Wednesday Question: Worst Metal Album Ever?

See if you can pick out the worst metal album of all time for a chance to appear in our top 10 list this Friday.

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We love posing questions the the UG audience, because we get to tap into the knowledge of the most informed rock music community in the world every single week. But while we normally challenge you to nominate and vote for the best of something, from best guitarists to best metal riffs, we want to flip the format on its head. This week we're asking you to answer the following question:

What is the worst metal album of all time?

There's no clear cut answer, so we could see some really interesting results. It could be a lot of fun too; you don't have to just pick obviously bad albums like the ill-fated Metallica and Lou Reed album "Lulu" - you could find bands who sound so comically bad that they're actually really good. Of course, it's worth calling out beloved metal artists on their worst records too - just post your nominations in the comments below, and the voters will decide if it reaches the top 10 on Friday. You know the drill: post one nomination per comment and upvote answers that you agree with. Ready?

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    Shark Sandwich by Spinal Tap.
    Personally I think 'Intravenus de Milo' is much worse. After all it was the first record to go "bronze" (after 1 million copies were returned).
    Let's face it... this wins. Course idk if this really should be considered a metal album just because metallica is playing on it, but I upvoted anyway.
    I think it could be considered metal; it's closer to that than pretty much any other genre.
    I believe UG only came up with this poll so they can continue they're never-ending quest to bash "Lulu." Yeah, because that never gets old.
    Don't really think it counts/there's a crater where that dead horse was millions of years ago.
    actually if you take away Reed's god awful vocals, the songs could be really nice, if you could just listen to instrumental versions of the lulu album you would actually enjoy it and not cringe from Reed's vocals and 'avant-garde' lyrics. There are definitely other albums WORSE than LULU Where the music it's self is BAD like they bought their instruments from a toy store and had a mental patient for a metronome, vocals are HORRIBLE like they took a chinpanzee on drugs, and took lyrics from a foreign elementary kid.
    Lulu is definitely not metal. Just because a record has distorted guitar and james hetfield on it, it's not automatically considered as metal... And there are worse albums than Lulu in my opinion. Actually it has some pretty cool moments in it - if you don't look at it as a metal album.
    I'm not a fan of Lulu either, but it's hardly a metal album. The only thing "metal" about it is Mistress Dread, which is, in fact, just a sole guitar string being shagged into oblivion.
    Second Rate
    Agreed, Lulu is not a metal album. No matter how many votes it gets, there is no way the staff at UG should include it on the list.
    Lulu was pretty bad, but I think Iron Maiden's Virtual XI takes this one.
    I dunno I liked Virtual XI....baring Angel and the Gambler, thats long and bad and they know it
    I agree with you. That is Maiden's worst album. I can actually get into the album released before this one "The X Factor", but "Virtual XI"... NO.
    St. Anger was pretty bad too
    I actually love that album. Its a completelly different aproach to anything they had done...
    St. Anger may have been bad, but the guitar recordings were bad ass. That was a damn good MIX (bob rock again, genius at making anything metal sound good. he's like a wizard behind that desk) if you can excuse the silly snare idea and listen to how fuking heavy those guitars are. Unlike Death Magnetic where the heavy guitars sounded horribly digital and compressed. WHERE WAS THE CRUNCH?
    Total minority opinion, but I ****ing loved Virtual XI. To fly further in the face of that, I cannot stand Maiden's first 2 albums - to this day I refuse to add them to my collection even for the sake of completeness.
    Iron maiden's debut is a great album. Okay, it lacks a bit of polish, but there're a lot of good songs on that album. Transylvania, Prowler, Phantom of the Opera, Running Free... I agree with you about Killers though, it has maybe 2 good songs (murders and wrathchild), and has the unfortunate title of being the album that Papa Roach stole from- listen to Genhgis Khan and Last Resort...
    Actually I find Virtual XI to be pretty good. Granted, The Angel and the Gambler is a bit tiring, but otherwise it has some of their best tracks from the 90s, such as The Clansman and The Educated Fool. Fear of the Dark had its fair share of good tracks as well, but came out as a lot more dull than the other albums from that period.
    Bullshit. I'm 100% certain most people who vote Virtual XI as the worst never even gave it a decent listen. The Educated Fool is one of my all time favorite Maiden songs, and The Clansman, Lightning Strikes Twice, Como Estais Amigos, Futureal are all great songs. Just because Bruce doesn't sing doesn't instantly make it bad. In fact, with Blaze the album worked a lot better than it would've with Bruce IMO.
    I remember paying nearly 15 for Virtual XI, getting home and thinking "what the F*CK is this!?!"...beyond terrible.
    I don't know if I would say that it's better than Death Magnetic, but I personally didn't think it was any worse, either.