Wednesday Question: Most Epic Rant

Name a rant that made rock history.

Ultimate Guitar

If there's something to stir up the sleeping rock community, it's a nicely packed rockstar rant.

And the more successful a rockstar is, the better. The number of topics to cover is enormous, whether it's touchy social subjects, fellow musicians, politics or a whole lot more. So to make it official, this week's Wednesday Question is:

What is the most epic rockstar rant?

We'd like you to focus on rock musicians only and not drift too far away from the guitar-driven realm. So try to look back a bit and think of the juiciest bluster you ever heard.

Same rules as always apply - only one suggestion per comment, vote up the ideas you support and vote down the ones you dislike. We'll sum up your votes by Friday and bring you another traditional UG Top 10. Give us the rants!

P.S.: BTW, the Rant Guy (on the pic) is back.

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    I got the feeling that the video would be 5 minutes long if they left all the curse words in it.
    Also worth a mention (even though there is brilliant electronic music out there...) - Henry Rollins
    matteo cubano
    For me it has to be
    damn those feedbacks are terrible. The first thing I learned at engineering school is that if there's feedback during show, you haven't done a good job...
    Eddie Vedder needs to be up there, doesnt matter which particular rant goes up... there are too many to count!! I was at Milton Keynes last month, so if youre gonna pick one, its gotta be this Warrr HUH... What is it good fo'?!!
    Hands Down
    Guns N' Chains
    I don't really care for Green Day or Billie Joe Armstrong, but nothing but respect for that one even though he may not have been of mind at that point. Didn't he go to rehab shortly after?
    Aaron Lewis' rant about molesting crowd surfers at Rockfest this year. Definitely on his side with this one.
    Zakk Wylde kicking off cause the support band played for too long. Cause let's face it, who would stand up to Zakk?
    i ****ing love this, since the first time i saw it, class.were getting... into a caaaab.....! and elvis's have left the ****ing building.Once again we're getting cnuted*!
    This one always made me laugh.
    josh homme makes himself look like a dick doing this, tells the guy to come up and fight then throws something at him and gets his guards to take him away, if you say you're gonna fight someone, do it.
    Waiting for this as soon as I saw the question. As much as I love it, he does get rather homophobic (which I realise he has apologised for, and doesn't get anywhere near as stupid/ignorant as a Mustaine/Nugent rant)