Wednesday Question: Most Underrated Bands Right Now?

Who deserves more coverage on UG? DO your favorite bands a favor and bring them to our attention in our first poll of 2013.

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Classic rock artists have written some of the best music in history, and many have an established marketing team to help push them to the top of the news pile each day.

We love them, but it's time to find some new blood.

There's plenty of acts that the UG team wants to cover more in 2013, but since this is a community, we want to get your feedback first. This week's Wednesday Question is:

Who are the most underrated bands in the world right now?

They could be brand new, or they could be long-established. Either way, you think they deserve more coverage on UG, and you want your fellow readers to hear more about them.

Post one nomination per comment, and remember to upvote any nominations that you agree with. We'll post the top 10 results on Friday, and put them firmly on our radar for news coverage and reviews.

We're also interested in hearing about underrated labels, so feel free to nominate them too. They won't get on the top 10 bands list, but they might get on the post too, and the UG team will subscribe to their updates.

To be clear, this isn't about unsigned acts - we want to hear which artists you love that will be active in 2013.

Examples that would work: Tame Impala, Clutch, Tomahawk.

Things that won't work: Your cousin's band, anyone unsigned, anyone who has broken up, and anyone on hiatus.

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    Porcupine Tree!
    one of the most widely known and praised prog rock bands of the past 20 years are underrated? steven wilson is known more than most small bands for his record producing alone....
    But the question is more about UG coverage of them
    Coming off that, The Pineapple Thief. In fact, modern prog in general.
    Pineapple Thief are most certainly under-rated, but Porcupine Tree aren't. It's like people are just naming bands they like that not many of their friends do
    I agree, Porcupine Tree are probably the most commercially successful modern-prog band and also one of the most critically successful as well.
    Can't say that Porcupine Tree are underrated - they're (as said before) among most widely known and praised prog rock bands - but the are really great band!
    Actually, they are on a hiatus. So its not really a legit answer. But Steven Wilson is on tour, and highly active. And with his Guthrie and the rest, it is at least as good as PT. But i gave you a + anyways
    Porcupine Tree are most certainly not "underrated"; every prog musician knows them nowadays. Which, personally, I think is more than they deserve.
    Clutch. Tim Sult has written some killer riffs. It's criminal they are not better known, though I don't mind the $20 ticket prices...
    Maximum the Hormone, a band from Japan that takes mixes everything from death metal and rap to synthpop.
    the best song i love this band, did see them last year in cologne and it was one of the best concerts i visited
    The bass player will go on to sell Mogwai in a mysterious shop when he's an old man.
    Most of bands from japan are very underrated, except Dir En Grey i think
    MtH is incredible. Which reminds me, I think we stay too western specific on this site. There're some really great bands that aren't from the UK, Britain, northern Europe, and the US. Expand, my friends. X Japan, Porno Graffitti, etc.
    They are not underrated or unknown at all, they did the second OP and ED for Death Note ffs, possibly the most successful anime/manga series in recent years.
    but outside of japan no one really knows them except a minority, so i would say there not well known
    Dead Letter Circus, COG, Chevelle, Karnivool, Primus, Silversun Pickups, Placebo, Cage The Elephant, The Butterfly Effect, Silverchair, Radiohead
    I was gonna post Dead Letter Circus as my choice, same with Karnivool. It seems like Australia gets the shaft when it comes to music outside ACDC. Video for those to check out DLC:
    Cage, Chevelle, and old Silverchair stuff is good, but I'd have to say Radiohead is in no way "underrated". They're good but I'd have to say they're a bit overrated for what they are. Love their older stuff though.
    High On Fire. They're getting bigger with every album, but I think they're an incredible metal band that doesn't get the respect they deserve.