Wednesday Question: Which Artists Should Make A Comeback?

After a year of high-profile reformations, it's time to ask you which acts should make a comeback. Place your nominations and votes here.

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2012 will eventually be seen as the year of reformations. Black Sabbath, At The Drive-In, Refused, Blue Oyster Cult, Hundred Reasons... the list goes on.

But there's plenty of awesome historic acts who really ought to reunite for the greater good of music. There are hundreds of bands to pick from, but who?

This week we're asking you to answer:

Which artists should make a comeback?

You can pick any artist from any genre, and you're welcome to have fun with it (hell, we know you will). You could also nominate an act that hasn't formally split up, but perhaps has been dormant for a bit longer than you'd like. Don't worry if the band have insisted they'll never reform in interviews - musicians like to change their mind.

There's just one rule: they have to be alive, and in a position to reunite for real (so the majority of the lineup should still be alive).

Maybe you're one of the believers who think The Smiths should reform. Maybe you wish Beck would release some proper new material. Maybe you think Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd could have one last gig in them. And damn, there better be a Fugazi nomination out there!

Post your nominations in the comments, and upvote any posts you agree with. We'll stack up the results and post them on Friday. Thanks!

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    Temple of the Dog
    So, get PJ, Soundgarden, and RATM to tour together... You'd have PJ, Soundgarden, RATM, Audioslave, and TotD togehter. Poor Chris!
    Not split up, but I think we all agree that System of a Down needs to write another album already.
    I don't think Serj has his heart in SOAD at the moment... nor will he ever sound as powerful as on Toxicity, so maybe they better let rest the legacy of System.
    Toxicity is awesome.. but over-rated as hell.. and yes, Serj IS STILL POWERFUL
    Not what I meant. He doesn't scream the way he did on Toxicity. Hasn't done that on Mezmerize/Hypnotize either and I doubt he will ever do that again. Of course, his voice itself is still very good and powerful enough for whatever he does right now. But have you heard him singing Prisong Song nowadays? Awful.
    i like his voice more now, never was a huge fan of toxicity. i finally came around when i heard byob then started liking toxicity, i was just so sick of chop suey and aerials at the time it came out bc thats all you would hear on the radio. was always a fan of their 1st album though
    let me rephrase that, i finally started really liking SOAD when i heard byob then went back and started listening to toxicity.
    The Raconteurs The Black Crowes Temple of the Dog
    I recall a thread not too long ago discussing Pearl Jam and Soundgarden touring together, and then doing some Temple of the Dog as the encore. I would SO be there for that.
    Neutral Milk Hotel and People In Planes. They're the only bands I'm really hoping they reunite
    Just FYI, they already are since 2007.
    I think he is saying that Rage should make a new comeback album; although they most likely will within the next couple of years.
    No, they have to wait for a republican president in 2016.
    Nope. Tom Morello has stated numerous times that he doesn't like, nor does he support Obama. He admits that he "drank some of the kool-aid back in 2008" but has since realized that Obama is no different of a president than any of the previous ones. They can write a new album now.
    Rage against the machine got their "rage" on during the Clinton years...Yes, the most political band of the decade was pissed during the greatest economic expansion in U.S history under a fairly liberal president. If they can be pissed at Bubba they can sure as hell be pissed at Obama.
    I hate getting into political discussions, but I'm tired of hearing credit given or taken for the economic expansion of the early/mid Nineties. Hell, with the introduction and rise of the Internet & all of the new businesses and industries it helped launch, I could have been president and the economy would have done just as well.
    Fine UG, if you insist, I'll pick Fugazi.
    Absolutely what I wanted to see when I clicked this article.
    Of course Fugazi should reunite. Can you name any other bands who you could see perform at a pizza parlour. I would also like to see Mercyful fate reunite, if only to see their live show. And it would be a good idea to get the Smiths to reunite as well, considering that Morissey claims to be retiring from music in a couple years. Also, i'm sure somebody could manage to have fun with the name for a Smith's reunion show. like 'The return of the Charming men' or 'How Soon will they reunite' or 'There is a show that will sell out'. I'll admit that my ideas are terrible, but i'm sure someone could make it work.
    The White Stripes played bowling alleys and busses.The White Stripes are my favoritee band So I'm going to go ahead and vote for them, even though it just wouldn't be the same....
    I can name bands I've seen at pizza parlors before, I don't think Fugazi would be one at this point though.
    I was just using the pizza parlors thing as an example. Even when Fugazi where at their peak in popularity they still played small venues. Tickets to see their shows where five dollars and you got a good meal while you saw them. Hard to beat a show like that.
    right on man, it's just funny you mentioned pizza parlor bc as a matter of fact theres a local pizza place where i live that has good punk shows.
    Cool, the only place in my town where guys can play is a coffeeshop, and the only guys that play there play folk music.
    that sucks, i like folk music but its so easy to be terrible at it. before i moved i was in a similar situation. all we had was a seafood restaurant where college kids would play BAD folk music and sublime covers.
    Mudvayne. I'd rather have them than HellYeah.
    My vote is for Nirvana...
    the only reason i dont find this funny is because i can actually see those *****s at Coachella use a kurt cobain hologram. i really hope that never happens..