Wednesday Question: What Will Music Be Like In 2035?

Apply some forward thinking and make your predictions about the future or music, guitars and rock bands here. Funny or serious answers welcome!

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Your replies for the Wednesday Questions so far have been stellar. We've tackled guitar solos, basslines, live shows, artwork and more... but now for something a little different.

We want you to apply some forward thinking or humour to answer this question:

What will music be like in 2035?

Have some fun with it, or make serious predictions. It's up to you!

What will rock stars look like? Maybe ageing rockers like Keith Richards will still be going as a wrinkly cyborg, or Gene Simmons will live on as robot toy merchandise.

What format will we listen to music on? Perhaps streaming services are long gone, but what would come next?

What kind of instruments will rock bands use? Will guitars live on, and what technological improvements will they have? Infinite sustain, double distortion, or even brain control?

Most importantly, will dubstep finally be dead?!

We can't wait to see what kind of funny and creative replies you come up with. Place your ideas in the comments, and remember to upvote anything you like to get it on the chart on Friday.

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    Rolling Stones will be having their 25th Annual Farewell Tour
    Songs will be a thing of the past; instead there will just be frequencies that make you immediately jizz yourself and go into a euphoria-induced coma.
    Music will be illegal. Lars Ulrich will have copyrighted all musical notes/sounds/chords etc so nobody will be allowed to write songs anymore without breaking the law and getting sued by him. The only way to listen to music will be to go to secret gigs in the middle of the night in deserts and out at sea.
    Dunno a gig in the Desert late at night? I'd be up for that, dunno what I'd actually to in the UK, build an underground Club with access in the sewers? maybe
    Yngwie will sue us for downloading. But good guy Vai will be ok with that.
    Lulu will be a classic, and the charts will be spoken word metal. Called it here first.
    Im not good at predicting the future so I hope Marty mcfly will come and bring us that "new sound".
    Everyone on here today will hate it. everyone on here todays kids will love it. sinister isn't it
    I really don't think rock will change that much. if you look at some of the big rock bands of today and look at bands 25 years ago, the instruments barely changed. I bet a hugely popular musical genius will come along (cobain, Hendrix, slash, etc..) because those have came along several times in the past. alternative music might. get a little more electronic for better or worse, and pop will stay the course
    Beiber'll be a mother by then!
    I think there will be cycles just like anything, people are already starting to rebel against the auto-tune pop scene by embracing acts like Mumford & Sons, who are about as stripped down as music gets, just like they did as grunge was a rebellion against the 80's hair metal scene. Techno was popular in the 90's then faded out, just like dubstep will, and there will be a new kind after it. As for technology, we already have innovations out there such as the Fernandes sustainers that are quite fun, and the first 3D Printed guitar was just made as well, which is the biggest jump since Ovation made a fiberglass body. The next jump I think will be putting modelers inside guitars themselves, where you set it up on a computer, then just plug and play... (Looking at you Line 6 & Axe FX!) Technology keeps getting smaller and sounding more faithful, before long I think placing a "computer" in a guitar will be the next big paradigm shift, especially cost wise. Though there will still always be those that prefer the feel of a real amp.
    The Moog Guitar might be rediscovered creating orchestra-esque metal and rock. And what about a Moog guitar with an ebow, lol
    Funny you mention that, I was in Asheville last night at a 10 Years show and never knew until then that's where Moog is based out of.
    Hopefully tool will bring a new album.that's pretty much what i want in the future for now
    People will still be listening to the Beatles.
    Dude, did you notice that we posted the exact same comment word by word at the same time. This is some crazy crazy divine coincidence.
    His was 3 minutes earlier. you copied him. you are a moron
    STFU dude. You have no clue. Haven't you realized that when you post something up it does not immediately get posted. It takes minutes and you have to refresh the page. You are the moron. As a matter of fact I have nothing to prove to you.
    it's the return of 1920's swing music
    Already happening: It's called electro swing. Parov Stelar and Caravan Palace are basically leading the movement and it's been around for at least a decade, gaining some popularity in the past few years.
    Actually, now that you mention it, my dad showed me an electro-swing band a week or so ago on YouTube. Would be cool to see more of it. And there is always Diablo Swing Orchestra.
    It will mostly be over-synthesized, overproduced, auto-tuned crap, much like it is today.
    Those things will be out by then, music in 2035 will be worse!
    The good thing about the future is, you can't kill the metal. The metal will live on.