Wednesday Question: Worst Reunions?

What are the most disappointing band reunions of all it time? Post your nominations here.

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The worst reunions in the world can often be bands who were once great. But no matter how good they once were, they have to either live up to (and even exceed) expectations - because if not, their reputation is ruined forever. Sometimes a reunion isn't bad and they sound better - but secretly fans wish they stayed away from the limelight and just left their integrity and reputation intact. There's nothing rock n’ roll about cashing in because you're out of money. This week's question is:

What are the worst band reunions ever?

There's plenty to choose from over the past few years, with 2012 being a particularly popular year for comebacks. Remember how Billy Corgan accused Soundgarden of making "another round at the till?" Or maybe you're more against the likes of the beloved Nirvana teaming up with Paul McCartney - something which offended plenty of Nirvana purists. That's the kind of thinking we're after. Post one band per comment, and up vote other nominations that you agree with. We'll round up the results and post them in a top 10 this week. Good luck!

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    The Backstreet Boys. I worked at a graphics shop at the time of their reunion, and had to make (by hand) 12,000 Backstreet Boys buttons and print/cut 6,000 Backstreet Boys cutouts. You can only imagine what this does to a person mentally.
    well... you took the job...
    Haha, I'm not complaining about the job, just answering the article question and sharing my experience why. That was actually a one off case, I otherwise really enjoyed working there.
    Guns 'N Roses. They need Slash back.
    G'n'R is not a reunion. In fact, they are pretty much the exact opposite of that....
    Agreed. For a reunion the original members of the band need to get back together, and with G n' R that just isn't going to happen.
    They need to bring in Slash, kick out Axl.
    I would be pleased with Myles Kennedy as new singer
    I was recently turned onto the idea of M. Shadows from Avenged Sevenfold replacing Axl. I think that would be pretty amazing.
    I understand this post is hugely-disliked by the community, but I stand by it. I still think Shadows could do a great job covering Axl's vocals.
    Shadows- maybe. Kennedy- no thank you.
    Shadows and Kennedy are terrible. I don't care if Axl opens his mouth and literal shiit comes out of it... he's still better than both of these tweenwave jokers. Slash was lucky he had Axl in front first, if he didn't he'd be nowhere lamenting he wasn't in poison.
    Consensus: Forum users are gay for Myles Kennedy
    This is true. I knew I was going to get downvoted back to the stoneage, but I can't stand the fanboy love for such a mediocre and mostly annoying voice. Slash's recent solo album is almost unlistenable because of Kennedy's lacking performance.
    Your opinion, but you should check out Alter Bridge, no one's voice can compliment the instruments like his, just saying.
    I'd be happier if Izzy came back instead. To me, he was the heart of the band and unsung hero.
    sad to say but axl cant sing and perform no more, he's like a fat mickey mouse
    Even if you are both right, then it's no reunion. The RnR Hall of Fame performance was simply NOT a reunion. To be honest I think a GnR reunion is the worst thing that could happen. It's like making a movie of a great television show that ended, it will never have the magic it had when it was still popular. Slash going his own way is the best thing he could have done, seeing as how he produced 2 insanely good records and is kicking ass live. As for the current "Guns 'N Roses", im objective, I've seen them live, they were not good.
    Take the name Guns 'N Roses away and you have an overweight, terrible man, who has lost the majority of talent he once had and is in no way, by himself, "Rock n Roll", murdering great songs, with a very restrained band. The term "Reunion" seems a bit too complimentary. Everyone go see Slash.
    Chinese Democracy was an okay metal album, it ain't worthy of the GN'R name, but it ain't piss poor
    Technically GnR never quit. So not really a reunion. Having said that, maybe Axl still deserves the No. 1 spot.
    The Misfits
    do you mean the one with michale graves or the more recent one with jerry only fronting the band?
    Jerry Only.. I don't know if they were broken up between Graves and the newest album, but his singing and new stuff is bad, and he's the only original member. Graves didn't put anything remarkable out either but they at least had a few good songs with him. Get Danzig back.
    Does a potential new album from Slayer without Jeff Hanneman count as a bad reunion?
    I too have a similar question, "IF" this PanterA reunion happens with Zakk Wylde or anyone else besides Dime, it would earn my vote.
    IMO, Zakk is the only person who has any right to play Dime's stuff with the other survivors. "Best friend" is not a very metal-term, yet it applied to Zakk and Dime like few others. Pantera Isn'tt my band, though. As much as I want a reunion, it's not like I can do very much. Rest in peace, Dime.
    lol "Best friend is not a very metal-term" what the **** does that mean?
    I would have to stay SKID ROW. No offense to Johnny Solinger, he is great in his own ways, but fans couldn't help comparing him with Sebastian Bach until now.
    Nero Galon
    They were playing in my town which is a really small venue, with them was UGLY KID JOE.
    I played a show with them in the summer. Johnny Solinger is a great singer and they really put on a good show, fans just can't/couldnt get over that Bach isnt the singer
    KISS should be on the list as well. They are way better with Ace Frehley and Peter Criss.
    Just for not being unique enough to give Tommy and Eric two original characters. Gene is just getting money off of Peter and Ace's characters.
    Well, they had one reunion in 1996 (with all original members). And that's what I would call a real reunion. The new Kiss with Tommy and Eric isn't a reunion. So Kiss reunion was in 1996, not when Eric and Tommy joined the band.
    It was a real reunion at the begining, but Peter Criss played very bad imo, the best part of that era is in 2001, when the line up got together Eric Singer and Ace Frehley! They had a really nice groove going on on stage!KISS Jammin and Gene spits the dummy!
    don't know why the video disapeared
    I was waiting for someone to say KISS
    The new Sublime (Sublime with Rome, wtv) is pretty terrible if you ask me.
    I agree.. old sublime was rad.. the new sublime sounds too Bruno Mars ish.. imo
    you know whos better than the new sublime? Badfish. They are a better Sublime than Sublime currently is
    Fall Out Boy
    While I don't usually agree with UG's "FALL OUT BOY SUCKS" circlejerk, I have to say their reunion has been godawful.
    Pax Am Days was actually awesome, really organic old school punk. It was a weird sound for Fall Out Boy, but I loved it. Save Rock n Roll WAS pretty mediocre, though.
    Queen without Freddie Mercury?
    Creed is pretty lame nowadays....
    Nowadays???? Didnt know there was a time when they wernt lame
    whats lame about wearing ironed leather jeans with a tank top pretending your jesus and always sing about lame things while sounding like you have balls in your mouth..... oh wait
    Creed is Alter Bridge nowadays. Minus Scott Stapp.
    2004 van halen reunion with sammy hagar, eddie was a wreck and shouldn't have been allowed to tour
    I like the David Lee Roth era than than the Sammy Hagar era because with Roth, they were original. With Hagar, it was more Van Hagar than Van Halen, and Hagar was more in it for the money than the music IMO.
    Creed. I don't think most people even know they're back together.
    What's with all the hating on Creed? Yea, Scott Stapp was a pretty big DB at times but they had a lot of good, catchy songs. Also, Mark Tramonti is also part of Creed and a pretty kick-ass guitar player. I understand the hate for Scott but he's not the only Creed member.
    Creed are embarrassing cash grabbing grunge rip offs... that's what's with the hating on them. Shame on you for having a Tool graphic avatar. Maynard would choke you out if he knew you were defending Creed.
    Would you say the same about Alter Bridge then? Essentially same band minus Scott. Choking is too normal for Maynard; he might sit on me and hump me for 7 minutes but I doubt he'd choke me.
    I can't stand Alter Bridge either... so dry and generic sounding... Tremonti sounds like he practices a lot, but the songs and tone aren't there. Just mindless blast beats and sweeps for the Affliction Tee Shirt Tweenwave crowd... Toss up between who's worse Stapp or Kennedy too. Nothing to either voice. Yep just listened to some AlterBridge on youtube... or at least I tried as it's unlistenable.
    I wasn't hating. It was just an observation. They used to be huge in the beginning of the 21th century. I bet most people can't name 1 new song from Full Circle. Oh, and Mark Tremonti skipped out on a new Creed album because he rather plays with Alter Bridge and his solo project.
    When I was little, Scott Stapps voice always gave me a migraine in the worst way.
    The Doors. Every reunion show they're done. There is no replacement for Morrison.
    Agreed. Though I must say that I found it very enjoyable to see Krieger and Manzarek play together
    And that's what it's about. I disagree that it was 'bad'. I saw them live, and they were as tight as can be as a band. Nobody expects Morrison, nobody wants a replacement, and they knew that. They just wanted to bring this music live to people that never would've had the chance to see them back in the day. If you expect a replacement for Morrison, your expectations are the problem here. They did great shows, absolutely not among 'the worst'.
    I agree as well. Though I also agree they were in great form. It's just that, while I agree no one can or will replace Morrison, Ian Astbury just, I don't know, he just really dropped the ball. Like, hard. I hate to say it, because the Cult (And the Doors) are in my top 10 fave bands and both are in my top 10 fave singers, but he really missed the mark with me.
    The newest Van Halen reunion was pretty awful IMO
    A Different Kind of Truth is a great album, but from what I've heard their gigs have been mediocre.
    That damn Tattoo song was terrible, I still can't believe it got airtime on rock stations
    The rest of the album was in a completely different league from Tattoo though. Honestly, I don't even treat it as a part of the album, the 2nd song on the album feels like the real 1st song.
    Huh. Guess I'll have to give the album a listen. I heard Tattoo and thought screw that, but if the other songs are different...
    I thought the album was pretty good and had that old school VH sound. Of course that could be because 90% of the album was taken from a demo tape they did for Gene Simmons back before they got signed...
    Tattoo was more a safe, radio friendly lead single. It wasn't the ball breaker we were all anticipating, but it's still a good song in all rights. That being said, the rest of the album is entirely different, a true Van Halen album.
    maybe im being biased but van halen is my favorite band of all time and i loved the new album. was it their best? no, but its the best thing they have done in 15 years. it was my album of the year for 2012 and i jammed it everyday for months. eddies playing was top notch and hit tone was great. dave was the weakest part of the album tho
    Very True, I seen them in 2012 and the Hagar reunion in 2004 - Van Hagar was way better.
    Van Hagar was more of Sammy Hagar, like nobody else payed attention to Eddie, Alex, or Michael Anthony. Van Halen was way better than Van Hagar.
    Sleeping in
    No Doubt
    Agreed, and the album eas awful, sounded more like watered down Roxette than No Doubt (Wrap your head around that one).
    I would say Smashing Pumpkins had been pretty average without its original line up, however 'Oceania' proved to be a very decent effort
    I agree, I really enjoyed Oceania, but all in all, I don't know, I like the new line-up, it will never be the same as it used to be but I wouldn't consider the new Pumpkins as one of the worst reunions.
    I view the new "Smashing pumpkins" in the same way as I do with Guns and roses - it's not the Smashing pumpkins anymore, it's just a Billy Corgan solo project with the name slapped on top of it.
    Well there's one huge difference between GnR and SPs situations, GnR were a group effort and with only Axl left a huge part of their sound changed. SP has and always will be The Billy Corgan Experience and he has, for better or for worse decided to always change style between albums, which has led fans of SP to belive that the other members had anything to do with the music (althrough Jimmy Chamberlain is sorely missed)
    The difference for me is that Billy was always the creative force behind the band, and wrote virtually all of their songs singlehandedly... Axl, not so much.
    Billy seems to still have total control of the entire process of the band. Doesn't sound like there is creative input from the other members. It looks like he's trying to mimic the 90's lineup as well. A female bassist, East Asian descendant guitarist and I'm sure the drummer is a heroin addict.
    Oh, and... Queen with Adam Lambert, - which was so reviled it killed the Sonisphere festival in the UK.
    Snakes 'N Barrels
    imo, nirvana without curt is like pizza without dough.
    so like, lasagna?
    black about a new album art...
    Eagles without DON FELDER (Melbourne, Farewell Tour)
    Black Flag
    I hate to say it but Black Sabbath. You're missing an original member, One of them is sick and can't really tour for much longer, and on top of that, I don't care what people say, 13 was a mediocre album.
    I was with you before I sat and listened to the album with nothing else going on. It's actually a great album if you don't pay attention to the lyrics.
    Queen with Paul Rodgers. Actually it felt more like Paul Rodgers with Queen
    it pains me to say but The Police. I saw them he last tour cough-cashgrab-cough and it was horrible. I've loved these guys since I was 6yo. The worst part was they had a big screen behind them with little to no graphics on it except when the played Walking in your Footsteps - and what do you figure they put on the screen?? Giant f cking dinosaur skeletons I immediately thought that the last things these guys need to show on a screen is dinosaurs - that's what they sounded and looked like. Balls.
    I thought the police reunion was great! They played the songs great and gave them different arrangements because who expects a alive song to be played note for note like on the studio records?
    Zeppelin at Live Aid in '85
    didn't they just do this back in August?
    Germs without Darby Crash
    Also, the New Pixies record didn't impress me at all.
    The reunion with the original band back in the mid 00's was great, they gave great shows an all. But now that Kim left the band and they released the new EP ... meh, it just didn't impress me either.
    I'd have to say the 2004 Van Halen reunion. Their newest album is way better than that terrible reunion.
    At the drive-in.
    Omar looked like he was forced into it, don't blame him though, any punk influenced band doing a reunion of their 'younger' work is always going to be balls.
    Mjeh. Refused worked out pretty well. Saw them at Way Out West. Brilliant show.
    Didn't he actually say that he only did it for the money? Or was that Cedric? They should probably just leave it be, i suspect they only did it because of fan demand.
    Fall Out Boy. I wasn't even aware they broke up but now that I am aware I do not require further convincing that this is the worst reunion ever
    Steps by far, half their hits were covers for goodness sake
    Agent 00Awesome
    I'll say Guns n Roses.
    I don't recall them ever splitting up, just the firing and quitting of original members...
    Fall Out Boy...they should have stayed down in hell.
    Personally, im not massively convinced by the Thin Lizzy "reunion" or whatever you'd call it..
    Not really a reunion. It's technically a new band mostly consisting of members from Thin Lizzy.
    Suppose haha. Bottom line is, i dont think very many of the 'big' bands, such as lizzy, gnr, zeppelin or anyone like that can ever really get away with a "reunion" of sorts. Just think most people see/remember them as the band from their childoods - and want that memory to stay like that. Obviously some bands can pull it off, but i think theres a limit when they just need to say "that'll do"
    Guns N' Roses
    Guns N Roses without Slash
    Kiss, to me they just don't have the sound they used to :/
    Tank without Algy... Total FRAUD!
    Jane's Addiction.
    Even if you're not a fan of their new material, their live shows are still spot on and really energetic. If they never reunited I wouldn't have been able to see one of the best concerts of my life, man. Gotta downvote you.
    Sex Pistols? Nobody? That reunion show was awful.
    They've never been that "awesome" they were lucky to be on the right spot at the right time
    black about a new album art...
    If Slayer makes a new album, and announces the current line up as "Slayer", as much as I love the band, it would count as a bad reunion!
    Limp Bizkit. I feel like if they fired Fred, they would be able to put out a decent enough album, but I can't get away from the fact that he's such a douche. Much like Axl Rose.
    The Straits, it's pretty lame to play the Dire Straits music without the one and only Mark Knopfler
    Didn't we already do this...?