Wednesday Question: Worst Reunions?

What are the most disappointing band reunions of all it time? Post your nominations here.

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The worst reunions in the world can often be bands who were once great. But no matter how good they once were, they have to either live up to (and even exceed) expectations - because if not, their reputation is ruined forever. Sometimes a reunion isn't bad and they sound better - but secretly fans wish they stayed away from the limelight and just left their integrity and reputation intact. There's nothing rock n’ roll about cashing in because you're out of money. This week's question is:

What are the worst band reunions ever?

There's plenty to choose from over the past few years, with 2012 being a particularly popular year for comebacks. Remember how Billy Corgan accused Soundgarden of making "another round at the till?" Or maybe you're more against the likes of the beloved Nirvana teaming up with Paul McCartney - something which offended plenty of Nirvana purists. That's the kind of thinking we're after. Post one band per comment, and up vote other nominations that you agree with. We'll round up the results and post them in a top 10 this week. Good luck!

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    The newest Van Halen reunion was pretty awful IMO
    maybe im being biased but van halen is my favorite band of all time and i loved the new album. was it their best? no, but its the best thing they have done in 15 years. it was my album of the year for 2012 and i jammed it everyday for months. eddies playing was top notch and hit tone was great. dave was the weakest part of the album tho
    Very True, I seen them in 2012 and the Hagar reunion in 2004 - Van Hagar was way better.
    Van Hagar was more of Sammy Hagar, like nobody else payed attention to Eddie, Alex, or Michael Anthony. Van Halen was way better than Van Hagar.
    A Different Kind of Truth is a great album, but from what I've heard their gigs have been mediocre.
    That damn Tattoo song was terrible, I still can't believe it got airtime on rock stations
    Tattoo was more a safe, radio friendly lead single. It wasn't the ball breaker we were all anticipating, but it's still a good song in all rights. That being said, the rest of the album is entirely different, a true Van Halen album.
    The rest of the album was in a completely different league from Tattoo though. Honestly, I don't even treat it as a part of the album, the 2nd song on the album feels like the real 1st song.
    Huh. Guess I'll have to give the album a listen. I heard Tattoo and thought screw that, but if the other songs are different...
    I thought the album was pretty good and had that old school VH sound. Of course that could be because 90% of the album was taken from a demo tape they did for Gene Simmons back before they got signed...
    Beach Boys? im assuming the reunion sucked as much as them uniting in the first place, however i wouldn't know as i don't care.
    I'd have to say the 2004 Van Halen reunion. Their newest album is way better than that terrible reunion.
    Personally, im not massively convinced by the Thin Lizzy "reunion" or whatever you'd call it..
    Not really a reunion. It's technically a new band mostly consisting of members from Thin Lizzy.
    Suppose haha. Bottom line is, i dont think very many of the 'big' bands, such as lizzy, gnr, zeppelin or anyone like that can ever really get away with a "reunion" of sorts. Just think most people see/remember them as the band from their childoods - and want that memory to stay like that. Obviously some bands can pull it off, but i think theres a limit when they just need to say "that'll do"
    Guns N' Roses, though I'd hardly call that a reunion. For bands with a fair number of returning members, I wasn't too particularly fond of hearing that Fall Out Boy was back. I had to be subjected to their old music on car trips for a while, and then had to cope with hearing their new single, My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark, over and over and over and over and over again on radio at work. That band saved rock and roll by breaking up in the first place.
    INXS have never had a good reunion but Black Sabbaths reunion album this year was terrible
    The Led Zeppelin reunion for Live Aid back in the 80s, Page ****ed on drugs, Plant couldn't sing worth shit, hell Ozzy is the same age as him and blew him away. Plus Phil Collins ruining Whole Lotta Love with that other drummer alongside him. Another reunion would be the Germs, **** Shane West.
    The Straits, it's pretty lame to play the Dire Straits music without the one and only Mark Knopfler
    The Pink Floyd reunion is the worst in my opinion, because although it was a momentous occasion, they should have played a full show instead of a mere 25 minutes.
    Fall Out Boy
    Pax Am Days was actually awesome, really organic old school punk. It was a weird sound for Fall Out Boy, but I loved it. Save Rock n Roll WAS pretty mediocre, though.
    While I don't usually agree with UG's "FALL OUT BOY SUCKS" circlejerk, I have to say their reunion has been godawful.
    The Misfits
    do you mean the one with michale graves or the more recent one with jerry only fronting the band?
    Jerry Only.. I don't know if they were broken up between Graves and the newest album, but his singing and new stuff is bad, and he's the only original member. Graves didn't put anything remarkable out either but they at least had a few good songs with him. Get Danzig back.
    Fleetwood Mac... januari 1993. thanks clinton, for letting them make that awful song for your campaign.
    I would say Smashing Pumpkins had been pretty average without its original line up, however 'Oceania' proved to be a very decent effort
    Billy seems to still have total control of the entire process of the band. Doesn't sound like there is creative input from the other members. It looks like he's trying to mimic the 90's lineup as well. A female bassist, East Asian descendant guitarist and I'm sure the drummer is a heroin addict.
    I agree, I really enjoyed Oceania, but all in all, I don't know, I like the new line-up, it will never be the same as it used to be but I wouldn't consider the new Pumpkins as one of the worst reunions.
    I view the new "Smashing pumpkins" in the same way as I do with Guns and roses - it's not the Smashing pumpkins anymore, it's just a Billy Corgan solo project with the name slapped on top of it.
    Well there's one huge difference between GnR and SPs situations, GnR were a group effort and with only Axl left a huge part of their sound changed. SP has and always will be The Billy Corgan Experience and he has, for better or for worse decided to always change style between albums, which has led fans of SP to belive that the other members had anything to do with the music (althrough Jimmy Chamberlain is sorely missed)
    The difference for me is that Billy was always the creative force behind the band, and wrote virtually all of their songs singlehandedly... Axl, not so much.
    Creed. I don't think most people even know they're back together.
    What's with all the hating on Creed? Yea, Scott Stapp was a pretty big DB at times but they had a lot of good, catchy songs. Also, Mark Tramonti is also part of Creed and a pretty kick-ass guitar player. I understand the hate for Scott but he's not the only Creed member.
    When I was little, Scott Stapps voice always gave me a migraine in the worst way.
    I wasn't hating. It was just an observation. They used to be huge in the beginning of the 21th century. I bet most people can't name 1 new song from Full Circle. Oh, and Mark Tremonti skipped out on a new Creed album because he rather plays with Alter Bridge and his solo project.
    Creed are embarrassing cash grabbing grunge rip offs... that's what's with the hating on them. Shame on you for having a Tool graphic avatar. Maynard would choke you out if he knew you were defending Creed.
    Would you say the same about Alter Bridge then? Essentially same band minus Scott. Choking is too normal for Maynard; he might sit on me and hump me for 7 minutes but I doubt he'd choke me.
    I can't stand Alter Bridge either... so dry and generic sounding... Tremonti sounds like he practices a lot, but the songs and tone aren't there. Just mindless blast beats and sweeps for the Affliction Tee Shirt Tweenwave crowd... Toss up between who's worse Stapp or Kennedy too. Nothing to either voice. Yep just listened to some AlterBridge on youtube... or at least I tried as it's unlistenable.
    Crazy Town. Their one and only hit was only popular because they sampled another band's song. For some reason they think people are dying for a comeback album.
    Limp Bizkit. I feel like if they fired Fred, they would be able to put out a decent enough album, but I can't get away from the fact that he's such a douche. Much like Axl Rose.
    Lynard Skynard
    First, it's Lynyrd Skynyrd. Second, I saw them two years ago at the Illinois State Fair, and despite there only being two original members, those old guys still know how to rock and put on a helluva show.
    yeah, they may not put out studio stuff to rival their older works, but they put on a hell of a live show.
    I saw em at the LA County Fair in September, they looked bored as hell on stage. Gives me hope that I just saw them on a bad night.
    How is this even a relevant question? It's just another excuses to b!tch about something in the comments. (which ironicaly is exactly what I'm doing right now)
    Is this your first time reading a UG article?
    No, but I'm willing to make it my last. There must be a better, more reliable and relevant website for actual news.
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    and another thing, these types of articles are a way for UG to interact with the community, genius, they aren't meant to start arguments, and if you ask me, a lot of these people seem to be agreeing on several things. so you can just go take your whiny ass self, take your whiny ass thumb, and shove it up your whiny ass
    Led Zeppelin w/ Jason on the drums.
    In my humble opinion, Jason was a standout at the London O2 Reunion. They were all amazing but he was a true and worthy successor to his legendary father.
    The Led Zeppelin reunion wasn't the same with Bonham, but it was still a pretty good reunion.
    Also, the New Pixies record didn't impress me at all.
    The reunion with the original band back in the mid 00's was great, they gave great shows an all. But now that Kim left the band and they released the new EP ... meh, it just didn't impress me either.
    Creed is pretty lame nowadays....
    Nowadays???? Didnt know there was a time when they wernt lame
    whats lame about wearing ironed leather jeans with a tank top pretending your jesus and always sing about lame things while sounding like you have balls in your mouth..... oh wait
    Creed is Alter Bridge nowadays. Minus Scott Stapp.