Wednesday Question: Worst Rockstar Honoring?

It may be good, but may be bad...

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Late rockstars deserve great honoring for everything they've done for music. Fans always pay great tributes to their favourites, famous musicians take part in or even organize tribute events or record tribute albums.

But it's quite important to be very accurate in honoring your favourites, because something that meant to be the great tribute paying may turn into the catastrophe.

And this week's wednesday question is:

What was the worst rockstar honoring ever?

You may pick up anything - a memorial, a tribute album, show or event whatever. Post your submissions in the comments section below, vote for them and we will post the top 10 of the most popular entries this Friday!

Good luck!

P.S. Yes, this is "Master of Puppets" cover art detail.

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    Kurt Cobain crying next to coffee and a power drill whilst holding a guitar that looked inflatable coulda gone better.
    I can't get over the fact that this exists. Like someone actually took time out of his/her day to make this..
    The idea of holograms to replace dead rockstars
    As a one-off tribute I like it (case in point, X Japan playing with a hologram of their dead guitarist hide in 2008), but to make money from doing it on a regular basis I cannot get behind.
    Michael Jackson; with his bickering, attention starved, money hungry family exploiting his death to the max just to garner acclaim and gain his inheritance. Rest in peace Jackson.
    Tables being mistakenly identified as James Hetfield everywhere.
    That statue of a crying kurt cobain... not to mention everything courtney love does and says nowadays is a disgrace to the man.
    "Metallica Mtv Icons" Avril Lavigne "Fuel" performance
    Almost every song from this TV show actually ! I guess it was a nightmare for Metallica, seeing all these bands butchering their songs.
    I thought Korn did a pretty good job of making One their own, but yeah...everybody else, "meh".
    naw Sum41's medley was good as was Jim Breuer's send up of Metallica.
    To be fair Metallica butchers their own songs these days
    deserves more upvotes ha, cant blame'em though, comes with age
    What about those other bands from the 80s that can only continue to write and play heavier live? Bands like Overkill, Testament, Kreator and Exodus are getting on in age too I imagine.
    OMG wh the hell are these bands that covered metallica, it's making my brain hurt
    I thought Avril pretty much nailed it.
    She did a pretty decent job but, she is a pop singer and you're on UG, so you just can't admit it. You have to hate and belittle everything pop singers do otherwise you won't be considered cool by all the random strangers on this website.
    This is quite possibly the lamest Wednesday question yet....
    What the hell is it even asking? I'm not exactly sure. Half of these nominations aren't tributes or honourings
    Avenged Sevenfold's latest Metallica/Guns'n'Roses tribute album
    This is actually pretty hilarious from an A7X fan. You can pretty much hear the influence in Matthew's voice.
    EDIT: That was a pure coincidence that the post directly above mine was this exact same thing but different link xD Hadn't refreshed the page recently :p
    Kyuss - Day One
    this Kyuss song dedicated to Dave and Krist after Kurt died. I read the question wrong. I think this is awesome not worst. oh well
    Upvoted, because I know how shitty it is to be ridiculed on the internet for a mistake.
    Thats a great song!
    Get out from here!
    Have people forgotten this...
    Or this?....
    Jethro Tull winning a grammy for Best Metal performance over Metallica.
    Oh god...
    Just all of those stupid "tribute" albums featuring "Members of Black Sabbath, Guns N roses, Kansas, and The Cult" when it's Neil Murray, DJ Ashba, Steve Morse, and Matt Sorum.
    I feel like someone was sitting at their computer, looking at the Kurt statue recently put up, and said to himself "Wow, that's the worst rockstar honoring ever. Wait, I should ask that on UG!" This was so obviously reactionary, it's not even clever. They are seriously just waiting for everyone to say that statue.
    Miley Cyrus trying to cover Smells Like Teen Spirit...
    Sorry, I just noticed a bunch of other people already posted it, but damn it, that's awful.
    coulnd't "best rockstar honoring event/speach" could have been asked instead?
    inb4 "The Rock n Roll Hall of Fame"
    Black Sabbath induction into the R & R Hall of Fame with out Ronnie James Dio, Vinnie Appacie, Geoff Nicholls, Tony Martin and Cozy Powell. i know the original line up (Osbourne, Iommi, Butler and Ward) are the fathers of heavy metal, but albums like Heaven and Hell, the Mob Rules and Headless Cross are Sabbath classics as well
    Im not sure if this counts but Kerry King at Jeff Hannemanns funeral speach.Raising a Jagermeister to a guy who died from Alcholic Liver Disease.Not cool.
    A grammy of any kind
    This is the first thing that came to my mind
    a video of a DJ who plays dance music then played Nirvana SLTS and he just turned it into a dance tune....or papa roach covering Lithium
    This is total shit. The tone of his voice does not match the content of this song. The mood is totally different from the original version, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but in this case, it is. There is an excessive amount of outward anger in this version, in the Downward Spiral, the songs were generally about angers directed inwards. The instrumental ending of the song does not fit at all with the other parts of the song. It sounds like a song meant to make you feel happy and dance, while the song is actually about someone losing what they truly believed in and in turn resorting to the basic instincts and desires of mindless ****ing. Not worth the listen.
    i think Kerry King name dropping jegermeister during his speech at Jeff's funeral was worse than the grammy's snub.
    I hate to say this, but Girlschool - Legend. It's about their former guitarist, Kelly Johnson. It's great that they wanted to write a song to remember her via music, but the lyrics are so cliched that the song was painful to even listen to.
    All the One Direction fangirls going to One Direction concerts and cheering for them.
    Also, one Direction ripping off Clash, The Who, Def Leppard, etc.
    Mick Jagger's knighting
    If Cortney Love is not on this list something is wrong with the world
    Unlike most people on here, I'm actually going to listen to it before I dislike it...
    Adam Lambert performing "Enter Sandman"
    The Flaming Lips during The Who tribute. I personally only thought Pearl Jam did a good job, but they are amazing at covering The Who for some reason. EDIT: Okay I forgot about the Foo Fighters and Tenacious D as well.