Wednesday Question: Most Legendary Guitar Ever?

Can you pick out the most famous guitars in rock history which the legend and appearance to match? Post your nominations here.

Ultimate Guitar

The guitar is a rock music icon. But as we all know, guitars come in many shapes, sizes and tones - and some of these variants have become iconic in their own right.

Plenty of legendary guitars come to mind (our recent list of illustrated guitars has a few examples), but we prefer to get an expert opinion from UG readers.

This week's question is:

What is the most legendary guitar ever?

We could phrase that in all kinds of ways. Most famous guitar? Most iconic guitar? Either way, you catch out drift.

There's plenty to choose from. How about Jimmy Page's dual-headed Gibson? Eddie Van Halen's Frankenstrat? Kurt Cobain's Mustang?

The rules: one nomination per comment, though you can post as many comments as you want. Try to be specific, and mention an artist who used the guitar. This helps other readers identify what guitar you mean without hunting it out on Google, and also helps us when it comes to posting the final list on Friday.

As usual, upvote any nominations you agree with.

Now geek out!

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    Hendrix right hand strat strung for left hand playing.
    I can't believe there are 22 posts above this one - who the **** thinks anything peter green played would be more iconic than Hendrix's strat?!! I think Hendrix is often the most overrated (playing-wise) guitarist of all time, but the term 'legendary' fits him and his instrument perfectly.
    Eddie Van Halen changed not only the way electric guitar was played, but the way it was built. After the Frankenstrat, there were a slew of single humbucker strats and Fat Strats with the humbucker at the bridge. And where would Floyd Rose be without the Frankenstrat?
    best guitar, the ones they made and sold are amazing as well.
    The custom ones are VERY nice. The others are basswood crap with very nice P-ups. Still good guitars, but basswood is never the answer.
    Gotta agree with you there man. Eddie V doesn't exactly have an iconic look to him. If he didn't hold that guitar, I'd never know who he was (aside from his playing of course)
    Brian May's Red Special, Legend!
    I agree, most iconic for sure. When Brian was 16, he and his dad built the guitar from scratch because they were too poor to afford a strat, everything on the guitar is hand built by them. The tone of that thing is legendary!
    That's pretty ****ing impressive. My vote originally went to Gilmour's Black Strat, but that's tough to beat.
    definitly this. Also love Eric Clapton Graffiti Stratocasters SRV's beaten up stratocaster with the diamond STV letters. Jimmy page's double neck is sweet too. The Jack Daniels Bass used by the bassist of van halen is a very sweet one tool, but not deserving the title most legendary guitar.
    If it's so legendary, why do I ave no idea what you're talking about? I might just be out of the loop but I'm sure even North Korea knows about jimi's double neck.
    The truly legendary guitars imho are those that have been through so much it's as if they've taken up a life of their own. There's just something magical about buying a lifeless piece of wood and then whitness how it slowly develops character, a voice of its own and, eventually, a soul By that standard I think Lil Wayne's guitar is definitely up there, because never before has an instrument with such a unique voice touched so many people across the boundaries of gender, race, class and age. Not only does this guitar speak to you, it literally screams "PLEASE, KILL ME NOW!!!"...
    I wasnt expecting much, maybe few power chords or something, but this... Just blew my mind! that sucked so hard that sucking have a new standard!
    I would bet that he didn't play shit, probably had something recorded, then pretended to play guitar while the track played. He needs autotune just to be able to rap, so I doubt there's enough talent in him to play an instrument.
    Eddie Van Halen's frankenstrat. Because even people who know nothing about guitars recognize it.
    Hendrix's hand-painted Flying V, BB King's "Lucille", EVH's "Frankenstrat", or Brian May's Red Special.
    When I first discovered Rock music, there were 3 guitars that stood out to me: John Frusciante's sunburst Strat Slash's Les Paul Angus Young's SG
    Except the guitar slash played on appetite wasn't a a les paul. It was a custom knockoff
    The one in the picture is beautiful. Al Di Meola if Im not mistaken. But for me its Gilmours black Strat.
    Billy Gibbons' Pearly Gates. Come on, he titled a song "Apologies To Pearly" because she was not played on it. If that doesn't tell you something....