Wednesday Question: Most Controversial Music Video?

What music video would give your Nan a heart attack? Post your nominations here for a chance to appear in our top 10 list this Friday.

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Music has caused plenty of controversy in its time, but not just for offensive lyrics and racy stage antics. No, the music video has been the source of as much distaste and shock as any other musical medium - and today we want to identify the main offenders.

This week's Wednesday question is:

What is the most controversial music video of all time?

This could go in any direction, and we're interested to see what voters go for. You might nominate some outrageously sick metal videos, or you might be more culturally savvy and find the next hidden Rebecca Black "Friday" wannabe on YouTube.

If you're really smart, you might be able to dig out videos that were genuinely political and caused ripples out in the real world because they were so powerful.

One request - if you're going to post something really unpleasant, please add a "NSFW" (Not Suitable for Work) label so people don't accidentally view a nomination that might get them fired!

Whatever you nominate, just post one song per comment and upvote others that you agree with. We'll be posting the results in an outrageous top 10 on Friday, where your nomination might appear. Good luck!

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    Rammstein's PUSSY... banned in many countries and the only website that would accept it for viewing was a porn site.
    Maybe not the most controversial when put up against some of these other videos, but I remember people being worked up over Pearl Jam's video for "Jeremy" years ago.
    I think this, because of its lyrical themes and outwardly obvious attack on the catholic church in the video:
    To cause further controversy should the video with the most downvotes win?
    Barely legal schoolgirls, lyrics either about sex or domestic violence, depending on if your glass is half full or 1/2 empty, and pretty much started the teenage slut phase that eventually led to such timely classics as "Teen Mom" and "16 & Pregnant"
    guys...this is the man who is going to change the world of hip-hop forever.
    It's a good song but it's not quite controversial. He's just telling the truth and calling out bullshit. Only thing part way controversial is he says "whys it seem like black people are the only ones who can't evolve."
    Just got into these guys a few months ago, one of my fave bands already...I was gonna submit this video, but beat me to it. This got banned from MTV cous it was controversial.
    the thing that sucks is, not many people will know this band.
    That might be true, but that is why you are getting downvoted. They are an awesome band, but not near big enough to make a controversial impact. They are looking for videos that made a disgusted crater in the music industry as a whole.
    I'm gonna go more offensive for the time frame and say Dear God by XTC. More or less offensive when fused with the vocals. Great ass song though.
    and as much as I cannot stand this song, this made Hopsin make a song with a diss of Tyler.
    Controversial or not, it's a very well made video. First time I saw it I loved it, but after listening to the song on it's own I realized it's just the video that I love
    The 10 Most Controversial Music Videos : - Skinny Puppy : Worlock - Nine Inch Nails : Happiness in Slavery - Aphex Twin : Come to Daddy - Tool : Stinkfist - Cattle Decapitation : Forced Gender Reassignment - Marilyn Manson : (s)Aint - Prodigy : Smack my Bitch up - Pearl Jam : Jeremy - Sepultura : Arise - Korn : Adidas
    Wow, I already cast my vote so this isn't it, but I gotta say that a lot of comments are getting downvoted. I know that the videos are offensive, but come on, this is the category! Edit: A lot of rap videos are getting downvoted. My bad. But still, this is a post it of offensive videos, they don't have to be guitar related. Give 'em a chance guys.
    Man, the way "Dukey" puts it, Nothing Else Matters is one awesome song. I mean from being to owning in one second flat, must be the most controversial thing I've seen in ages. Other than that I guess Rammstein in general has some controversial music videos...
    I think Cinnamon girl by Prince should be here. It was banned in some countries because of terrorism
    Definitely Rebecca Black's Friday video. I don't know what mad man trusted all those 13 year old kids to drive a car.
    Paranoid Android - IMHO I don't think it's peticularly controversial (It's after all just a cartoon), but MTV initially banned, then censored it because ooooof... -drumroll- Mermaid breasts! And only that! The creepy guy doing a bellydance with a head where his belly should be was apperantly not a big deal, and neither was the fat buisnessman who butchered himself into small pieces, but mermaid boobs was apperantly so distastefull, that they didn't want to air it at all to begin with...
    Yeah i remember the first time it aired on MTV.Was strange parts were blurred out and in my opinion the song was soo different to anything else they had done by that point.Still blew my mind all the same.
    "Sleep Now in the Fire" by Rage Against the Machine. They filmed it on the steps of the New York Stock Exchange, forced the NYSE to close for the day because of it, and almost got arrested. Edgy.
    Completely agree, here is the video with parts of the Stock Exchange, they were forced to stop towards the end.
    "Controversy" refers to a variety of public reaction on a national or world level, and fueled by the media. Obscene or politically incorrect videos are not controversial until they are widely reported and discussed. If anything makes this list, it means that most people know of it's controversy.
    IMO most stuff getting posted isn't controversial at all. If EVERYONE agrees that it is disgusting, then where is the controversy?
    Ladies and gentlemen, clear the way for Cattle Decapitation's "Forced Gender Resassignment". Very, VERY, VERY NSFW.
    I was waiting for someone to post this. Just as a hint for those who haven't seen it; pretty much all of these videos are on youtube, Forced Gender Reassignment cannot be uploaded due to it's content. That definitely counts for something.
    After YouTube blocked it, they tried uploading it to Vimeo, and then it was pulled from Vimeo. Nothing gets pulled from Vimeo. Bloody Disgusting was the only site that was willing to host it. I'd say that makes it controversial.
    The video actually matches the song, both are horrible. That's some sort of accomplishment I guess.
    So very tempted to click the link... but I fear I'd be scarred for life after watching that.
    Honestly, I was more shocked by the Cephalic Carnage video from earlier when it came out, but judging from how all the comments on that video were about this one for a while, I think I'm in the minority.
    The warning clearly states: "It is to be viewed as entertainment only." Sorry, but for some reason this statement doesn't make a lot of sense to me after watching the video...
    I watched it once, because I wanted to know what all the hype was about. Keyword: ONCE. Never Again.
    This video really isn't THAT bad, especially if you're used to watching gore/terror films. But still, it's really bloody and controversial.
    ANY tool video, all of them are artistic genius tho if i had to pick i think id say tool-prison sex