Wednesday Question: Worst Metal Album Ever?

See if you can pick out the worst metal album of all time for a chance to appear in our top 10 list this Friday.

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We love posing questions the the UG audience, because we get to tap into the knowledge of the most informed rock music community in the world every single week.

But while we normally challenge you to nominate and vote for the best of something, from best guitarists to best metal riffs, we want to flip the format on its head.

This week we're asking you to answer the following question:

What is the worst metal album of all time?

There's no clear cut answer, so we could see some really interesting results. It could be a lot of fun too; you don't have to just pick obviously bad albums like the ill-fated Metallica and Lou Reed album "Lulu" - you could find bands who sound so comically bad that they're actually really good.

Of course, it's worth calling out beloved metal artists on their worst records too - just post your nominations in the comments below, and the voters will decide if it reaches the top 10 on Friday.

You know the drill: post one nomination per comment and upvote answers that you agree with. Ready?

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    Poison (Hair Metal) could fill this entire list with their discography...Look What the Cat Dragged In is my vote tho.
    Hair metal in general could fill this list.
    Way Cool JR.
    LOL...Not even close.
    You spelled n-metal and modern metal wrong, although, to be fair, a lot of modern metal isn't especially bad - it's just bland as hell and incredibly generic.
    Woah. Poison are awesome, but even so I don't think they should be brought into this. They're hardly metal. It's like saying G'n'R are metal. As for the guy who doesn't like Cinderella, well that's more blues rock, and they're incredible. Go listen to Long Cold Winter and then say they suck.
    They suck.
    Say what you will about 80s glam metal, or whatever genre they're shunted into, but at least bands like Poison, Crue and Skid Row etc could and still can string together memorable songs, harmonies and play a f'kin' guitar solo. Bleed From Within won an award for best new band, and I'm gutted that metal has lowered itself to recognising bands like them in such high regard.
    My vote for Frequency Unknown by Tate's-ryche
    If you're gonna go further down to see what's being voted don't bother. Every nominee is either Megadeth, Metallica, Iron Maiden or Black Sabbath's worst album showing the UG community as a whole has heard 4 metal bands.
    Korn's Path of Totality
    LOL, not even metal, but I upvote XD
    What defines a band as "Metal"?
    A solid material that is typically hard, shiny, malleable, fusible, and ductile, with good electrical and thermal conductivity. Even that definition says "typically." Come on guys, let's not try and do what can't be done.
    Listen to some Sabbath, Priest, Megadeth, etc. You will get the picture.
    Implying that I haven't.....
    Stop acting like an elitist genre prick. Metal is metal. You don't need examples. You'll know it when you hear it.
    I hate when people get caught up in what genre a band is. Does it really matter much if someone says it's metal or if it's hard rock, or nu-metal? To me half of punk bands could be called metal as well... All that matters is if you like it or not. Not the genre.
    I'm not 100% who you're directing that towards.
    If you're directing that at me, I wasn't directing it at anyone. I was speaking in generalization. I'm just saying that people get caught up in what genre a band is or isn't way too ****ing much.
    Nope. I agree with what you're saying tho. However UG needs to make a clear way of directing messages or comments to a specific user rather than stacking it all up in one cluster.
    Le Fantome
    You mean like the reply button? >.> Edit: Wow, nope, nevermind. You are right, this is a shitty way of organizing comments.
    Metalheads are the biggest music snobs, no wonder they are outcasts and loners.
    most of us are married and live happy outgoing lives mate. dunno where youve got that from? maybe youre referring to a 14 year old confused "goth" going through puberty, too shy to talk. cus you haven't described any of us. you just made yourself look like a tit.
    Haha. Sooo true. I don't care what comment actually wins the medal on this thread. Your. Moment is winner in my eyes.
    Because the Ultimate guitar forums can totally generalise the whole Metalhead community. *Logic*
    Guns N' Chains
    solidrevolver19, I refrained from commenting on your "Thrash is irrelevant" comment in the Dave Mustaine article. But not here.... 1. Thrash is NOT irrelevant. The Smashing Pumpkins are irrelevant. 2. I'm proud to be a Metalhead and be an outcast and a "loner" like you generalize. Its always been that way, and always will. So I ask, why are you even on here? I think you're just depressed you listen to the Smashing Pumpkins. Sorry, sensible Smashing Pumpkins fans. I do think they are a good band and I respect their music.
    I know you're just taking the piss out of the other guy, but... "The Smashing Pumpkins are irrelevant" I'm pretty sure "Oceania" got a ton of fellatio from the rock press last year. (Sorry if anything, I'm too much of a SP fanboy)
    Lol SP irrelevant? Yeah that's why their latest album sold well than the majority of thrash bands.
    says the loser who's on a metal post
    I actually enjoy metal but I don't label myself a "metalhead" because labels are stupid and those who label themselves "metalheads" are the most ignorant *****s who would put you down for your music, I'm not saying all of them are but the majority of metalheads are close mind douchebags.
    Sound maybe?
    What is a "Metal" sound?
    It's the sound similar to the first Metallica albums, Black Sabbath's Paranoid and Megadeth's Rust in Peace.
    So by that, anything that doesn't sound like anything from Kill 'em all to Puppets, Megadeth's RiP and Sabbath's Paranoid isn't "Metal"? So bands like Maiden, Pantera, Opeth, In Flames, Slayer, and etc aren't "Metal"? That sounds rather silly.
    Dude he has a linkin park avatar. The argument should've ended after his first comment.
    If you're talking about Pure metal, it's classical music brought in electrical and high gain sounds. But that's only for pure metal, now there's over a 100 sub-genre which makes it impossible to describe all sub-genre as one specific sound
    Take any word... any word at all... Spoon, for example... put CORE at the end as a suffix and VOILA! a new metal sub-genre that pretty much sounds like the last. Now Im going to go record my new spooncore album.
    Can I get a copy when it's done? I'm a connoisseur of eatery-based music, such as forkpop and knifegaze.
    You do realise the 'Core' part in certain genres refers to hardcore, a punk genre, right???
    Path of Totality was KORN's worst album ever. You could hardly call that experiment a metal album could you. Was more like a day out with Skrillex. Korn definitely are metal though, if you'd care to release your brains from that whole sub-genre thing. They're loud and heavy, ie; it's metal. For the longest time I'd have answered this question with Opeth - Heritage, but now I like it. End of the day there are so many shitty metal bands out there it's impossible to answer the question. (I swear they only post these articles to make us all argue).
    Trivium-In Waves. Very disapointing.
    Just bc YOU thought it was disappointing does NOT make this the worst metal album ever. Those guitar solos are great btw.
    Anthrax - Stomp 442 Van Halen - III Iron Maiden - Virtual XI Korn - Take a Look in the Mirror Marilyn Manson - Eat Me Drink Me
    I agree with your list maybe instead of Eat Me Drink Me by MM, Born Villan. In my opinion it is way worse.
    Korn - Korn III or Untitled
    Untitled was a good album. Kiss is the most emotionally charged song of their career, Hushabye was pretty catchy too. Evolution isn't their best single but it had a nice dark vide to it.
    People are going to put what they think sucks, and then people are gonna get all pissed, but you cant put Virtual X1 as the worst metal album of all time just because it is the bands weakest, its a good album and people are just putting that down because of angel and the gambler.
    And is it even their weakest? i Think its more inspired than Prayer for the Dying and Fear of The Dark, where they have a lot of repeat songs and stuff that just doesnt work. Maybe people mostly remembers the handful of good songs from those albums and the handful of bad songs from Virtual XI? Or maybe im just wrong, but i think Virtual XI is a lot more refreshing than Fear of the Dark.
    I think that 2 of the albums that at least should make it to the Top 10 are BFMV's Temper Temper and Metallica's St. Anger. Face it, St. Anger was bad. Not #1 though
    Death Magnetic. I ****ing hate that album. HATE. With a passion.
    Im kinda with you on that, i dont really know what it is. I listened to it a lot and one day it just dawned on me that i really couldnt stand it, even though i wanted to love it. I think its the snare drum segues between riffs.
    i may be judging a book by its cover here since i dont listen to as much metal as i did growing up, but i'll assume a manowar album would be the worst metal album ever (or they at least should win an award for silliest looking)
    Megadeth - The World Needs A Hero. To be fair I like some...SOME songs in that album like Disconnect or the title song(so cheesy ) but when it comes to "heavy" songs...geeez, they are really bad !
    rust in peace by megadeth sucked
    Care to go a bit more in depth why you think that?For me its a iconic metal album which usually tops best metal album lists.
    its so boring all it is is long as verses and soloing for like 10 minutes strait in every songand dave mustaine is a douchbag and megadeth suck
    Hmm most of the songs are between 4-6 mins long so its hardly solos for 10 minutes straight.Plus with two talented guitarists like mustaine and friedman you would expect lots of solos.Mustaine is a douche and megadeth do release some amount of shite but rust is a solid album
    Temper Temper - BFMV I would say mostly anything by Slipknot, I just don't get into them. Their worst would be their S/T album. Devildriver - S/T afterwards it got a bit better. And even though I really like Sepultura, Roorback wasn't good.
    Slipknot's s/t album is probably the only one that holds up. Worst would definitely be All Hope is Gone.
    tuh hah miss
    The lighter songs on there were rather good, I thought. Seems they lost their energy in the heavier stuff, though.
    Seriously!? 'St Anger'? 'Risk'? These albums aren't the worst metal albums ever. There's only one album I'm truly afraid to listen to, too ashamed to admit to owning, DEPRESSED that it even exists... and that is Spells of Fear by Belladonna. I love Anthrax and I was super happy Joey came back for the awesome Worship Music, but jeeeeezus christ. If anything was ever 'recorded with a potato/toaster/microwave', it was Spells of Fear. It's a recording so poor it makes my very first college recordings sound like Benny and Bjorn. The worst part is that the music is almost entirely irredeemable too! Maybe it was in reaction to being fired or the direction Anthrax took after he left, but I'm just not convinced as to what really led Joey to not only write music totally unsuitable for his voice, but to think he should produce it too!!?
    But they arent thrash, they are different. And fans dont like things that are different, especially if it isnt thrash :p.
    I'd say Black Sabbath's "13" absolutely sucked. It was definitely the most disappointing thing I've ever heard.
    While I dont think it was the WORST metal album, I was definitely disappointed. It might be THEIR worst album and yes, I've heard Technical Ecstasy.
    Not exactly everybody's cup of tea (including me), but All That Remains' new album is awful. A War You Cannot Win, or whatever. I used to love that band, but damn. I guess it's hard to release a second This Darkened Heart or Fall of Ideals.
    Raven -The Pack is Back (given up trying to learn how to embed images after 5 mins. No wonder I can't sweep pick)
    Face R1pper
    Out of all the NWOBHM albums, how could you pick Raven as the worst?
    It's not a comment on Raven as a band. The album after, Life's a Bitch, was quite a good NWOBHM album but The Pack is Back is awful. Dreadful album cover too!
    Face R1pper
    Wow that surprises me. I haven't actually listened to that album yet, but from knowing their first three albums I can't image anything that awful coming from them. Especially compared to albums like The Cage.
    Face R1pper
    Well this is a really stupid question because the worst metal album is obviously going to be something very few people have heard of. And its just a lame attempt to start a bunch of arguments. But I'll go ahead and mention Sad Iron's "The Antichrist". I can't imagine who thought it was a good idea to publish this record.
    von gelb
    Okay, I get your message but I think the vocals on the Sad Iron record are better than the vocals on the Future Tense record. So, I'll say Future Tense still takes the cake.
    Limp Bizkit - Gold Cobra
    Absolutely! People saying "Chocolate Starfish..." need to listen to the song "Douchebag" alone and they will immediately agree! Upvoted!
    COB - Relentless Reckless Forever
    Anything metalcore. Since it doesnt have anything to do with metal exept for the stolen name its whats worth the no. 1 spot. Core music is the next lowest gerne in the music world next to the pop. Both of them are visual, had potential in the begining but f*cked up so hard.
    Listen to Between The Buried And Me, Becoming the Archetype, DIllinger Escape Plan (just because they are mathcore doesn't mean they aren't also metalcore), August Burns Red, and A Plea For Purging and come back.
    Dillinger isn't metalcore. They have very few of the same qualities. Listen to Killswitch or ABR and then listen to Dillinger - tell me they have anything in common.
    Death Magnetic, the worst metallica recording EVER (in what to sound quality concerns)
    I'm sure all the albums mentioned so far are bad (as a huge Metallica fan, Death Magnetic has only gotten worse with time) but I'm gonna have to go with Pantera's debut hair metal album "Pantera's Metal Magic". Despite Dimebag's stellar guitar work, it can't save the album. Listen to Ride my Rocket. Its so cheesy.
    Jethro Tull's Crest of a Knave should be eligible for thanks to the '88 Grammy awards.
    Anything by Inverti in Darkness
    Bahahahahahahaha, I laughed the whole way through that. Love the girl sitting in background, don't think she is too impressed lol
    I could manage to sit and listen to this whole thing. The same thing can't be said about Lulu.