Wednesday Question: Most Overrated Albums?

Which record of the rock and metal realm deserves far less praises than it gets?

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The guitar-driven world tends to be tad too extreme in drawing conclusions sometimes, resulting in occasional excessive bashings, as well as praises of certain acts and albums.

So right now we'll focus on the overrated ones. Granted, most albums considered overrated are still good, or even great, but just seem to get too much attention. Anyway, this week's Wednesday Question is:

What is the most overrated album ever?

It goes to show without saying that we're focusing on the rock and metal domain here. So take a moment and try to name that album everyone is praising like mad, yet you just can't seem to wrap your head around. Oh and in case you didn't notice, the question comes as one of the suggestions you guys made in a recent poll.

Same rules as always apply - only one suggestion per comment, vote up the ideas you support and vote down the ones you dislike. We'll sum up your votes by Friday and bring you another traditional UG Top 10. Let the voting begin!

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    The only way UG can determine a winner is by the amount of downvotes a comment is going to get :')
    Why is everyone just naming albums that they don't like?
    Because that's the point, people are nominating albums they feel are garbage in spite of most people scorning and mocking them for not accepting the established opinion that these albums are 'masterpieces'
    Not trying to attack you, but that's not what overrated means. For example, I think AC/DC is overrated. I enjoy their music, but I don't think they're as great as most people do.
    It is possible to appreciate albums you don't like, but still I'm pretty sure what Shadow914 said is the very point of "overrated".
    everything oasis has made
    As you can probably tell by my avatar... I hope you get raped by a ferocious polar bear.
    I'm with you mate, Live Forever Don't understand how anyone could ever dislike Definitely Maybe and Morning Glory
    "Meh, Wonderwall is shit, therefore all their songs are shit. I win!" Legit, according to 90% of the people who hate Oasis around here.
    This has to be the highest number of disliked comments on any one post by UG
    It's also why I find this to be incredibly amusing. D: I'm guessing the UG guys must also be sitting there with popcorn.
    I'd go with Chinese Democracy! with the MAJOR hype about this album that took 10 years to finally come out, and its not really any good! im surprised nobody's said it yet
    Chinese Democracy is my favourite Guns album, except maybe Appetite. GNR Lies is too short for an album and Use Your Illusion has too much filler.
    Chinese Democracy actually has some fairly good tracks on there - There Was a Time and Prostitute are a couple of my favourites. It's overrated, yes, but by no means bad. I'd suggest it only gets hate for being recorded with a new line-up, taking ages to release, and being underwhelming for a GN'R record (If it were released as an Axl Rose solo album I'd argue that the people would have enjoyed it more)
    So it's not rock related... But Kanye West's Yeezus really grinds my gears. All the hipsters didn't have a clue what they were listening to, so labelled it some new form of genius. I like Kanye a lot less for making that album.
    Ok its not a rock album, but i thought Daft Punks "Random Access Memories" was slightly on the overrated side of things
    *Sigh* Nevermind
    I'm a huge Nirvana fan, but I would go along with this. Just because In Utero is so much better.
    I agree that In Utero is better but that doesn't make Nevermind overrated. Whether you likeit or not Nevermind will always be one of the most popular albums ever recorded, and for good reason.
    It's an absolutely fantastic album, I love every song on it, it just gets a lot more attention than their other albums
    That is an overrated album. Also, WTF is the point of this question? We all know that any album that is nominated on this page will be a metal album, and knowing the UG community, they will all get downvoted.
    Honestly, Nirvana altogether are overrated. Not saying I don't like them, I just think album for album there were much better bands from the early-mid 90's.
    Overrated doesn't mean bad, it just means people give it way too much credit. With that said, this isn't rock mind you, Recovery by Eminem is really overrated. I liked some of the songs, but it really wasn't his best work but people be like "Omgawsh Not Afraiddd, best song everrrr"
    Korn - debut. One of the few albums I've heard which are genuinely, actively annoying in every aspect. Its popularity, or even people saying "it's their only good one" is beyond my comprehension.
    Expand your comprehension, exercise thine brain.
    I tried to, and tried giving Korn a few more chances, but besides like two-three ok songs I've heard, the mostly terrible guitar tone and Jonathan Davis being probably the most annoying vocalist ever tied with Fred Durst don't help. But the first album was the worst, and it's the most praised.
    I'll have to say Reign In Blood by Slayer. Kind of a tough choice for me to make, especially for such a tricky subject. Most people will just choose albums that they don't like that other people like because to them, it doesn't really deserve any popularity at all. But I think it's a bit different than that. I can say there are a lot of albums that I actually enjoy, but consider to be overrated. Reign In Blood really beats everything else though, here's why. Slayer already has one of the most in-your-face fanbases for any band ever to the point where it's sometimes dangerous to speak badly about Slayer in their presence. They've practically trademarked the act of being way too loyal to a band. Except unlike Led Zeppelin fans, or Tool fans, or AC/DC fans, or Iron Maiden fans, or Megadeth fans, or Beatles fans, Slayer's whole thing seems to just boil down to one album. There's nothing like asking a Slayer fan what's a good album of theirs to listen to and have Reign In Blood screamed in your face before you can finish the sentence. If anyone asked me that question, I would say Seasons in The Abyss. Somehow that album seems to have some of their best tracks and best overall flow and order out of their whole discography, yet time and time again people forget it even exists. Reign In Blood is not Slayer's only album, but strangely it's more likely that you'll hear every single song on the album pop up in conversation before you hear anything else. If not just two in particular. Yes, those two.
    I agree with you. I prefer Seasons in the Abyss and Show No Mercy to Reign in Blood. I think the solos are better in those two albums and that Seasons in the Abyss just has a more sinister feel, which I think is perfect for Slayer's music.
    Take into consideration time when it was released. It really is very good record even today. Don't know if I would call that record my favorite Slayer record though. Still, lets be honest, Slayer solos SUCK. Only few are good, most are same sensless shreding. I love Slayer but damn, those guys aren't even trying with the solos.
    i believe that Seasons is a more balanced album,but the production of Reign in Blood was insane.From speed to vocals,from lyrics to artwork,it is a classic masterpiece.Angel of Death and Raining blood are enough to justify its legend.And don't forget:"classic" doesn't mean "best".I'd take Ride the Lightning over Master of Puppets anytime,but i can't deny that MoP deserves its praises.
    Yeah that's weird, Seasons is my favorite album of theirs
    I agree Season's is their best. The thing about Reign is just the pure energy and relentless agression. But from a music standpoint and the general quality and long term longlivity of the songs on Seasons is far superior in my opinion
    all slayer fans dont just think reign in blood is the bible. SHOW NO MERCY IS THE BIBLE.
    Eric Clapton - Slowhand AKA "look, the 'Cocaine' album!". Not his best album, by a long shot. That's all, I don't wanna help UG with starting the WWIII here.
    Slayer- Reign in Blood. Before anyone hates on me, you must remember that overrated does not mean bad. I absolutely love this album and Angel of Death is a must listen song on any playlist for me. I just feel that it gets voted higher than it should on a lot of best metal albums lists. I have seen it placed as high as two on some lists. It is not better than Number of the Beast, British Steel, Paranoid, Rust in Peace, Ride the Lightning, Cowboys From Hell, Iron Maiden (the album), Black Sabbath (the album), Peace Sells...But Who's Buying, Master of Puppets, ...And Justice For All, Vulgar Display of Power, or Screaming for Vengeance. These are all albums that Reign in Blood is very often ranked ahead of and it simply is not at that level no matter how great it is.
    Muse - Resistance
    Yup, either that or Showbiz.
    No one cares about showbiz, even though it's a great album. I'm actually voting for Origin of Symmetry, the first four songs are great, but it peters out pretty quick. Far from their best.
    A Rush of Blood to the Head. It was voted as the greatest of album of all time even if it was by a magazine I don't care for. I'm not hating on Coldplay just that album.
    well it was a British magazine which practically eat up their sound. Personally I would put AROBTTH in my top 5 albums of all time, but that's only because it connects emotionally to me so much.
    Good for you for enjoying that album. I couldn't ever get into Coldplay and I couldn't find what the big deal was. I don't mind clocks just because I love the piano in it however the rest is another story.
    Avenged Sevenfold - Hail to the King! First time I heard that album I was so disappointed at how different it sounded to their other stuff, and how unoriginal it was, and I was astonished to see journalists praise it!
    How is it overated if everyone hates it except hardcore avenged sevenfold fans?
    More or less every metal magazine i read praised it, although that was probably in order to stay happy with the sevenfold camp so they could be allowed to do interviews for future magazine issues, but i was still baffled at how well received it was to the metal press...
    Isn't it the other way around? The hardcore fans of avenged sevenfold actually like the older albums and hate the newer ones. Cause you know the old ones were actually a bit hardcore
    It wasn't bad but yeah, I grew up with a7x from their first albums so to me it was a step back to older sounds but... meh it certainly didn't live up to the hype
    So apparently having an album that's "not as good as the rest of band x's discography" automatically makes it overrated...
    Green Day's trio of albums, Uno! Dos! Tre! Sure its three albums but seriously there was so much hype leading up to those albums like it was going to be 3 Dookies but it was just 3 albums of filler.
    I will agree on Tre! but the first two, esp. Dos! have some merit to them. Still wish they'd just do another rock opera though.
    I thought Uno was quite good, no more filler than say Insomniac or Kerplunk. Not their best, but very enjoyable. Then, Dos had a few amazing tracks (the ones that sounded like Foxboro, funnily enough), but the rest, and Tre, was, indeed, filler. I feel Rock Opera has been done, though. American Idiot was the seminal album of a generation of punk kids, truly a masterpiece of its own genre, but then 21st Century Breakdown... was a 21st century let down.
    Pink Bits
    Queens of the Stone Age - ...Like Clockwork (Not saying it's bad, but overrated ...yes!)
    thank you! finally someone who says it, i myself don't like QOTSA and get kind of pissed off how people call avenged sevenfold shitty because it isn't heavy enough when QOTSA can't crank the dist volume more than 2, and have more kind of alternative rock riffs than anything
    well a7x are considered a metal band, while QOSTA are what exactly does your complaint have to do with that?
    As someone who really likes Queens, I have to agree. It's probably their worst album even though it's still good.
    Guys, it's most overrated albums, which doesn't necessarily just mean albums you don't like personally.
    any radiohead album
    Jeez, is it just me, or has Radiohead gotten a large, sudden amount of hate lately on UG? What happened?
    I don't know - I got downvoted in another thread when there suddenly erupted pointless bashing that wasn't even related to the content, and I tried to point out it was a rather subjective matter. Also, the comment "Everything went downhill since Kid A" has been popping up almost every single time someone mentions them. I have no idea what has caused this sudden change in opinion, but luckily I don't care that terribly much. People can think whatever they want, I still like almost all their discography, and it's just too bad if some people want to write immature, vague, basicly unelaborated stuff like the guy below me (Vandekill). Still, I can't deny that though it doesn't bother me terribly, I would wish people would actually elaborate their opinions, try to explain what they have so much against them other than "Boring hipster shit". Then the might arise interresting discussion rather than hateful bashing.
    Just hipster shit since Kid A
    that 'hipster shit' makes me feel better than any other music in the world and i know other people feel the same. i've literally listened to some post-Kid A albums over 200 times and it still isn't old to me.
    radiohead makes a case for most overrated band of all time in my estimation.
    people only buy their shit because they want to make Thom Yorke feel better about his bent eye.
    I know man they don't even play fast heavy stuff and there is no thought provoking intricacy in either their music or lyrics. Also they just copy every other radio band you hear.
    they don't play fast metal riffs because they're not a metal band. when it comes to musical intricacy they have plenty, they don't do fast or complicated riffs but they have lots of layers of simple melodic parts which is more than any metal band i can think of.
    That was going to be my comment exactly. I don't really get how anyone can think they are one of the BEST F***ING Bands EVER!!!
    Any AC/DC album. Good songs, to be sure, but sitting down and listening to an ENTIRE album of 3-chord working-class rock gets a bit repetitive. Again, not bad, but doesn't live up to the hype.
    Nickelback...all of it
    You know I guess technically they're overrated since there are people that actually listen to them but I'd put it more along the lines of "Worst Contemporary Artists"
    If you asked me to name overrated bands, I could give a f*cking essay, but overrated albums? That's a lot tougher...
    Nicki Minaj - Pink Friday
    Ok, so we're NOT nominating rock albums? Lil Wayne-Tha Carter III Because those critics are annoying to say the least.
    especially since it a. isn't as good as the first 2 carter albums and b. isn't as good as the leaked tracks that were supposed to be on the album were
    The Black Album comes to mind first.
    I think the only overrated thing about that album is Enter Sandman
    Agreed, for being such a popular album, it is full of great songs, especially the non-singles. God that Failed, My Friend of Misery, Struggle Within are just AWESOME songs.
    Nah The Black Album is not just a great album but it brought Thrash and Metallica to the masses making them significantly more successful and influential, people really dislike it because of this but it's actually a good thing music wise.
    I personally think it's an underrated album. It is rejected because it's not the same thrash that Metallica used to play. Only Enter Sandman was overrated.
    There was a time in my life when I thought the Black Album was totally flippin awesome. But since then my listening library increased greatly and Im just simply not impressed by it anymore. I feel like most (not all) of the songs are dry as far as making me "feel it" goes, and it's not because Metallica changed their sound. Totally overrated album.
    Periphery II: This Time It's Personal. Although it's very good in guitar/bass/drums, I can't bear the singer's high pitch voice.
    Because disliking vocals alone makes an album bad, and especially an album which is pretty much only praised in the (not so big) circle of Periphery fans is so overrated, right.
    I really liked the self titled album, but I thought the followup was really weak compared and everyone was shitting bricks over it.