Wednesday Question: Most Underrated Guitarist

Name an axeman who's criminally underrated.

Ultimate Guitar

The rock domain can be a cruel place. Despite having both talent and skills, so many fine axemen out there don't get the respect they deserve.

A lot of it comes down to either having signature style or a hit single, or both. A lengthy debate can be started on the matter, but to focus on this week's Wednesday Question, it goes something like this:

Who is the most underrated guitarist ever?

Any guitar-related style applies, as long as the underrated factor is present. There's a vast array of obscure top-notch guitarist out there, so there's plenty to choose from here.

Same rules as always apply - only one suggestion per comment, vote up the ideas you support and vote down the ones you dislike. We'll sum up your votes by Friday and bring you another traditional UG Top 10. Show us what you got!

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    jerry cantrell
    The jazz Man
    Completely agree. Amazing song writer who's got such a twisted and unique way of writing
    There should be some, "How far down people have to scroll to remember, 'oh yeah, this guy is great.'" factor. Maybe not the most mind blowing shreds, but i think jerry represents as one of those guitarists who reminds us that there is more to being good at the guitar than soloing.
    Again, underrated? Jerry Cantrell is not underrated. Alice in Chains were one of biggest rock bands of the 90's. Ubisoft would hardly use him to promote Rocksmith at E3 if he was underrated! He is extremely well known. He's not as well known as Slash, but he is not underrated. No way.
    Alice in Chains have sold approximately [b]25 million albums worldwide as a direct result of his guitar playing and of course Staleys vocals.How can be considered the most underrated guitarist. I love Alice in Chains, and this is just an insult to what Jerry has acheived with them.
    Alex Lifeson
    Agreed, the man's incredible, but has always been overshadowed by his band mates. He deserves more love
    THANK YOU I was going to post it myself if someone hadn't. It is truly hard to believe how underrated he is.
    Robert Fripp skip to 50 seconds in for some crazy alt picking - and he doesn't look at the guitar once until the end!
    I love Fripp and King Crimson but as far as prog guitarists' go, everyone seems to jack off to him, myself included. Basically prog is underrated, not Robert Fripp.
    This guy
    I really hope this guy wins the poll, and UG doesn't bother to look up his name, and he it's just "#1: This Guy".
    people who have more important things to do and go out of their way to ignore this guy are fking d1cks. even if you're broke or too cheap of a cvnt to give a donation, at least acknowledge the guy's existence.
    Brent Hinds
    Bill Kelliher. I gave you the upvote for mastodon, but Bill is never mentioned and he is a phenomenal player.
    I can agree, and definitely respect you mentioning Bill. He deserves props. If I can only mention one, though, it's going to be Brent. Considering his side projects, at least the ones I'm familiar with (The Blood Vessel, Fiend Without a Face, West End Motel) the guy is an extremely versatile and creative player.
    Without a doubt, but he is always recognized as THE guitar player from mastodon. Bill is in the shadows and from what I have heard, he is beyond phenomenal.
    Oddly enough, Brent's hybrid picking is one of my biggest playing skill influences. I know he's not the only one that does that, but after learning Divinations I applied that to anything that needed finger picking, metal or not.
    Chris Shifflet
    100% agreed. He was awesome in No Use For A Name! and his own band CS & The Dead Peasants he writes so many awesome guitar parts for country western or whatever you want to describe that band as.
    I haven't heard any ff song in which he stands out, might be bacause of Dave's creative vision though.
    Long Road To Ruin, Rope, any live version of Stacked Actors, a lot of the songs off of Echoes Silence Patience and Grace
    John Butler !
    if he doesn't make the list there's a serious injustice in the world. One of the best guitarists of the 00s. One listen to the album Three and anyone would agree
    Prince... great guitar player.. just a little too excentric to be acknowledged by the general public I think
    Nuno Bettencourt
    Good to see Richie Sambora and Nuno Betterncourt among the most upvoted. But we must have forgotten Criss Oliva of Savatage!
    Is he really underrated? Dude is pretty well known for being absolutely amazing isn't he? I mean he even had his hands insured back in the day haha. One of my fav guitarist of all time. He is up there with one of the players that make everything he plays look so insanely easy until you try it and realize how ridiculous it is.