Wednesday Question: Greatest Rock Rebels

Who are rock's greatest rebels? Pick a character and post your nominations here for a chance to appear in our top 10 this week.

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Rock music has produced more than its fair share of rebellious behaviour. Whether it's teenagers inspired by their musical heroes to rebel against society or a hedonistic rock frontman bent on self-destruction, it's often rock music that set them on the path to independence.

This week we want you to help identify rock music's greatest rebels. Who stood up to protest against the man, and won? Who didn't care what others told them, and made their mark on history?

Who are the greatest rock star rebels?

There's a few obvious contenders - John Lydon as the iconic British punk figure; Marilyn Manson for caring so little about what people think of his image; the drunk "Bohemian Rhapsody" singer - the list goes on.

If you want to nominate a rock rebel for our top 10 this week, post one nomination per comment and upvote others you agree with. We'll compile the results this Friday in a list so full of bad behaviour that you'll weep molten guitar strings. Good luck!

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    Johnny Cash
    he was more punk than 99% of the "punks" out there. Not a huge country fan but the man was bad ass
    Fuck yeah. And not just a rebel, a rebel for good too. Did so much for prison reform in the southern states. A huge ****ing big deal. Shows that being a "rebel" means more than just being an ***** and whining about stuff you don't understand. Absolute legend.
    I looked for the top comment expecting to see an incredibly lame answer (it happens on here A LOT)... But no. Pleasantly surprised. Even when the guy covered more modern bands, he showed them ALL up. Danzig, Soundgarden, NIN...all of them better than the originals.
    Darth Wader
    Looks like everything will be negative votes today. Sigh
    Dee Snider, who literally took it to "the man" in the US government over censorship and represented music very well with his testimony.
    Zach de la Rocha...he practices what he preaches
    Remember that Radio One thing Rage did live in 2009 'cos they got the No1? He was told not to do the swearing in Killing in the Name but he belted it out anyway. Unfortunately the song was just cut short as soon as he started.
    Oh my, what coincidence. I was just listening to "Killing in the name" and right when I read your comment, the "Fuck you! I won't do what you tell me!" part came on
    Chuck Berry, Rebelling against the traditional music and creating Rock and Roll to the joy of our souls.
    I could go with this. His era of rock did a lot more to challenge the standard of music than the subsequent more popular rock acts that popularized it.
    Yeah...but he also rebelled against those laws against pedophilia. So maybe not the best example.
    Chuck Berry also wrote music specifically that would sell to teenage audiences. While I absolutely love the guy's playing and I upvoted, he was a bit of a sell-out. Just sayin'.
    At the time, writing music specifically for teenage audiences was rebellion. No one did that back in the early '50s.
    Jim Morrison ,maybe not the most rebel guy out there but he really didnt care about the rules of society and lived his life how he wanted.
    Keith Moon
    Definitely Tony Iommi. Maybe not so much a rebel against society but doubtlessly against his circumstances - Lost two fingertips in a work accident. What did he do? Attach thimbles and detune the guitar strings to compensate, and created the basis for the guitar sound of heavy metal in the process. Got diagnosed with cancer. Whereas other musicians would have put their careers on the shelf, what did he do? Undergo treatment, return to touring and write and record one of the strongest albums of 2013. Whatever has been the matter, Tony has always refused to step down and be restrained by it. Not to mention having kept the behemoth that is Black Sabbath running for over 40 years, he deserves all the credit he can get.
    When i think rebel, i ask..who was badass, didnt give a f**k and did whatever he wanted?....BONZO!!!
    you forgot turning down Jethro Tull when they were very famous and go back to BS to create the first heavy metal album.
    Darth Wader
    I love when people just reply to someone else's nomination with their own nomination just so they can be at the top of the page. Even better when they name someone that was already mentioned hours earlier. It is awesome.
    I'm gonna go with David Bowie. His extravagant acts on stage and his personas like The Thin White Duke and Ziggy Stardust faced a lot of controversy in the 1960s and 1970s in a predominantly conservative society. His performances, lyrics and his figure overall synthesized a clash of generations, cultures and morals.
    Keith Richards
    Pete Townsend, because of his insane on-stage antics, jumping around like an madman etc. He clearly did not give a f*** what anyone thought, which has been an inspiration to me to just let it all go on-stage: [url]
    just coz youre a nutter onstage doesnt make you a rebel - he was probably the least rebellious in the who, he was described as "arty farty" by the others
    Phoebe Legere is the greatest rock n roll rebel. Legere challenged the macho rock establishment and shifted the rock paradigm with her 4 octave voice, virtuosity and explosive and courageous physicality. Legere is a multi-instrumentalist and rock leader who re-purposes the guitar into a shining post-phallic signifier.HEROIC SONGS AND MUSICAL MASTERY ARE lEGERE'S tool for social change. She has never been equaled though hundreds have tried to imitate her. Long live Phoebe Legere