Wednesday Question: Who's Here Underrated?

Wednesday Question has finally arrived! With absolutely no support from Axl we would like to offer yet another simple task for your pleasure and fun.

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Wednesday Question has finally arrived! With absolutely no support from Axl we would like to offer yet another simple task for your pleasure and fun.

Everybody knows who the greatest are, rarely we think of those who coulda/shoulda been great but for some reason did not become such.

Please give us your vision of the most underrated bands/musicians over the past 30 years by decade.

Here's what Hugh Gee thinks about it:

1980s Bruce Springsteen 1990s Nirvana 2000s Justin Bieber (no, really, he's good!)

If you think the poor guy's wrong, suggest your thoughts in the comments below and, like always, user with the most "likes" wins the prize 3 months of Ad Free.

A statue of St Bieber in North Korea

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    Wednesday Question: Who's Here Underrated?
    Wednesday Question: Who at UG spell checks your articles?
    80s- my elementary school band 90s- my middle school band 00s-my solo effort with pots pans and a washboard
    80's - Tenacious D 90's - Tenacious D 00's - Tenacious D I don't care that chronologically it doesn't make sense, The D's music transcends time They've travelled through space and time my friends to rock this house again
    Judging by the amount of thumbs downed comments, people are very considerate and open minded *sarcasm*
    80s - Mr. Bungle/Faith No More 90s - Alice in Chains/Faith No More 00s - Devin Townsend (and his projects)
    1980's- Dio (really, you barely hear about them when you read about metal) 1990's- Rush, but they've always been underrated. 2000's- Volbeat
    If you meant "Who here's underrated" then I would say Thin Lizzy, but since the grammar of a 3 year old was used, I won't answer the question. Let me ask you this UG, "Who's here proofreads"?
    80's - Adrian Belew 90's - Adrian Belew 00's - Adrian Belew He's so under-rated that at least half the people on here don't know who he is. He's worked with Talking Heads, NIN, King Crimson, Frank Zappa, David Bowie and the list goes on and on.
    1980's- Testament- Some of the best thrash (IMO) and they are still going at it. 1990's- Soundgarden- to me they were always over shadowed. 2000's- Dream Theater- I love all their records of the past decades and they are only just now being recognized by some of the media. (I'm preparing for thumbs down but that's really what I think)
    dawgzfan66 wrote: 80s- Metallica 90s- Nsync 00s- Avenged Sevenfold 10s- Nickelback Problem?
    I have four, actually.
    SpaceJunkie wrote: 80s- my elementary school band 90s- my middle school band 00s-my solo effort with pots pans and a washboard
    I think i have this album
    1980s Mustaine 1990s Courtney Love 2000s Troll articles on UG about them doing stupid things
    80's - The Smiths/Screaming Trees 90's - Alice in Chains/Smashing Pumpkins 00's - Tool/Alter Bridge/Zwan
    guitarguydm123 wrote: alter bridge anyone?
    best band on the planet and definetly under rated. glad im not the only one who thinks so!
    80's- Saxon. Always overshadowedd by Maiden and Priest, but they're still going stronger than ever, having released 19 studi albums in 30 odd years, and always put on a great show live. 90's- Thunder. UK rock band, released 9 studio albums, phenomenal live shows full of energy, sold out Hammersmith Apollo, played Monsters Of Rock, Download, High Voltage... and no-one's heard of them. 00's- Steel Panther. Everyone views them as a piss-take band. Including themselves. But they're extremely good at what they do. Their guitar solos are that rare thing- melodic, as much as shredding. They've released an album in the style of about 10 bands, and pulled it off. Each song you can hear their influences, but you KNOW it's a Steel Panther song. Ok, it might have something to do with the smutty lyrics, but they're a solid, hardworking band that are very good at what they do. Why complain that the have a lot of fun along the way?
    1980s-Butthole Surfers 1990s-Blind Melon 2000s-The Mars Volta Best ones I can think of at the moment...
    In my defense of my criticism of Nirvana, let me just say that a lot of what they did was exaggerated by Cobain's suicide. Also, lots of fans want to like nirvana more than they actually like nirvana.
    60's - Yardbirds/Frank Zappa/Blue Cheer 70's - Weather Report/Camel/Soft Machine/Harmonium/Uriah Heep/Gentle Giant/Caravan/Doobie Brothers/Funkadelic 80's - IQ/Sodom/Spyro Gyra/Solitude Aeturnus/Brutal Truth 90's - Electric Wizard/Kyuss/Strapping Young Lad/Shpongle/Bolt Thrower/Slowdive/Ozric Tentacles/Porcupine Tree/Boney James/Type O Negative/Paradise Lost/Windir/Summoning 2000's: Devin Townsend/InMe/M83/Alcest/Negura Bunget/Vesperian Sorrow/Sky Architect/Explosions In the Sky/God Is An Astronaut.
    80's: Megadeth. Whether they deserve to be or not, Megadeth will always be living in the shadow of Metallica. 90's: Our Lady Peace. An absolutely amazing band that (I feel) is often underrated because they're from Canada. 00's: Shinedown. They're more than just "another Nickelback" and there is more to them than the pop-oriented singles (ex. "Second Chance") they are better known for.
    90's: Cynic - The caliber of the band's skill in combining Metal with Jazz is just mind blowing. 00's: Oceansize - This band is phenomenal at fusing post-rock and alternative rock into great prog.
    70s - Magma It takes serious balls to invent your own language and sing in it, and that's exactly what this French prog-fusion band did. Long before Sigur Ros even thought of it. And their music had more to do with classical music than it did with Yes or Genesis. Their music always made me feel uneasily chaotic, but that was the whole point. Great band. 80s - Marillion Marillion were the only prog band to really carry on where bands like Genesis and Yes left off, while Genesis and Yes went on their little pop excursions. But unlike those bands, Marillion were always very song-oriented and never really played over-the-top. They're still an underrated band today, with little to no support outside of their tiny fanbase. But their fanbase is so devoted that they were able to fund an album's recording entirely through pre-orders... before a single note was even recorded! THAT is a devoted fanbase! Their material has been consistently of high quality. In fact, they've never released a bad album by any standards. 90s - King Crimson It's weird. You mention this band and immediately, you're thinking of "Red" or "21st Century Schizoid Man". Heck, some of you probably even think "Cirkus" or "Fractured". A bunch of more pop-oriented people think "Three Of A Perfect Pair" or "Thela Hun Ginjeet". But the 90s (and early 00s) brought us three wonderfully delightful albums that tend to get overlooked because of their lack of hit singles and lack of classicness: THRAK, the ConstrucKtion Of Light, and The Power To Believe. All three albums are wonderful examples of modern era prog and experimental music, and transcend the very boundaries of what it means to be in a rock band. 00s - The Dear Hunter The Dear Hunter is one of the most amazing new bands to have come out of any genre. They are considered prog, but they have a distinctly pop appeal to their music, not unlike Muse or Electric Light Orchestra, and it's all centered around the fact that Casey Crescenzo is one of the most amazing singer/songwriters in the business right now. Check out all of their albums, if you can. It's the kind of music that anyone can appreciate. Even my grandma likes this stuff. And yet, they remain almost completely unheard. There are so many more bands I could mention, like India's motherjane, Sweden's Pain Of Salvation, but the list would just get cumbersome and wild.
    80's-Megadeth. Mustaine has problems, but he's one of the most influential thrash artists of the time period. 90's-Iced Earth 00's-A7X. Yes, they may not be the most technical band in the world, but they were underrated for 2 entire albums...Nightmare is a bit of a nightmare though...
    80's: Deep Purple. (Ritchie Blackmore was the best thing that ever happened to that band.) 90's: The Foo Fighters. (Dont listen to Courtney Love....) 2000's: Young the Giant. (seriously,check out these guys.)
    Galfadez wrote: Judging by the amount of thumbs downed comments, people are very considerate and open minded *sarcasm*
    I suggest we give this guy the three months. (man am I going to get a big red one).
    I'm not sure what's more pointless -- trying or actually winning -- but here I go. 80s -- Flat Duo Jets (most people don't even know they ever existed. Although they didn't technically have much output until the 90s, I prefer the more gritty sound they had in the 80s.) 90s -- Alice in Chains (I know they were famous, but they're usually [mistakenly] lumped in with Nirvana's shadow. People seem to forget that Man in the Box was a hit before Nirvana blew up with Nevermind. They don't get/didn't get the attention they deserve.) 00s -- Chinese Democracy-era GNR (People dismiss them as a cover band, completely ignoring the fact that Chinese Democracy was a great album, and that the band is one of the best in the world right now. It's been 'cool' to hate Axl Rose for quite some time now -- seemingly only because he doesn't take anybody's shit and he doesn't keep the world up to date on his bathroom schedule -- and that just helps them to become even more underrated.)
    I do agree with Saxon in the 80s.. They kick ass! Actually listening to them while typing this!
    70s/80's - Rush. Neil ****ing Peart. 90's - Meshuggah. their ability to play in 4/4 but not play in 4/4 at the same time is ****ing brilliant 00's - Dream Theater. I love DT, but their newer stuff (Train Of Thought onwards) has been incredible. 10's - TRIVIUM. In Waves. I've said enough.