Wednesday Question: Greatest Concept Albums

What is the greatest concept album of all time? Place your nominations and votes here, and we'll post the results on Friday.

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In an era of digital downloads and hit singles, the album is becoming a second-rate citizen in the world of music.

Albums are more than just a classic music format. They capture the artist at a moment in time in a way photographs never could.

Concept albums take this to the next level. They are the result of hundreds of hours of work between musicians, producers and engineers, all working towards one goal.

A great concept album becomes more powerful than the sum of its parts. To take one popular example, Pink Floyd's "Dark Side Of The Moon" will always, always sound better as an album than as individual singles.

That's why this week's question is:

What is the greatest concept album of all time?

Don't limit yourself to just progressive rock albums (though to be fair, that genre is ripe for the picking). The album could be from any genre, as long as it's intentionally tied together with an overarching theme or story. Maybe your choice is exclusively about the woes of drug addiction, or perhaps it's one of those brilliant classical versions of a metal record. If it doesn't seem like a clear concept album, feel free to justify your choice in the comments too.

Post your nominations in the comments, and remember to upvote other nominations you agree with. As usual, we'll stack up the results for a post this weekend.

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    Pink floyd-animals but also wish you were here, the wall, and the dark side but animals in the first place
    Rush - 2112
    great album, but it's not a true concept album. the second side of the album had nothing to do with the 2112 story
    Well, I suppose that comes down to your definition of concept album. If you mean a start-to-finish storyline that does not deviate in any way for the entire album, then the vast majority of the suggestions people have offered would not qualify. Is 2112 a concept album that spans both sides of a record - nope. Is 2112 still a killer concept, linking a bunch of songs in a linear storyline - yep. Thus, I propose 2112 and let the people vote.
    fair enough. i wouldn't mind at all if that gets voted to the top ten as it is an amazing album
    I'm fairly sure I've heard the members of Rush call 2112 a concept album numerous time, so I'll upvote.
    The Who - Quadrophenia will probably always be my favourite.
    Dream Theater - Metropolis Pt. 2 : Scenes from a Memory.
    YES!!! I can't believe i had to scroll so far to find this Mastodon's "Crack the Skye" was an epic album, but in my opinion comes second to Dream Theater's epic story of love, loss, and mad shredding in madness time signatures!
    Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band - The Beatles The Wall, Dark Side of The Moon - Pink Floyd Quadrophenia, Tommy - The Who The Suburbs - Arcade Fire
    man i ****in hated the suburbs and i honestly did try to enjoy it
    "Sgt. Pepper's..." is NOT a concept album. None of the songs even have the same central concept.
    The concept was that it wasn't supposed to be an album by "the Beatles". It was some guy named Sgt Pepper, who was backed by the LHCB.
    I think, "The Wall" by Pink Floyd will be on the 1st place - but I actually prefer "Animals".
    Another great concept (or about it) albums (in my opinion): Gojira - "From Mars To Sirius" Burzum - "Daui Baldrs" [Great concept!] Neurosis - "A Sun That Never Sets" Fantmas - "Delrium Crdia" Mastodon - "Leviathan" Tiamat - "Wildhoney" Bethlehem - "Schatten Aus Der Alexander Welt"
    De-Loused in The Comatorium - Mars Volta
    Frances the Mute is also very good. I personally prefer De-Loused as single songs and Frances as the whole album.
    Frances was a great album too. To me most, if not all, Mars Volta albums are best when you just listen to them straight thru.
    Blackwater Park - Opeth.
    Not sure if trolling... how exactly is that a concept album again? The only concept albums from Opeth were MAYH, Still Life, and Ghost Reveries (to some degree)
    Concept doesn't necessarily mean convoluted storyline. BWP has been stated by Mikael Akerfeldt that the songs are centered around one universal theme and concept, not entirely sure what it is though. It fits what UG states as being a concept album, so no bull from you.
    Marylin Manson = Antichrist Superstar, Mechanical Animals, and Holy Word ( Trilogy ) Rush = 2012 Iron Maiden = Powerslave Pink Floyd = The Wall or Darkside of the Moon Tool = 10,000 Days Metallica = And Justice For All Ministry= Houses of the Mole, Rio Grand Blood, & The Last Sucker ( Trilogy) The Cure = Pornography, Disintegration, Bloodflowers ( Trilogy) Danzig = Black Aria This is just a few I could come up with that stand out.
    Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon Porcupine Tree- Fear of a Blank Planet Dream Theater - Scenes of a Memory Queensryche - Operation Mindcrime Mastodon - Crack the Skye
    Crack the Skye - Mastodon
    Although I love Crack the Skye, I personally think that Leviathan is a better Concept Album. I mean to honestly make a kick ass breakthrough album based on Moby Dick is amazing.
    I agree with you. Btw, anyone knows if Baroness's albums have concepts?
    aside from the colours and matching seasons leading the overall theme and feel of the albums, there is no overlying story in any of them.