Wednesday Question: Top 10 Albums Of The 90s

Time to rate! Here in this issue of Wednesday Question we're trying to figure out who was the best back in the day.

Ultimate Guitar

Time to rate! Here in this issue of Wednesday Question we're trying to figure out who was the best back in the day. Many of us kinda miss the 90s era when rock music was alive, people were actually buying CDs, watching cool videos on MTV and going to 100,000 arena shows.

Not without a fight, several members of UG Team have compiled their "Top 10 Albums Of The 90s" List as follows below.

If you think our list is unfair or lacking something, please give us your version of the Top below in the comments.

For obvious reasons, we did not consider Celine Dion or Britney Spears records to the list. Not that these artists are bad, but we're Ultimate Guitar, or are we not?

So, here it goes:

01. R.E.M. - Out Of Time (1991)

Michael Stipe and co. were among the first ones to prove that alternative music can have great meaningful lyrics and popular catchy melodies. Simply to mention, "Losing My Religion" has won 1992 Grammy Award for Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals, whereas "Out Of Time" itself has won the same year's Grammy Award for Best Alternative Music Album.

02. Metallica Black Album (1991)

If you still think that Metallica has "sold out" with this record, go tread on someone else. On "Black Album," they've reached a perfect balance between "thrash," "metal" and "melody." Million sales, 3-year world tour and sold-out arenas were about to follow.

03. Nirvana Nevermind (1991)

With this album, Nirvana has wiped hair-metal bands along with Michael Jackson off the charts, set the mood for decade ahead and generally changed musical landscape forever.

04. Green Day Dookie (1994)

The same day world found out Kurt Cobain had killed himself, Green Day were filming music video for "Longview," preparing to take the lead. Almost 20 years after its inception in the 70s, punk has finally broken big and gone platinum.

05. Pavement Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain (1994)

Pavement have brought a new meaning to the word "indie" and actually "paved" the way for many great rock'n'roll bands, all of which followed the same pattern: critically acclaimed album low record sales, critically dismissed album high record sales.

06. Nine Inch Nails The Downward Spiral (1994)

Not exactly a classic rock album, still it epitomized everything "industrial" that's been floating around since late 80s, concentrating in a highly energetic and musically diverse record. Watch NIN's Woodstock 1994 performance if you're not convinced yet.

07. Korn Korn (1994)

In 1994, five guys from Bakersfield, CA took their 7-string guitars, 5-string slappy bass, scat vocals and recorded a groundbreaking record. Korn were responsible for inventing a new genre of "nu-metal," defining it musically/lyrically/visually and bringing it to mainstream. Let alone thousands of bands they've influenced and/or promoted along the way.

08. Alanis Morissette Jagged Little Pill (1995)

This neurotic Canadian teen is responsible for bringing feminine power back into rock. Whether you're a fan of Liz Phair or PJ Harvey, you cannot disagree, that Jagged Little Pill is the most accomplished and solid record by a female singer since Patti Smith's Horses.

09. Oasis (What's The Story) Morning Glory? (1995)

"Best British rock act since the Beatles," "Seminal band," or even "Wankers" - whatever you call Oasis, they're not. What they are here on 'Morning Glory' is a beautiful combination of vintage rock'n'roll riffs, punk attitude and powerful grungy vocals.

10. Sublime Sublime (1996)

Too bad Bradley Nowell didn't live long enough to see his band breaking through. Sublime are considered to be the pioneers of third-wave ska, yet on this record they've messed up with so many styles and genres it's impossible to categorize it. "Summertime, when the livin's easy..."

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    Don't mind me I'm just waiting for a fight to break out below me.
    Radiohead - OK Computer Rage Against the Machine - first album Weezer - Pinkerton Blind Guardian - Nightfall in Middle Earth (if you don't have it, you need it) Incubus - Make Yourself At least 1 Pantera album, can't decide In utero, a gutsier Nirvana album than Nevermind
    Well it does say "TOP" albums, not necessarily the best albums.... its kinda like people who say Hendrix is the best guitarist of all time, when we kinda know he wasnt technically. However, hes arguably the greatest.
    Foo Fighters- The Color And the Shape. Guns N Roses- Use your Illusions. Dream Theater- Scenes From a Memory. Aside from those I would say its a decent list. I will say I think I prefer In Utero to Nevermind when it comes to Nirvana though.
    Where the ****in Rust in Peace!? 1- Rust in Peace - Megadeth 2- Black Album - Metallica 3- Vulgar Display of Power - Pantera 4- Seasons in the Abyss - Slayer 5- Fear of the Dark - Iron Maiden 6- Nevermind - Nirvana 7- Cowboys From Hell - Pantera 8- Countdown to Extinction - Megadeth 9- Judgement - Anathema 10- Alternative 4 - Anathema
    If you still think that Metallica has "sold out" with this record, go tread on someone else. On "Black Album," they've reached a perfect balance between "thrash," "metal" and "melody." Million sales, 3-year world tour and sold-out arenas were about to follow.
    While the Black Album does have a heavy sound, I wouldn't consider it to be "Thrash" one bit. With that said, it's not that bad of a list at all. Also, I 100% agree with Maiden95, In Utero is a better album than Nevermind. Heck, even Bleach is a terribly underestimated album!
    Crimson Ghost
    1. Jeff Buckley - Grace 2. Weezer - Blue Album 3. Nirvana - Nevermind 4. Smashing Pumpkins - Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness 5. Stone Temple Pilots - Purple 6. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Californication 7. Radiohead - OK Computer 8. Green Day - Dookie 9. Soundgarden - Superunknown 10. Pearl Jam - Ten
    joshuahughes34 wrote: interestingly most of these where in the first half of the 1990's. What happened after 1996?
    Scenes from a memory happened...
    Only things I would've changed would be throwin in some Smashing Pumpkins, Chili Peppers, Sound Garden, & RATM along with those. Not a terrible list this time though.
    Missing BloodSugarSexMagik and Californicaton by the chilis, Pearl Jam - Ten also far too absent, Jeff Buckley too, and the Foos, then were getting there....
    No Radiohead, Tool, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, Pantera, Deftones, Smashing Pumpkins, Megadeth, Rage Against the Machine, Bad Religion, Slayer... and that's just off the top of my head. This list pretty much left out all of the best music from the 90's and just listed ten of the best-selling albums. Weak.
    Radiohead? The Smashing Pumpkins? Jeff Buckley? Not sure about everybody else, I feel at least one of them should have an album in there
    What's a genre?
    Not bad (apart from Oasis). Mine (in no order) are: Refused-The Shape Of Punk To Come. Rage Against The Machine-Self Titled. Sonic Youth-Goo. Fugazi-Repeater. Radiohead-The Bends. Green Day-Insomniac. The Dillinger Escape Plan-Calculating Infinaty. Anti-Flag-A New Kind Of Army. Nirvana-Nevermind. Nine Inch Nails-The Downward Spiral.
    Agent 00Awesome
    Rust in Peace - Megadeth Far Beyond Driven - Pantera And pretty much every 90's Dream Theater album besides Falling Into Infinity.
    Jeff Buckley - Grace Nirvana - Nevermind Smashing Pumpkins - Siamese Dream Red Hot Chili Peppers - Blood Sugar Sex Magik Smashing pumpkins - Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness Pearl Jam - Ten Rage Against the Machine - Self Titled Nirvana - In Utero Radiohead - Ok Computer Soundgarden - Superunknown
    Manic Street Preachers - The Holy Bible Green Day - Dookie Radiohead - OK Computer RHCP - Blood Sugar Sex Magic Alanis Morissette - Jagged Little Pill Idlewild - Hope Is Important REM - Automatic For The People Oasis - Morning Glory Blink 182 - Enema Of The State Pulp - Different Class
    In Flames. No one in particular, but Lunar Strain, Jester Race and Whoracle were all very important albums to the formation of metal today and keeping metal alive during the 90's. Also, Rust In Peace is thrash's best.
    Black Crowes: Shake your money maker Black Crowes: Southern Harmony and musical companion Guns n' Roses: Use Your Illusion I & II Buckcherry: Buckcherry X Japan: Jealousy(most people are probably not going to agree with me on that, but I really like that album) that's not 10 albums but those are the ones from the 90's that I really like
    more like the most overrated album of the 90s Rust in peace and DIRT shit all over this list
    I don't disagree completely with this list. It's actually quite good, it's got some of the most influential rock albums of the decade. Only thing is, I would have stuck Ok Computer and Grace in there.
    joshuahughes34 wrote: hate me if you wish but.... Weezer Blue Album
    Agreed. Coincidentally, today is the 17 yr anniversary of the release of Jagged Little Pill - #1 best selling album of the 1990's.
    Root Beer
    AnEvilWalrus wrote: I don't know about where I would put them, but Megadeth's Rust In Peace, Alice In Chains' Dirt, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers' Blood Sugar Sex Magik are sorely missing. I was also actually surprised by the lack of SOAD's Toxicity, since that usually shows up when the 90's is mentioned.
    You shouldn't be, cause that wasn't a 90's album. lol.
    Smashing Pumpkins - Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness Not a Big fan of Smashing Pumpkins but that album was unreal
    Jane's Addiction - Ritual de lo Habitual Alice in Chains *pick any one tbh* etc etc, ok nobody cares.
    joshuahughes34 wrote: interestingly most of these where in the first half of the 1990's. What happened after 1996?
    GN'R broke up. cobain got tired of his wife and shot himself.
    My favourite 90s albums, in a vague order: 1. Screaming Trees- Dust 2. Sound Garden - Bad Motorfinger 3. Presidents of the USA - Presidents of the USA 4. Dream Theatre - Awake 5. Dream Theatre - falling into infinity (flame shield on) 6.Angra - Holy Land 7. Gamma Ray - Somewhere out in Space 8. Helloween - Time of the Oath 9. In Flames - Clay Man 10. Blind Guardian - Tales from the Twilight world 11. Iced Earth - something wicked...
    this list ain't really good, except for maybe the black album, where's Jar of Flies? Use Your Illusions? (Especially U.Y.I. II)
    The white stripes - The white stripes Sublime - 40 oz to freedom Slipknot - Slipknot Jeff Buckley - Grace Radiohead - OK computer Nirvana - Unplugged in New York Magnetic Fields - 69 love songs Cradle Of Filth - Dusk and her Embrace Nine Inch Nails - The downward spiral Brian Jonestown Massacre - Take it from the man!
    1. Tool - "Aenima" 2. Radiohead - "OK Computer" 3. Pantera - "Vulgar Display of Power" 4. Alice In Chains - "Dirt" 5. Megadeth - "Rust In Peace" 6. Soundgarden - "Superunknown" 7. Rage Against the Machine - "S/T" 8. Smashing Pumpkins - "Siamese Dream" 9. Deftones - "White Pony" 10. Crowbar - "S/T" Honorable Mention: Converge - "Jane Doe", Jeff Buckley - "Grace", Slayer - "Seasons In the Abyss", Elliott Smith - "XOXO", Morbid Angel - "Covenant", Gravediggaz - "6 Feet Deep", REM - "Automatic For the People" So many more, too. What a great decade for music.
    " 02. Metallica Black Album (1991) If you still think that Metallica has "sold out" with this record, go tread on someone else. " Don't Tread On Me... Ahah
    N-D wrote: Not in particular order: Nirvana - Nevermind (1991) Neurosis - Through Silver In Blood (1996) Neurosis - Times Of Grace (1999) Tiamat - A Deeper Kind Of Slumber (1997) Tiamat - Skeleton Skeletron (1999) Tiamat - Wildhoney (1994) Anathema - Judgement (1999) Burzum - Filosofem (1996) Burzum - Daui Baldrs (1997) The Dillinger Escape Plan - Calculating Infinity (1999) Limp Bizkit - Three Dollar Bill, Yall$ (1997) Mr. Bungle - California (1999) Mr. Bungle - Mr. Bungle (1991) Paradise Lost - Host (1999) Placebo - Without You I'm Nothing (1998) Unsane - Occupational Hazard (1998) Neil Young - Dead Man (1996) + some not guitar music, but still amazing albums: The Prodigy - The Fat Of The Land (1997) The Prodigy - Music for the Jilted Generation (1994) Massive Attack - Mezzanine (1998) Massive Attack - Protection (1994) Tricky - Maxinquaye (1995) Autechre - Amber (1994) Scorn - Evanescence (1994) Amon Tobin - Bricolage (1997) Amon Tobin - Permutation (1998) Tenhi - Kauan (1999) Cypress Hill - III - Temples Of Boom (1995) Two Lone Swordsmen - Swimming Not Skimming (1996) Xingu Hill - Maps Of The Impossible (1995) Jay-Jay Johanson - Whiskey (1996)
    I cannot believe you took the time to type up this heap.