rules as always apply - only one suggestion per comment, vote up the ideas you support and vote down the ones you dislike. We'll sum up your votes by Friday and bring you another traditional UG Top 10. Let the voting begin!

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    Definitely, of course Freddie Mercury was the greatest frontman of all time, but Brian May and Roger Taylor are such underrated singers and musicians. Roger Taylor could be the lead singer of a band if he wanted and hits all of the high notes in harmonies when they play live. Brian also sounds great in harmony and has also sang lead vocals on atleast one song ('39), and now he sings Love of My Life in concert since Freddie has passed. Queen wins this one easily. Such an amazing band all around.
    That is all that needs to be said. Queen is numbers 1 through 10, no one else belongs in the same class.
    I am of the opinion that Freddie mercury is the greatest singer ever but I honestly don't think they had so much harmonies. Most of the work was done by Freddie. The Beatles on another hand, were such a great team.
    Are you serious?!? There are harmonies on nearly every single song. And they pulled them off amazingly live and still do, just saw them a few weeks ago, and it was one of the best concerts I've been to, if not THE best.
    That's actually not true. On bohemian rhapsody (for example), all four of them contributed vocals during the operatic parts. Freddie did harmonize with himself a hell of a lot on their songs, but the other guys weren't shy to the microphone either. I still vote Beach Boys, Damnit. Queen is so good.
    Heh, ya, 3 out of 4 of them anyway. I suppose they are good enough to overlook Ringo as far as this poll goes.
    Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young!!!!!
    Talking Heads in Stop Making Sense
    So much personality, soul & expertise
    Talking Heads in Stop Making Sense
    So much personality, soul & expertise
    I'd have to go with Alice in Chains, back when Layne was still alive, he and Jerry made a really good vocal team
    Jerry and William DuVall are equally as fitting as Jerry and Layne were, imo. Slightly different style on WIlliam's end, but the first time I heard them together on Black Gives Way to Blue, I still got chills. That's all I needed to hear to be convinced that the vocal harmony aspect of AiC was intact.
    Yeah you make a good point, I was very surprised when I heard William sing, he's and jerry vocal styles fit nicely together
    Always loved the contrast between the voices of Chris Cornell and Eddie Vedder.
    I agree and Temple of the Dog is rad. But other than at Hunger Strike, Eddie hardly appears on the record.
    Porcupine Tree
    Definitely this. In my opinion the greatest and most powerful use of multiple/layered vocals ever:
    My favorite in that aspect is Sound of Muszak. The vocals in the chorus of that song just send chills down my spine.
    I'm gonna go with MASTODON. Troy brings the demons. Brann gives the melody. Bill brings the screams. Brent brings a really ****ed up squeaky noise I can't explain. And also weed. And a wooden dick. Perfect.
    Abrie Compion
    but have you heard them live?? on album its awesome not so live
    Yea, vocally they're awful live, and I'm a pretty huge Mastodon fan who's seen them multiple times over the years..
    Troy's pretty good live now, when I saw them he did all of Brent's high parts in the verses of Divinations and it kicked ass. Brent still sucks live tho
    Actually, I think it's more awesome live, of course you don't Sing every note correct live but their vocals really stand out
    Troy does the deep, Brann does the clean and Brent does the Ozzy soul... I've seen mastodon live 4 times and never seen Bill even come close to a mic. Also, their vocals live arent that great, especially Brent. Although I did see them this year and Brent was a lot better than he used to be.
    They've gotten better live lately, but yeah, the real deal is on the studio. Bill screams in very few songs, March Of The Fire Ants for example.
    Guitarus Rex
    Brent has mentioned that he sings in the band "under protest." Heck, anyone that can play those rhythms and sing at the same time get bonus points from me! I'd give old school shout-outs to The Eagles, Queen and Yes (especially for "Leave It"). Honorable mention goes to Roth-era Van Halen. Mike and Ed hit simple backgrounds and harmonies behind Dave to fill the arena ("Jamie's Cryin'"; "Light Up the Sky"; "Women in Love"). Newer stand-out is Fair to Midland.
    I've always thought that they were incredibly weak vocally... especially for having three singers!
    Simon and Garfunkel! Almost every song they've made includes vocal harmonies.
    Alter Bridge. Myles and Mark are an amazing blend on vocals as well as guitar.
    True. They both have a very distinct and unique voices. They blend in well with each other and also work seperately! A perfect example here
    Extreme - Gary Cherone and Nuno Bettencourt sound awesome, and Pat Badger does backing as well.
    Queen is kind of a no-brainer, at least in the rock world. I'd put the Temptations (mid-to-late 60's lineups) up there if we're stepping outside of rock.
    Def Leppard for all the vocals together.
    Anathema. Two amazing lead singers (Vincent and Lee) with a third (Danny) occasionally contributing as well.
    Why was this downvoted...?
    Because everyone seems to want a generic, predictable top 10 vocals list that we've all seen before.
    It's the top 10. It's not the obscure 10, and it's not the what's left after we cut out the top 10.
    It's not an obscure band, and it's a band that deserves a ton more attention and success than they have, and they've already made amazing albums in three different genres during their career. But ok, keep being a musical 10-year old and praise only what the internet told you to, sheep.
    So, what? Because something's slightly less known means that it shouldn't get the vote? The fact is that anything that even slightly steps out of the predictable sh*t gets downvoted to hell. I'm a classic rock/metal fan (obviously), but I think that there's some great stuff elsewhere that needs looking at from time to time. But no, watch out for Friday, it's going to be dominated by the same stuff as every other list, usually without any more thought than "Hmm, what other classic bands do we usually vote for?". Queen already has the top vote, you can easily play bingo with the rest.
    Dude I have to thank you for posting this! Ive had this song on repeat for the past hour, its amazing. I recognized the band but didnt know where from, did a little digging and found their name on Katatonia's Wiki "The early Katatonia albums, along with albums by bands such as ....Anathema .... are sometimes considered forerunners of the death/doom genre." This song is so good!!!
    RHCP with John Frusciante. his and anthony keidis's harmonies were so awesome
    Ya, but Kiedis' live voice can also be very bad at times. And I'm saying that, being an RHCP fanboy.