Wednesday Question: Reunions That Need to Happen the Most?

Name a band that we badly need back on track.

Ultimate Guitar

As one of the topics the rock community can get really passionate about, the question of band reunions is bound to stir up the fanbase almost every time.

And that's just what we'll focus on today - the groups we badly need back on track. To make it official, this week's Wednesday Question is:

Which band reunion do we need the most?

So it could be a full-on reunion of an inactive or retired band, or a reunion of a certain lineup of a group that is active in a different edition. Of course, we prefer focusing on the rock and metal realm.

Same rules as always apply - only one suggestion per comment, vote up the ideas you support and vote down the ones you dislike. We'll sum up your votes by Friday and bring you another traditional UG Top 10. Let the voting begin!

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    Pink Floyd
    Its strange UG you only choose questions in which Pink Floyd win! Find some other questions!! I love Pink Floyd but now it is to mutch!
    Guns N'Roses for sure!
    John Frusciante and his guitar (as opposed to his synthesizer).
    You obviously don't really listen to his new stuff, guitars (along with synths) are everywhere. Come on now, get educated.
    If we're going back to the badass hair and insane vocalists I've gotta lay down Skid Row. They haven't made anything worth listening to since Subhuman Race (I mean with Sebastian, technically they're together still but it's not Skid Row)
    there is no doubt that GNR had a lot more to offer before they parted ways. It would be fun to see them again
    ...Are slowly becoming the new QOTSA of UG. Not that its a bad thing though.
    Its obvious we would all like to see Zeppelin,Pink Floyd or other classic bands performing live again, but it very unlikely that its gonna happen. But one band that "needed"to come back would be Oasis. I think they could still make some pretty good music together
    Wait.. What?
    How they seem to be winning every poll these days. Edit: Nevermind, looks like RATM took the spot.
    Honey Badger
    That doesn't mean Floyd's the QOTSA of UG, though. It just means they're an incredible band that deserves to win whatever poll is suiting for them to win.
    Yeah, Pink Floyd is the most underrated band of the 70s. It's good to see them gain popularity now!
    Actually I'd like to see David and Roger going on a full tour together, but once. As for Pink Floyd, it just cannot exist without Rick. Most people think Floyd was just Gilmour and Waters, but without Rick's keys and sometimes vocals, it would never be the same
    For me, there was one person who could have replaced him if a reunion ever happened. But unfortunately even Jon Lord is dead now...
    I would like to see 2 bands reunite. The first is Grand Funk and the second is Creedence Clearwater Revival. For Grand Funk, Mel and especially Don need to come to terms that there is NO Grand Funk without Mark Farner. For CCR I think that enough time has passed that they should be able to talk to each other again and put the past in the past.
    I may be a "kindermetal" or somemthing, but Nightwish reunion would so fukin incredible. It is impossible though...
    Okay, just noticed that it hasn't been brought up, so here goes. Metallica with Dave Mustaine! It'd be epic to have Cliff Burton back too, but that's obviously impossible.
    The original lineup for Uriah Heep would be unbelievable. Too bad so many of the members are dead. As close as possible to the original lineup I guess?
    Also The Confession they never where big or anything but i always loved them and still listen to them everyday
    not just for me but an original guns line up reunion would not only be awesome but is propably the only thing to save what career/credabiliyt axl has left.....
    Screw guns n roses!!! With that said: Metallica with Dave Mustaine full tour, White Zombie and Pink Floyd!!
    Nightwish and Tarja Turunen need to put their problems aside id love to see that line up again
    Floor is amazing, but they should do a special show and bring Tarja and Anette as special guests or something. Symphonic Metal related though After Forever with Mark Jansen those first two albums are so good, then Tarja could go back to Nightwish full time.
    Rage Against the Machine! or Audioslave. Hell, ill take Street Sweeper Social Club!