Wednesday Question: Biggest Guitar Fail Ever

Show us the worst playing mistake made by a renowned axeman.

Ultimate Guitar

They might be guitar gods, but even the most renowned players out there have a tendency to screw up from time to time, occasionally resulting in some hilarious onstage fails.

Squeaky notes, bad timing, sloppy playing and just full-on dreadfulness, that's the topic of this week's discussion. To make it official, the Wednesday Question for today is:

What is the biggest guitar fail ever?

An important note before we begin - we'll be focusing on famous and renowned players here, so no Lil' Wayne or Fred Durst or any of that stuff, legit axemen only. Of course, you should accompany your suggestion with a video proof.

As for the standard rules, same stuff as always applies - only one suggestion per comment, vote up the ideas you support and vote down the ones you dislike. We'll sum up your votes by Friday and bring you another traditional UG Top 10. Let the dreadful showdown begin!

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    That face at 0:25 is like "YOU READY FOR THIS!??!" it just makes what happens 100 times more funnier.
    greif hammer
    Oh and this classic James Hetfield moment when after the "One" war scene intro tape he started playing "Fade To Black" instead. Luckily Kirk was on the ball and just joined in with his solo, so they just played that song instead haha.
    Actually knowing his sense of humor, I'd say it might have been a joke ; )
    No it was his mistake, they were making fun of it and actually put on the setlist fot their next gig One (not Fade to black)
    Definite gaffe, but the intro kinda works for this one as well. [no pun intended]
    dave mustaine sounded a bit cringey trying to shred like the mad kat with a symphonic orchestra with his ear bleeding rendition of the flight of the valkyries
    After hearing this for the first time I though aha I've been tricked with a Dave mustaine shreds video. I then looked for the 'real version' to no avail
    But Dave just wanted to be like Yngwie Malmsteen for moment. I mean with that classical stuff.
    DJ ashba Sweet child of mine at the golden god awards was pretty dreadful and a massive guitar fail
    My favourite thing about this is how the poor fuсk just has to deal with it until the end of the intro so they're all just looking vaguely uncomfortable till the verse.
    At least he sounded better during the solo. Axl sounds awful the entire time.
    Not only does the guitar sound atrocious but Axl Rose sounds like an old lady on her deathbed.
    I've listened to every year's golden gods awards and I haven't heard any artist that sounded good, their equipment at goldn gods just sucks...
    Is that even real? I don't want to believe that it's real. This can't be real! What even is reality any more?
    Sounds like the song being played through the speakers of McDonalds Happy Meal Toys.
    whole band is probably tone deaf or something..
    Well they clearly all noticed, and he switched guitars during the verse, so I'm gonna say no.
    greif hammer
    Well it has to be Nigel Tufnel's wireless unit getting radio interference while playing "Sex Farm" at the Airforce base doesn't it? Tried to find a video, but no luck sorry.