Wednesday Question: The Greatest 'Greatest Hits' Album Of All Time?

Alright faithful Ultimate-Guitar users, it's that time of the week again. And today's Wednesday question is a good'un.

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Alright faithful Ultimate-Guitar users, it's that time of the week again. And today's Wednesday question is a good'un.

You've seen plenty of top ten albums lists all across the internet. No doubt you've taken part in voting in a few of those polls yourself. But today, we're putting a bit of a twist on a familiar theme. Specifically, we're asking of you

What is the greatest "greatest hits" album of all time?

We want you to root through your CDs, Tapes, Vinyls, MP3s and 8 Tracks (we assume that someone out there on the UG forums still has an 8 Track player somewhere!) and find the best of' and greatest hits' compilations that you thought were a cut above the rest; the compilations that have the best songs, provide the most comprehensive overview of a band's career, the compilations that are not just filler albums in a band's back catalogue, but essential purchases in their own right. You're not restricted to the world of rock and metal; nominations can come from any genre. Remember, great bands don't always have great greatest hits' albums...

As per usual, post your nominations in the comments section, share this question with friends on Facebook and Twitter (buttons to the right of this article) and we'll reveal the epic top ten list on Friday.

Get nominating! Let's make the the greatest greatest hits' top 10 ever! (and yes, we know we've gone overkill with the use of the word great'...)

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    Led Zeppelin - Mothership ... it must have been hard to do that one...
    My vote goes to Mothership as well, it's not just a cashgrab kinda thing, but actually very well and thoughtfully put together. And the remasters sound great
    That's definitely up there. That album got me into Zeppelin in the first place.
    My vote is zepp but if I had to make a 2nd choice it would be Lynyrd Skynyrd
    also somewhere back in time by iron maiden. has almost any maiden song you would want on it, powerslave, hallowed be thy name, two muinites to midnight, wasted years (I could list the back cover) and has some great live recordings. such a great album.
    And here we go again... a list with Queen, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd from head to tail. Seriously, I like these bands too, but some new blood is not bad at all...
    People don't have memorable hits anymore unless your talking about black eyed peas or some pop act which i doubt you are.
    What new bands have been around long enough to let out a greatest hits album?
    The Offspring Greatest Hits was the first album a ever bought. It tops my list for greatest 'greatest hits' when measured in sentimental value
    how bout the black album or master of puppets
    How about not, since they're not greatest hits albums.
    The only correct answer. Queen had 2 amazing greatest hits albums actually, and they are actually popular albums, not just fan service like a guns n roses or nirvana greatest hits.
    Guns N' Roses' is definitely a great collection of great songs. The album's graphics are just so awesome too; it makes my fingers cross if Axl and Slash can play like they did on the inner sleeve of that album.
    All Greatest Hits albums bite the balls! They're usually just ploys by record companies to ooze more money out of an artist. Absolute whackarse. If I had to vote though, David Bowie's Changesonebowie.
    I usually dislike "Greatest Hits" albums because I always find myself liking the other songs of the band's collection better
    Me too. Though if I really like a band and own all their stuff, I will buy their greatest hits anyway just to own it.
    Megadeth - Greatest Hits: Back to the Start If you are saying that you don't like Megadeth after listening to that album, you are a liar.
    It was the album that got me into Megadeth. I can't deny how awesome of a compilation it was.
    I completely agree with you, if it wasn't for that album, I wouldn't be the Megadeth fan I am now.
    My Last Words
    That's the worst album ever. Where the hell is Killing is my business on that album ? The only song from peace sells is the titletrack ? HELLO DAVE ???! The conjuring, the killing road, My last words, 99 ways to die, go to hell, LUCRETIA, TORNADO OF ***** SOULS, GOOD MOTHER***** MOURNING BLACK FRIDAY!!????? /Rant Nah, I'd go with warchest for megadeth. Agree with lightning ray.
    You sound a little mad, bro.
    My Last Words
    I quote this directly from ''Yeah, you get a couple of awesome classics such as Holy Wars, In My Darkest Hour, Hangar 18, A Tout Le Monde and Wake Up Deadbut when it boils down to it, what else is there? There are seventeen tracks on this compilation and I can name at least ten that Id like to see replaced with songs that are more deserving of recognition. Instead of delving into the days of when Megadeth actually meant something and wrote songs that even the test of time couldnt dilapidate, the fans have chosen to take the contemporary road a path that does not even come close to representing the best eras of this band. What happened to the underappreciated classics, like Hook in Mouth, Into the Lungs of Hell, Rattlehead and Take No ****ing Prisoners? A mans Megadeth compilation is not complete without Take No Prisoners, no matter how many classics you put on it.''
    Sure it could have more classic thrash metal ones, but I really think songs such as Angry Again, Dread and Fugitive Mind and She-Wolf are also essential part of the Megadeth experience. The album has 1-3 awesome songs from every record all the way from KIMB to The World Needs A Hero. I think that's the right way to make a greatest hits compilation, instead of having only songs from the first 4 records. Back to the Starts really shows the versatility of the band, and it leaves so much more to discover from the actual albums. The truth is Megadeth just has too many classic songs to put them on just 1 CD.
    My Last Words
    Then, enlighten me, why does it get shitty reviews everywhere ? Because they left out tons and tons of classics.. My opinion tho, be my guest.
    My Last Words
    *And with everywhere, I'm not talking about stuff like amazon etcetera. I mean the more critical and metal oriented sites, metalobserver, metal archives, blabbermouth etcetera.*
    well i guess there's no such thing as a Megadeth greatest hits album because each album is too great by themselves. but what about Anthology?
    Best of Bowie - It shows how truly diverse his career has been - ranging over a lot of genres, from theatrical glam, over soul and electronic rock to guitarbased rock songs.
    DT - Greatest Hit (...and 21 other pretty cool song)
    Probably kind of cheating, but Queen's "Greatest Hits", "Greatest Hits II" and "Greatest Hits III" are the best, essential purchases if you can't find or afford the band's entire catalogue, while also having some of Freddie Mercury's solo material.
    Echoes - The Best of Pink Floyd
    Pink Floyd are my favourite band, but a lot of the quality for me is in the albums themselves. The songs on Echoes may well be amazing, but you lose that sense of cohesion you get when you listen to something like Animals as one piece of music.
    I agree with you put I actually enjoy Echoes for that same reason. They reworked the endings of a large number of the tracks so that they could seamlessly flow into one-another. I love the way the 2nd disc mixes the ending of "Us and Them" into the start of "Learning to Fly".
    Stone Temple Pilots-- "Thank you." It's the only greatest hits album that I can listen to from start to finish without skipping songs.
    Red Hot Chili Peppers: Greatest Hits
    I was tempted to say this one, but it's just missing some key songs, like "Can't Stop" and "Aeroplane." I'm surprised "My Friends" was even included considering the band's disdain for Navarro-era material.
    Pearl Jam - Rearview Mirror Queens greatest hits The Eagles greatest hits
    My favorite best of's... 1) The Young Persons Guide to King Crimson 2) The Best of Procol Harum 3) Frank Zappa, You Can't do that on Stage Anymore, Volumes I through VI 4) Pink Floyd, Relics 5) The Best of David Bowie
    Josh Reubenking
    Led Zeppelin - Mothership Megadeth - Back to the Start Queen's Greatest Hits Pantera - Reinventing Hell Guns N' Roses - Greatest Hits The Who - Greatest Hits No particular order, just ideas.
    Tom Petty, I seldom come across a person who doesn't own it
    My parents do, I wish I had a copy. Fantastic greatest hits album, listened to that one so many times as a kid!
    Used to own it, and I gotta say I never considered myself much of a fan of his (or greatest hits albums for that matter), but that WAS a good compilation, and actually reminds me of another one that struck me the same way: Don Henley
    My first album I put out will be called "Greatest Hits", and I'll never put out an album again.
    Alien Ant Farm did that already, as their first album. Their second album? ANThology, the one with Smooth Criminal on it.
    The Doors - Greatest Hits. I have it on vinyl, cassette, and CD. Shame only the CD version has The End My second choice would be The Cure - Greatest Hits. Two discs, the first discs has all the greatest hits and the second disc has all the same hits in the same track listing but the band re-recorded all the songs acoustically and it's really just great.
    Nirvana - The very best RHCP - Greatest hits The Pixies - Wave of mutilation Hendrix- The ultimate experience The Beaste Boys- Solid gold hits Alice In Chains- Greatest hits B. B. King - King of Blues Fatboy Slim - Greatest hits Pantera - Reinventing hell Nirvana - Greatest hits R.E.M - The best of R.E.M Stone Temple Pilots - Thank you Soundgarden - A-sides Black Sabbath - The best of Black Sabbath Seasick Steve - Walkin' man Not all of them though
    Alice in Chains Greatest Hits was probably the weakest AIC compilation in my opinion. "Down in a Hole" should have been on that album. The Essential Alice in Chains and Music Box were much better. Even Nothing Safe: The Best of the Box was much better, and much more exemplary of their music throughout their career than Greatest Hits.