Wednesday Question: Best Workout Songs?

The New Year is a perfect time to break old habits and start to get fit. But as a rock fan, what guitar-based tunes should we add you the UG workout playlist? Post your nominations here.

Ultimate Guitar

One of the most popular New Year's Resolutions is to break those old lazy habits and get fit for once.

Okay, so by February we might tend to usually lose some of that January drive and wind down to being our usual selves. But not this time!

To keep you feeling pumped and ready for action, our question this week is:

What are the best workout songs?

No strict rules this time; just recommend songs are genuinely great for a workout. Good workout songs will usually have a consistent tempo, not too fast or slow, and have plenty of energy to keep you feeling pumped. Album tips are welcome too, but bear in mind that we can only post single tracks when it comes to making the final playlist.

Dance music might usually dominate gyms worldwide, but let's show the world that rock music has plenty to offer fitness fanatics too - though rock/dance hybrid acts like The Prodigy could be a good compromise.

Post your nominations in the comments, and upvote any you agree with. A great way to share songs to other readers is to post a YouTube link.

As usual, we'll stack up the results and post them as a top 10 playlist this Friday.

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    Good paced tempo, fun to listen to. Can go on for hours without stopping.
    The second half of TCV's "No One Loves Me and Neither do I" pumps me the hell up every time.
    Such a heavy riff. I think the bottom string is dropped to A for this song or something like that.
    Heard that Song the first time, while driving. At the second half i just yelled: "Aweeeeesomeeee" for a few times, and i was alone...Do i have problems? But the song is at it's best, when played live. Saw them at Rock im Park and on the other stage were a Rammstein-Concert -> just a few people at tcv. Such an intimate and unforgetable concert. Hail TCV!
    To be the Best or Push it to the Limit
    Anything by Airbourne, like Runnin' Wild or... Joker and the Thief - Wolfmother
    Pretty much any TOOL song because I end up thinking about the music rather than the workout and it makes time pass quicker.
    This, along with the entire "Ziltoid the Omniscient" album. Fat heavy beats, plenty of chugga chugga and has some awesome chillout moments.
    This came on my phone while I was in the gym. Officially my favourite workout song!
    I love Airbourne! It's a complete ripoff of AC/DC but in my book that doesn't make the music any less awesome.