Wednesday Question: Music You Regret Hearing?

What tracks, albums or even bands are unbearable to your ear? Let us know here for a top 10 you'll always regret!

Ultimate Guitar

No matter how much you love music, there's still some tracks or albums or even bands that are unbearable to the ear. You might be able to close your eyes if you see something unsightly, but when it comes to sound, there's no escape.

We want you to think back on the breadth of your experience as a music listener and fan, and help us answer this question:

What music do you regret ever hearing?

If could be a song, EP or album. You might go for pop songs, weak tracks by awesome artists or *gulp* "Lulu" (yawn). This is a pretty broad question, but we'd love to come up with a playlist that you DON'T want to hear for once.

If you think you've got the creative mettle to make a nomination, just post it below and vote for the best answers. We'll round up the winners for a top 10 poll you'll regret making this Friday. (Seriously though, let's have some fun with it!)

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    About 20 seconds worth of Lil Wayne's "rock" album.
    I agree. tough i have heard more of it. I found it as gruesome as anyone, but somehow also fascinating for some reason. And by that i mean lil wayne. Not the music.
    Anything by Nicki Minaj.
    I try not to be snobbish about music but Nicki Minaj is one of the very few people who makes music that it causes me active displeasure to hear.
    Tokio Hotel.
    Yep. Another lame excuse for UG to bash on "Lulu." Because that never gets old. Real keen sense of humor these people have.
    Backstreet Boys. I really don't know why but when I was 8 I think I was a queer. I listened to it recently and I don't know how I ever listened to that trash.
    Pretty much anything recorded in the last 10 years.....
    You must have a sad life if you can't enjoy anything new. I feel sorry for you.
    You younger people have set the bar so low with your underachieving that I would suspect that most anything sounds good to most of you...don't feel sad for me cause I come from a generation of musical over achievers.... now go listen to your Arcade Fire and your Goyte's and keep pretending.....
    Mr. Baloonhands
    well somebody sounds optimistic. Never say never man, i guarantee you theres a group of kids in their garage right now writing the next Sgt. Pepper waiting for their chance to turn the world on its head the way the bands you grew up with did and prove people like you wrong.
    From a musical composition standpoint and a production standpoint, the average Arcade Fire song isn't too different from an average Beatles song (or a lot of the popular "classics"). Different styles of course but where exactly is this underachieving? If anything music hasn't changed enough in the past few decades.
    so you obviously think you know about modern music. But you cite radio acts who I doubt people here listen to in the first place. Bands that have been great in the past 10 years? Alter Bridge to name one and even the past year The Winery Dogs came out with a great album. You cant say nothing good has come out and use pop as an example. Pop has never and never will be good music.
    So many great albums came out in the last 10 years. If you're thinking about pop music I can almost agree with you but even then there's been the likes of Gotye's last two albums which weren't much short of masterpieces.
    "grr i only like led zeppelin,ac/dc and the beatles not your young whippersnapper hippity hoppity" theres always that one guy
    If only your generation had a Beatles or a Led Zeppelin or a Steve Via, or Eddie VanHalen.....but you got NOTHING....just a bar set WAY too low....
    I kind of get where you're coming from, but it's just wrong to think there's no good music out there nowadays. It's just not that popular. If you can manage to get into the aggressiveness of extreme metal, take a listen to Opeth and Orphaned Land.
    I have a few very loved albums from the past decade. If it extended to 20 you'd probably cover most of my top albums of all time.
    Tic, toc, tic, toc, tic, toc... can you hear that, mate? Of course you can't, you're stuck in time.
    Unclebuck, go get high and listen to pink floyd, you bag $hit
    Tough when you know its the truth.... hows it feel to know that you not only have little to nothing to contribute musically you have also been left in the dust academically by kids living in 3rd world go sit behind your computer and GAME yourself into oblivion.....
    I don't care what you say, THIS is the worst song I have ever heard. EVER.
    I like how the song is called "Why". It just about sums it up. I actually kinda like it, admittedly, then again I listen to Free Jazz.