Wednesday Question: What Song Will You Be Forced To Hear In Hell?

This week we're looking for the worst rather than best of music. Which songs do you find unbearable? Nominate and vote for them here.

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This week we're flipping the Wednesday question on its head.

Rather than look for the best of music, we're asking you to nominate and rate the very worst of music. With your help, we want to solve the following question:

Which songs will we be forced to listen to in hell?

Post your nominations for the worst, most unbearable songs possible in the comments. We'll round up and post the results next week.

You might suggest something obvious like Justin Bieber, or something uncomfortably aggressive like Venetian Snares, but we're sure that once the nominations roll in that we'll be left with a top 10 that could make Satan himself cringe.

If you want, imagine the song will be played on repeat for eternity. That's one surefire way to make a bad song even worse.

Leave your vote in the comments, upvote the songs your agree with, and hit "like" in the top right to help bring your friends along to help vote too. We'd love to say how excited we are to compile this list, but something tells us it will be hellish.

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    Hot Problems by Double Take, if you haven't heard it, don't look it up. You have been warned.
    A loop of every cover of Smells Like Teen Spirit ever recorded on any medium.
    Throw in the unrecorded versions as performed by the inexperienced, just learning guitar players and you certainly have a winner.
    I'm gonna say my favourite song, what would be worse than having the song you love most blasted at you over and over again until it lost all meaning to you? It would ruin all music for you...
    Metallica's St Anger but with everything taken out apart from Lars' snare hits.
    It's Friday, Friday. Yesterday was Thursday, today it is Friday. Yeah, that was just a glimpse of what you could listen to in hell. Friday by Rebecca Black, if you haven't figured yet
    But wait, there's actually a WORSE version of that particular slice of sonic hell
    Basica lly, it's a parody of that song in which it's been reworked into 'Sunday' and it's all about going to church on sunday. The irony would make it even more painful.
    That cover of Wonderwall by One Direction.
    Or Wonderwall. (Never in music history has an otherwise cool song been ruined by an annoying chorus like Wonderwall.)
    Not that's a bad song, but in reality, you KNOW Slayer's Angel of Death is playing in hell.
    Starts out with venom's welcome to hell and then angel of death starts. The tearing limb-from-limb now begins.
    and as soon as you start to enjoy it all, Lulu starts to play, full blast. for all of eternity
    Avril lavings cover of chop suey, easily the most painful experience ever. If you feel like losing the ability to hear than go watch,
    thats like painting a smiley over the original mona lisa. and i dont even like art...
    Not as bad as Snoop Dog "singing" Sad But True.. Damn, first time I saw that on youtube I almost shit myself from laughing, but I can't imagine listening that song forever after without going insane.
    thats like painting a smiley over the original mona lisa. and i dont even like art...
    Katy Perry - I Want to See Your Peacock Many of the songs listed here have already given me a headache just thinking about it, but this song really is stupid on a painful level. It was a horrible couple of minutes hearing it the first time. Now it's avoided at all costs.
    A milli by lil wayne. I remember a few years back when that was the popular rap song. God I hate his voice.
    1 My dad singing songs, sometimes your favorites, with the lyrics changed to something retarded, like "Take me down to the Paradise City, where the grass is green and the girls have titties." 2 My mom's singing, however, would be much worse. 3 Dupstep is another hellish nightmare. 4 Or try the WBC's version of "Crazy Train." 5 Rap/Dubstep remixes of your favorite songs. 6 Not really a song, but Dave Mustaine getting political.
    "Take me down to the Paradise City, where the grass is green and the girls have titties." Reminds me a little of what Slash originally wanted it to be.
    Slash's original idea for the chorus of Paradise City was "Take me down to the paradise city where the girls are fat and have big titties". True fact, look it up
    That's funny because a few years ago I was joking with my friends "Take me down to the paradise city where the grass is FREE and the girls got titties."
    So something like Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Shakira, they ****ing sounl like Pacman
    Here's how I picture it, every song I love will have a hell remix version that is equal parts skrillex and rickrolling
    Agent 00Awesome
    I'm gonna go with the standard Baby by Justin Beiber. I know it's cliche to hate on him, but it really is terrible.
    A legion of high school kids poorly playing the one part of Stairway To Heaven the know. They will play continuously, forever.
    I guess I should put an actual bad song. That's Not My Name by the Ting Tings. It makes me want to implode and die.
    Born in the USA. Sure it's an alright song once, but try it twice, then try it forever. No thank you, sir.
    The keyboard part loops for the ENTIRE song, and it is like a nail being slowly pushed into your temple.
    I have to say Rihanna's song Unfaithful. Her voice is so whiny and irritating. If I was told I had to listen to that song for all of eternity in hell, I'd become a believer instantly.
    Well, it is common knowledge that Satan was just warming Dio's sear for a while. So I think we'd be listening to Heaven and Hell forever. I actually look forward to that.
    Listening to Dio songs while I'm alive is the equivalent to being in Hell. I think Satan has much worse planned for us down there.
    If listening to Dio is Hell when you're alive, then why are you "i_am_metalhead"?lol
    You won't really hear a song. Just the sound of Guitar Center on the weekend during the holiday season. And all of the amps are permanently stuck on 10, 0, 10 with the volumes all set at "loudest" and the guitars will be even more out of tune than they normally are at GC. Every note that you play will be wrong and painfully noticeable, and everyone will laugh at you. Not out loud, but to themselves. And you know that they're all sitting behind you, silently judging. And even though they can barely BS their way through Stairway to Heaven and Sweet Child o' Mine, everyone of their poorly played riffs and licks are better than yours. That forever and ever and ever is what hell is like.
    Rebecca Black no doubt.
    I can actually hear that nasaly voice 'friday, friday, blah blah blah friday' or whatever the lyrics are. As much of a fan I am of Corey Taylor, I almost hate him for mentioning this song in a interview, and I equally hate myself for being morbidly curious and looking it up on youtube.
    Dave Mustaine's song about Obama. Doesn't exist yet, but I'm sure he's writing it already.
    Well, first off we start with 'Highway to Hell' by AC/DC then that would lead into 'Welcome to the Jungle' (using the original lineup) and 'Paradise City' would get played as you walk through the gates then God would walk up to me (while 'Walk' by Pantera was playing) and give me a hug. Wait, sorry guys I just described heaven.
    baby: justin beiber that ****in one direction song, our plans: cloud nothing, and anything by rick ross