Wednesday Question: The Greatest 'Greatest Hits' Album Of All Time?

Alright faithful Ultimate-Guitar users, it's that time of the week again. And today's Wednesday question is a good'un.

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Alright faithful Ultimate-Guitar users, it's that time of the week again. And today's Wednesday question is a good'un.

You've seen plenty of top ten albums lists all across the internet. No doubt you've taken part in voting in a few of those polls yourself. But today, we're putting a bit of a twist on a familiar theme. Specifically, we're asking of you

What is the greatest "greatest hits" album of all time?

We want you to root through your CDs, Tapes, Vinyls, MP3s and 8 Tracks (we assume that someone out there on the UG forums still has an 8 Track player somewhere!) and find the best of' and greatest hits' compilations that you thought were a cut above the rest; the compilations that have the best songs, provide the most comprehensive overview of a band's career, the compilations that are not just filler albums in a band's back catalogue, but essential purchases in their own right. You're not restricted to the world of rock and metal; nominations can come from any genre. Remember, great bands don't always have great greatest hits' albums...

As per usual, post your nominations in the comments section, share this question with friends on Facebook and Twitter (buttons to the right of this article) and we'll reveal the epic top ten list on Friday.

Get nominating! Let's make the the greatest greatest hits' top 10 ever! (and yes, we know we've gone overkill with the use of the word great'...)

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    I'm a KoRn fan so of course I'll say them (like it or not, I dont care)... but out of retrospect for the well known greatest hits albums, I'd have to say Beatles, Bruce Springsteen, or Hendrix
    "Oh Yeah! The Ultimate Aeromsith Hits" (aka "The Essential Aerosmith") is a pretty solid collection compared to Aerosmith's other small collections. I usually buy actual albums so I don't have much of an opinion in this case. But I'd have to say "Mothership" by Led Zeppelin is pretty damn good.
    I don't expect anybody else to really agree since the last thing Billy needs is more praise, but The Smashing Pumpkins Rotten Applese/Judas O compilation is something I've listened to regularly since it came out, so I'd toss my vote there.
    Soundgarden - A-sides Megadeth - Anthology: Set The World Afire
    Led Zeppelin : ALL (but no House of the Holy) Metallica : ... And Justice for all. Jason Becker : Perpetual Burn Paul Gilbert : Get out of my yard Trivium : Shogun Black Sabbath : All Deep Purple : All Pantera : All AC/DC : All A7X : the 3 last album (nightmare, avenged sevenfold, city of evil) Eagles : Hotel California Scorpions : All John Petrucci : Suspended Animation Children of Bodom : Follow the reaper ... And so on.
    Queen - The Platinum Collection Morphine - B-Sides And Otherwise ZZ Top - Rancho Texicano (or Chrome, Smoke & BBQ) I don't understand the praise for Zep's Mothership. It was missing so many amazing tracks and the remasters sound ****ing terrible. Brickwalled to hell.
    I never liked thoses greatest hits album, they often only contains all of the singles and 2 bonus songs.
    Lest We Forget flows like it's a real album front to back. tennesseehild nailed it.
    the first album I ever bought was Big Ones by Aerosmith, so personally that would be my number one. other albums that I consider to be greatest hits include Rust In Peace and Back In Black. they're not technically greatest hits albums, but should be considered. as for legit GH albums I'd have to include The Essential Ozzy Osbourne which I don't believe I've seen in the comments yet. however I could be wrong.
    which isn't to say I don't like all the albums mentioned. just trying to get that different opinion out there.
    I would like have these too on the list: Best of Pantera Lamb of God - Ashes of the Wake Poison - Greatest Hits AC/DC - Greatest Hits Tribute to Doors
    you mean Lamb Of God - Hourglass ?
    Hey bro, Hourglass is the 2nd track number (song) inside the album "Ashes of the Wake".
    Guy, Ashes of the Wake is not a greatest hits album. Hourglass is. Named after their song 'Hourglass'... bro
    theres three ways to look at it: Commercially- its the eagles greatest hits Favorite- which for me is probably blink 182s gh and tom pettys, for some reason those compliations are always extra fun to listen too And then in sheer greatness its the beatles "1" i mean seriously 27 number one hits on album?!? only 4 people in the world can say they have it
    Also, "A Million in Prizes" by Iggy Pop. Includes all of the best songs of his entire career, from The Stooges, solo, and collaborations.
    There's not many greatest hits albums I like because many times, they end up sounding like a mismatched mish-mash of songs all from different eras in a band's career. However, I'm going to go with "Every Breathe You Take: The Classics" by The Police. All of their songs sound enough alike that this album flows pretty well, and I'm not big enough on the band to really get into their studio albums.
    I had the ones from Simon and Garfunkel and Cat Stevens on cassette when i was younger (i know i'm old). Amazing albums, sensational songwriting but most importanly great guitar playing. Paul Simon is a terrific guitar player, very underrated. And the arrangements are superb on every single songs. My brother used to put these before going to bed. He slept, i couldn't.
    i always loved the foo fighters greatest hits. but when it comes down too it Mothership takes the gold in my book.
    i have Nirvana Greatest Hits Bob Marley Legend and Led Zeps Mothership
    Definitely Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers greatest hits 18 of the best rock songs ever released
    NICK CAVE AND THE BAD SEEDS! That album is flawless and the style of songs are all different.
    Porcupine Tree - Stars Die: The Delerium Years 1991-1997 Type O Negative - The Best of Type O Negative