Wednesday Question: Most Overrated Guitarist

You asked for it, you got it! Name an axeman you're sick of getting so much praise.

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Following a massive debate and an epicĀ Top 20 list for last week's most underrated guitarist question, we decided to take your advice and bring up a slightly different matter for this week.

So instead of searching for hidden gems, we'll be focusing on the overexposed ones. Without further ado, this week's Wednesday Question is:

Who is the most overrated guitarist?

Basically, name an axeman you're sick of getting so much friggin' praise. All guitar-related genres apply, as long as the overrated factor is in the game.

Same rules as always apply - only one suggestion per comment, vote up the ideas you support and vote down the ones you dislike. We'll sum up your votes by Friday and bring you another traditional UG Top 10. You asked for it, you got it!

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    Next week question: Most over-rated band
    If this thread is anything go by, expect: A7X, A7X, A7X. UG's lifeblood is the community's hatred for that band for some reason. Gates isn't THAT overrated as I'm led to believe.
    Gates is a killer guitar player in a popular band, I think that he deserves the attention that he gets. He's no Randy Rhoads or Paul Gilbert but he's great in his own right. Unfortunately, he's probably gonna be at or near the top of this list.
    Gates plays TONS of jazz scales over their music. Really interesting how he makes it come out so well in metal. Whether or not people think he's amazing, he's definitely talented.
    I have fallen out of A7X, but I would like to see half the people on this site play his riffs/solos
    KoRn. They cannot even stand in the same league as bands of the same "scene" (e.g. Deftones) who came out around the same time, and yet they're more famous than most of them. Although in fact it is quite impressive how they managed to get so big with a vocalist and guitar sound this annoying.
    Sounds pretty tight right here...
    My point is that their general sound is a cluster**** (and I'm NOT someone used to nice, pleasant and radio-friendly music), their guitar tone is generally just plain bad, and those one million albums into their career they still seem to be stuck at the same point they were at when they were 20 years old.
    Attention butthurt people: A nomination does not necessarily mean said guitarist sucks, its just means they get more praise than they deserve. I.E. Kurt Cobain, Slash, Zakk Wylde. They're great guitarist, bur not as great as they're made out to be.
    It doesn't even mean that. It just means that someone THINKS they get more praise than they deserve. It's all subjective, so the list is just going to be a popularity party, not an editorial from a person with a point of view. So since the opinion of the list is going to be non-uniform, the list isn't really worth investing any energy into. These lists are not the results of music experts or even music fans. It's just a shouting contest and whoever shouts the quickest gets their suggestion on the list.
    That's not the issue - The issue is that votes on fx. Cobain and Hammett are based on entirely different merits from what makes someone overrated. No one, not even the more hardcore Nirvana fans claim that Cobain was a great guitarist - The point of praise is songwriting, and that is not what this thread is about so it actually falls flat (and no, that Rolling Stone shoved him in one of their lists does not make a case to argue for the validity of his nomination). As with Kirk Hammett, people have nominating him for being sloppy, and far behind his peers - But this is what people have been saying for decades soon, so how does that make him overrated? Except for one who defended Hammett in this thread, I can't recall the last time I saw anyone praising or even merely defending him as a guitarist. To nominate him just shows that no one in this thread bothers to think over what "overrated" actually means. It's become a hollow word, a term generically thrown into mud-slinging without any thought into what lies behind the term, and that truly comes to light in this thread. People are just nominating guitarists that are mainly looked down upon technically beforehand, and UG users upvotes them, going against the entire point of the thread, because too many are incapable of swallowing the bitter pill of accepting ones idols and those whom one has been told are the greatest since taking an interrest in music are flawed, and overpraised. This list was doomed to begin with, as the nominations with most votes are nominees that everyone already agrees on is sub-par technically (meaning that they actually are ineligible), while those who vote for people considered "guitar heroes", those seen as infallible and legendary, will get downvoted. This entire thread and WQ is a disaster.
    Floyd Phoenix
    And everyone's definition of overrated on here just seems to be 'famous but doesn't have technical ability', which is really not what it should be...
    Mike McCready. Did you see him win that underrated list? So overrated...
    That would be hilarious if he won both lists
    Upvoting for this reason entirely. If he is known as both the most overrated and underrated guitarist ever, then it's a win for physics that he is two things at the same time.
    I'm pretty sure if that happened UG would be sucked into a vortex never to be seen again
    only to reappear with the headline "UG Slams The Laws Of Science, Reappears Out Of Nowhere With Several Spelling Errors"
    Ace Frehley. I know I may cop heat for that, but his solos all kind of sound the same to me. Don't get me wrong, I listened to Kiss a lot when I was younger and I also get that they're incredibly influential, I just personally find him overrated and I'll see if anyone agrees with me lol.
    I completely agree. Ace is one of the worst guitar players on the planet. I know guitar students that can play circles around him. I loved kiss when I was 13 but then I grew up and started listening to real music. Kiss = bubblegum rock.
    He may be one of the worst guitarists on the planet but he fits Kiss perfectly. I haven't listened to anything they've done after he left. They're Destroyer album and anything before or around that period is pretty good. You just have to keep them in perspective because they're nothing special, just Kiss, but they're great!
    i think he's a pretty good guitarist, but never have i heard anyone say he was anything spectacular. to say kiss is overrated is more like it. but as a guitarist he doesn't get enough praise to be over rated
    I don't think he's overrated. Yes, he was an inspiration for tons of guitarists but that was mainly due to his image, not strictly because of his skills.
    Who rated him highly? I love Ace but I never considered him a great guitarist and no one I know ever has either. Ace is Ace. He rules the stratosphere.
    For me personally it's probably Slash. Yeah, he's good at what he does, but I've only heard him do that one thing for years on end. No versatility at all. It's as if a cook can only do one dish wel, and is constantly named one of the best cooks ever.
    I never see anyone praise Slash anymore, all I hear is people saying he's overrated.
    He's considered so overrated now, he's actually become underrated
    He's considered so overrated now, he's actually become underrated
    that hat he wears is overated. who wears a top hat. they went out in the early 1900s
    Thrash Addict
    Slash has greatly improved his technique in stead of idling around in a tub of cash like other musicians. Most of the people that talk shit have only heard the GNR hits and Slither.
    Thrash Addict
    Disagree, personally. I think Slash is about as praised as he should be. Beyond the fact that he is a stellar guitarist responsible for some of the greatest songs AND solos of the 80's/90's, between Snakepit and his solo stuff, he is just great. Furthermore, he resurrected blues rock singlehandedly in an era of spandex and superstrats. We must give the guy props for that.
    In my opinion he was on top(hat[very funny]) of the/his game with snakepit or VR. Nowadays i kinda miss something. I don't know what it is, but his sound on Apocalyptic Love was just so polished (although he recorded in his mighty slash-box) Where's that dirty bourbon-soaked bluesrock in his playing gone? Makes me sad :'(
    I agree that his tone isn't as good as it used to be, and he's become more technical and less groove-based in his solos. But the riffs on AL were as good as Snakepit and better than VR IMO. Carolina could have been an AFD outtake, and the title song had a great riff. This is one of my favorite solos by him though:
    Floyd Phoenix
    People keep saying this but listen to his first solo album for crying out loud, he covers so many more styles than the one people give him credit for - hell, even his solos on Use Your Illusion all sound different and somewhat inventive, and has so much more versatility than what he is given credit for...
    I don't know if you're talking about his Snakepit albums, but if you're not you should check out his album, "It's 5 o'clock Somewhere" it's loose bluesy rock with a bunch of punk and heaving riffing. Great and very underappreciated album in Slash's discography.
    One must see Slash play live (as I am tonight). The man is incredible when he is ripping it up on stage. He will fast remind you as for why he is so highly praised.
    I considered him overrated until I saw him live. Really blew me away.
    Slash is actually more versatile than people give him credit him for. On his first solo album, he's very versatile. Also, his solos on Use Your Illusion are more inventive and experimental than anything off of the Appetite For Destruction album. Lastly, check out some of his lesser known stuff like the session work he's done.