Wednesday Question: Most Iconic Live Show Ever?

Which gigs will stand the test of time and go down in the history books as the best live shows ever? Place your votes here!

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Rock always sounds great on record, but everyone knows its real home is on the stage.

Seeing a band you love perform live is one of life's great pleasures, and it's even better when you catch a performance that ends up in the history books.

Nirvana's unplugged MTV performance? Queen at Live Aid? The Sex Pistols' influential Manchester show? They're all events that have gone down in the history books as their most iconic live moments.

So this week we're calling upon the UG hive mind to answer the following question:

What are the most iconic live shows ever?

Make your nominations in the comments, and remember to up vote comments that you agree with. We'll stack up your votes and round them up in an epic top 10 list this Friday.

Remember that we'll need to find a clip of each show on YouTube, so voting for your cousin's band and their first show aged 14 where there was no camera man won't work.

We'll only include one performance from each band too, so if a band has been nominated twice, we'll have to opt for the one with the most votes.

With your help, we'll end up with the most authoritative top 10 live shows ever. It'll be a perfect video playlist to watch over the weekend!

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    Strummerboy Leo
    Marty McFly at that school dance in 1955. Gave us 'that new sound'
    People who win the gold medal it's always because they were either trolling or saying something stupid
    Jimi Hendrix @ Woodstock
    Agreed! As for My ownexperience, Iron Maiden's Maiden England tour was the best show I've ever seen so far. I saw Rush last night and they were incredible as usual. Foo Fightersput on a memorable show too.
    Would Beatles on Ed Sullivan count?
    I would say the beatles rooftop concert was more iconic. Thats just my opinion though.
    Metallica-Live in Seatle 1989
    Josh Reubenking
    Hell yeah! \m/ Metallica were at their best in 1989 if you ask me. Before they went mainstream and before Bob Cock came into the picture and changed their sound.
    Amazing show. I can only compare that show with GNR live at Ritz. Both are my favourite
    I would go for Zeppelin at Royal Albert Hall in 1970 (from 'DVD'). They were still raw and hungry then, before they went over the top with dragon suits and coke binges...
    Alice in Chains unplugged
    Yeah, gotta go with this. I can't really pick one live performance because different bands capture different emotions live, even from show to show, but this is one of my all-time favorites.
    Most iconic show - the very first gig you get your parents to drive you and your mates to when you're 14 years old.
    Pink Floyd - ANYWHERE ANYTIME!!
    Pink Floyd live at pompeii? Or their gig at Live 8, where the sign on the stage-screen changed to: "No more excuses" when they entered the stage. Also, I love the fact that the picture up in the article is actually Pink Floyd.
    Queen - Live Aid Led Zeppelin - Song Remains The Same Jimi Hendrix - Woodstock
    Song Remains the Same, by Zep's own admission, was not one of their better shows. Page even admits to be slightly embarrased that they used that performance for the film. If you wanna nominate some Zep, try picking from the vastly superior Zeppelin DVD shows: Royal Albert Hall-1970 or Madison Square Garden-1973
    you do realise that song remains the same IS madison square garden 1973. (the songs are not the same in sng and led zeppelin DVD but its the same performance)
    Song Remains The same is a collaboration of footage collected from 3 shows at MSG
    As for me, Nirvana - Unplugged In New York.
    Live Show? Woodstock!
    G&R live at the Ritz 88
    Also Queen Rock Montreal 81, though many people probably would perfer Wembley 86..
    One of the best ever - my friend knew one of the bouncers and we got in for free. The crowd was electric that night...I'll never forget it.
    chilli peppers-slane castle
    Woodstock - Hendrix, The Who, all. Johnny Cash at Folsom Queen at Live Aid/Wembley/Freddie Tribute Concert Beatles on Ed Sullivan/Shea/Rooftop Stones at Altamont (infamous but iconic) The Doors at Miami
    This is exactly the answer I would put. Their rendition of "where Did You Sleep Last Night?" gives me chills.
    Or, and sorry for double post, but Rage Against The Machine playing "Sleep Now In The Fire" behind the Federal Hall on Wall Street in 2000, when the show was broken up by the New York Police Department.
    This of course. Also RATM at Lollapalooza 08'. Show stopped 3 times to cart out dozens of people getting crushed in mosh pits, outside fences and security personel getting trampled, riot pouring out into streets, Chicago horseback police being sent in....
    hell yes. most defnitely iconic. so was jimi at woodstock, and Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison, and Nirvana unplugged.
    And I'm sorry for double posting, but I left out Pearl Jam at Pinkpop '92. most epic stage dive ever.
    The who - woodstock or that the show where Keith used explosives to blow up his drums
    the exploding drumkit was at Montery Pop festival, also where Hendrix was first exposed to american audiences upon his return and burned his guitar. surprized no one has mentioned that one. Ill nominate it now Hendrix at Montery Pop
    I know its a few concerts but the ones Iron Maiden played at Long Beach Arena during the World Slavery Tour that made up most of "Live After Death". "Scream for me Long Beach!!!"
    Muse HAARP live at Wembley..even though I'm not a huge fan of the band, was a pretty epic concert.
    Oh, forget about Pink Floyd at London Earls Court 20-10-94 ("Pulse" DVD).
    I will be sorely disappointed if this doesn't make it into the top ten (or nine, given the joke slot).
    Pink Floyds Reunion for Live Aid. They may not have been at their peak but in terms of the occasion being the original members all performing for the last time and the hug at the end, i'd say it should be there
    Queen Live Aid for me. Freddie Mercury owned that stage and it wasn't even their show.
    To me, Pearl Jam at Pinkpop 92. Eddie Vedder is awesome.
    My Last Words
    Stage dived from a camera crane that show, didn't he ?
    Exactly. I remember getting the DVD from the show when I was a kid and then going "I can't believe that he will... hoooooly shit". That changed me.
    David Bowie's last show as Ziggy Stardust at the Hammersmith Odeon in London. People might not agree, but hey ho.
    30 January 1969. Beatle's last live performance on the roof of the Apple building at 3 Savile Row, London/ Or Zeppelin's "reunion" show in 03 at the O2. Another to consider is Hendrix at the Monterey Festival.
    I'd say the Monterey Festival, as a whole, would be a great choice, but I don't think festivals/multiple acts count.
    Metallica - Live in Seattle '89 Metallica - S&M The Big 4 Live in Sofia, Bulgaria Megadeth - That One Night Nirvana - Unplugged in New York AC/DC - Live @ Donington (i guess) Woodstock '69 (Jimi Hendrix) Rush - All The World's A Stage (brilliant) not anything specific, but Iron Maiden, Tool, Rammstein, and Rage Against the Machine put on some awesome ****ing concerts.
    20 million people tried to buy 18,000 tickets to see zeppelin's reunion. its a no brainer
    Lots of great shows, but, a usual UG lack of any mention of Bruce Springsteen. I wasn't a huge fan until I saw him live- he and the band put on one hell of a show